Difference Between TN and IPS

There are lots of things to keep in mind while shopping for a monitor which includes features like size, color, budget, video inputs, ultrasonic sounds, refresh rates, contrast ratios, pixel response times, building qualities. But what you may not know is that all these factors are affected by the type of panel used by these monitors.


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The difference between TN and IPS is that the viewing angles of a TN panel, in particular, might be a reason for what you would not want it whereas, IPS Displays usually look better overall when compared to a TN. High-quality IPS monitors are available which are aimed at gamers but usually, the truth is the response time is generally lower on IPS displays than on a TN.


A TN panel works by the fundamental principal of that of a polarized light.TN panels are unique in their own way,even though they have become really thin on the ground (rare) these days.

An IPS panel was actually invented and developed to improve all the drawbacks seen in a TN. IPS panels are designed by shifting patterns of their liquid crystals, unlike TN.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTN PanelIPS Panel
Power consumedPower consumed is very lowPower consumed is very high
Response timeLow response timesLower response time as
compared to TN
ColorNot that eye catchyVery good color
Refresh ratesRefresh rates are very highRefresh rates are low compared
to TN panels
BrightnessThe brightness is not that goodBrightness is really good compared
to TN panel
CalibrationVery easyVery complex
Word consistencyNot good compared to IPS
PriceCheapest among all panelsVery costly among all panels
Best useBest useful for gaming and
Best useful for Professional and

What is TN?

TN is the short form for (Twisted- Nematic). This gives the highest refresh rates and lowest response time, stated as the best performing panel.

TN panels to take advantage of a thing called, “active 3D shutter” which actually allows them to display twice as much information compared to other panels which make speed its main advantage. It also should be noted that very few of the TN panels support HDR and those which support do not bare the kind of contrast necessaries for making full use of it.

The larger the monitor the larger you would be able to see and notice the color shift on the left, right, and top and bottom.The major fall back of TN panels is that they lack 100 percent accuracy in reproduction of color.


What is IPS?

IPS is short termed for In plane switching. This is a screen technology which is used usually for liquid-crystal displays(LCD’s) which was mainly designed to solve main limitations of the TN(Twisted Nematic) panel.

IPS is definitely a better choice than a TN when it comes to showing superb visuals and excellent color and amazing viewing angles. They involve in arranging and switching the orientation of molecules of LCD layer between the glass substrates which are done essentially, parallel to these glass plates.

The drawback of this panel is that they usually have some back light bleed issues. Also, if you are adamant about buying an IPS then you would have to spend a little extra as 144Hz monitors start a bit higher than TN counterparts.


Main Differences Between TN and IPS

  1. TN is vastly used for purpose of gaming and animation, whereas, IPS is used gradually for professional purposes and multi media.
  2. IPS panels costs relatively more than compared to TN panels to produce.
  3. TN has high refresh rates, fast response times.
  4. IPS has vivid colors and accuracy compared to TN which makes be efficient enough for use even after its high price.
  5. TN have the lowest input tag typically around 1 millisecond. And if you prefer low latency over color reproduction then a TN panel is all you need.


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