Difference Between Method and Methodology

In order to perform research and experiments, it is important to make a list and a proper method for the same for proper functioning and process.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Method refers to a specific procedure or technique to achieve a goal, while methodology refers to a research study’s overall framework or approach.
  2. The method can be specific to a particular field, while methodology can be applied across different fields.
  3. The methodology involves a comprehensive set of principles and guidelines, while a method is just a step.

Method vs Methodology

A method is a specific set of procedures or techniques that are used to gather data or information. In research, a method is a defined, systematic approach to collecting and analyzing data. Methodology is the overall approach or framework that guides the research process. It includes the methods used to gather data.

Method vs Methodology

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Methods provide the solution to the research’s problems. It is also used for the selection of a particular technique for performing the experiment.

The methodology includes all the methods and other detailed information about the research. It records the qualitative as well as quantitative aspects of the research.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMethodMethodology
ObjectiveFind solutionDetermine the appropriateness of a method.
FunctionUsed to select a techniqueAnalysis of all methods.
StagesApplied during the later stageApplied during the initial stage
Comprises ofSeveral techniquesSystematic strategies
EncompassesCarrying out experimentsTechniques used for these experiments.

What is Method?

A method is a helpful aspect of research. It all following advantages:

  • It is helpful in providing insight into the research.
  • It is helpful in case any drawback is noticed.

Research has to write sections of each and every method. Following are important aspects that should be considered while writing method sections:

  • The places or sources from which the author has acquired the methods. All past experiments and results should also be recorded.
  • Along with the sources, the participants who have used the method previously with all their observations also have to be recorded.

Lack of proper method leads to improper technique and further incomplete or fail research.


What is Methodology?

A researcher has to write a methodology section as well, and important detail that has to be taken care is:

  • The reasons for methodology used throughout the process of research.
  • Applicability, validity, and credibility of all methods that are chosen for the research should be written down with all the details.

There are types of methodology:

  1. Qualitative Research Methodology: this is a type of methodology; the observation has to be done by talking to the people who can tell their experiences and suggestions.
  2. Quantitative Research Methodology: this includes the actual facts that can be obtained by the records and data, and they include experiments, calculations, surveys, etc.

Main Differences Between Method and Methodology

  1. They also differ in terms of compromise, method as mentioned above, comprises different techniques that can be used for the research, whereas methodology is compromised of systematic strategies required for doing the research and finding the solution of the problem.
  2. Methods are encompassed in conducting surveys, and different techniques, tests, etc., that are done in research, whereas methodology encompasses techniques or, in general, all the methods that are used for conducting these techniques and surveys, tests, etc.
Difference Between Method and Methodology
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