Difference Between MediaTek and Snapdragon

The quality of the processor is crucial for the functioning of the phone. A processor is the most critical element of the smartphone.


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A processor is the brain of the smartphone that handles all the functions of the smartphone. The only names that pop our heads are Mediatek or Snapdragon. These are the best processors for the smartphone.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon

The difference between Mediatek and Snapdragon is that Mediatek is an excellent choice for midrange and gaming. It is considered the best deal and value for money. Snapdragon chips perform better with most apps. Smartphones with snapdragon are expensive. It is reliable and heavy-duty.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon

Mediatek is an affordable chipset primarily found in Sony, and the device with a Mediatek processor is a middle level or a startup model.

The rapid warming and high temperature is a drawback to the chip. The performance is better than the chips in the same price range.

Qualcomm processors are known as snapdragon series. A premium processor in most premium phones. The premium advantage of the processor is the low energy consumption and an improvement in the graphics capabilities.

A secured chipset with minimal power consumption is considered the best chipset.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMediaTekSnapdragon
OriginIt was established in 1997 in Hsinchu, Taiwan.It was established in 1985 in San Diego.
Battery LifeThe battery life is short.The battery life is longer.
HeatingThe Heating is intense in MediaTek.The heating is controlled in snapdragon.
CostMediaTek is part of low-end phones.Snapdragon is part of expensive handsets.
PerformanceMediaTek is good at functioning and reliability.Snapdragon has superior performance as compared to MediaTek.

What is MediaTek?

Mediatek is the 4th largest semiconductor company in the world and processes over 2 billion devices a year. A Taiwan-based Mediatek plays second fiddle to Qualcomm, but the chips are the most found in smartphones.

MediaTek uses a standard Arm CPU for its processor and has not made any modifications for development.

MediaTek has started utilizing Imagimatation technology in the new Helio P90, and the company claims it is a big move compared to the earlier chips.

The Helio P60 chipset dedicates the AI processing unit(APU) to mid-range phones. It has enhanced the features of the mid-range phone like facial and smart screen recognition.

The Mediatek phones have had a bad reputation in a couple of years over poor performance and the company’s policy of releasing source code.

It is not as transparent as the US chipmakers. The company is operating on resolving this issue. Mediatek chips deplete more power and decrease the battery power.

The system updates are tardy as the chips are part of the low-end brands that lack the resources to update the phones. It did cost Mediatek brand its reputation, and the company has faced the brunt of it.

MediaTek is a prominent fixture in every entry-level phone. Mediatek generally does not deal with flagship chipsets but is concentrating on the sub flagship segments.

The Mediatek Helio G directs an emphasis on entertainment and results. The Helio G90 and G90T are chips with octa-core CPUs.

It has technology in addition to the A76 core plus six Cortex-A55 cores, and this technology cutting-edge predicts fantastic onscreen results on screen and in sports.

The Mediatek processor is part of many mobiles, and they are enhancing their products to meet the market requirements.

What is Snapdragon?

The Snapdragon processor design is for fast, intelligent, secure, and quality graphics. The processor enables an excellent augmented reality experience, brilliant camera, exceptional 4G and 5G connectivity.

Snapdragon chips are completely optimized and high-end tech powered by Qualcomm.

  • Snapdragon 8 Series Mobile Platform:

The Snapdragon 8 series platform has a multi-core CPU and can expand all the possibilities. Ultimate performance, power efficiency, and 4G connectivity.

  • Snapdragon 7 Series Mobile Platform:

It supports in-demand features like ‘Artificial Intelligence Engine’ they have advanced camera features.

  • Snapdragon 6 Series Mobile Platform:

The Snapdragon 6 series mobile platform design is to enhance performance, efficiency, and versatility. It offers a superior quality experience to the users in the embedded feature of smartphones and tablets.

  • Snapdragon 4 Series Mobile Platform:

The Snapdragon 4 Series Mobile Platform design is to support popular smartphones. They include cutting-edge camera technology, Full HD displays, high-quality audio.

  • Snapdragon 2 Series Mobile Platform:

TheSnapdragon 2 Series Mobile Platform design is for OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer). They provide services for the consumers as they require quality, reliable, and affordable mobile networks.

The snapdragon has brilliant imagery, advanced 8K video capture. It enhances the battery life and keeps the device cool.

Main Differences Between MediaTek and Snapdragon

  1. Mediatek processors are high on power-consuming, which limits the battery life. Snapdragon processor is more energy efficient.
  2. Mediatek processors do perform well and are good at multi-tasking. Snapdragon has a better-performing processor, handles intensive tasks and gaming.
  3.  Mediatek processors are easily prone to heating. The Snapdragon processor keeps the device cool.
  4. Mediatek processor mobile phones are reasonably priced. The Snapdragon processor handsets are on the higher end of pricing.
  5. Mediatek is a Taiwanese international semiconductor company founded in 1997. The Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm, founded in 1985 in California.  
Difference Between MediaTek and Snapdragon


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