Miralax vs Metamucil: Difference and Comparison

There are some minor problems that we face on a daily basis, and due to their fewer effects on our bodies, most people ignore them.

They are very helpful in providing relief. Due to the same purpose of them, they are considered as same, which is not true; they are different in more than one way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Miralax is a laxative that draws water into the colon, while Metamucil is a fiber supplement that promotes regularity by adding bulk to the stool.
  2. Miralax is tasteless and odorless, while Metamucil comes in various flavors.
  3. Miralax is more suitable for occasional constipation, while Metamucil is ideal for regularity and overall digestive health.

Miralax vs Metamucil

Miralax is the brand name of a medication called polyethene glycol 3350. It is a type of osmotic laxative that works by drawing water into the bowel to sstool and increase bowel movement. Metamucil is a brand name of a fibre supplement that contains psyllium husk. It works by increasing the bulk of stool, making it easier to pass. It is available in powder, capsules, and ready-to-drink beverages.

Miralax vs Metamucil

Miralax is an osmotic laxative used for curing constipation in the short term. It has Polyethylene glycol 3350, which helps in providing easier bowel movement and relief from constipation.

Metamucil, like Miralax, is a medicine helpful for curing constipation; it is a bulk-forming laxative. It can be consumed by people of all age groups.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMiralaxMetamucil
Active IngredientsPolyethylene glycol 3350Psyllium husk
Impact on ColonHelp in retain waterIncreases the bulk
Type of laxativeOsmotic laxativeBulk-forming
DisadvantageDehydration and diseases.Choking
AdvantageBest for Prepping bowlLower cholesterol level, etc.

What is Miralax?

It can start doing its work within 3 days of consumption. It can use by everyone, adults, teenagers, children, etc. the dosage depends on factors such as:

  • The purpose for which the medicine is used.
  • The age of the person consuming the medicine.
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And still, there is some confusion in terms of dosage doctors should be consulted.

It can lead to some side effects, the most common among these are:

  • Loose stools
  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating

They can be treated at home and do not need immediate medical attention unless they remain for more than 1 or 2 days.

Except above, there are some serious side effects that include dehydration, we all are aware of the consequences a body has to face in case of dehydration. A person may feel fatigued all the time, along with a dry mouth, etc.

What is Metamucil?

It is used for treating bowel movements. It can be allergic to some people. You should also share details of any problem you are currently facing, such as:

  • Stomach or vomiting.
  • You feel a treble while swallowing.
  • A change in bowling habits says in 2 weeks.

It also contains sugar. Therefore, sometimes not recommended for diabetic patients. Also, it can result in choking if a lack of water in the body.

In case of worsening symptoms or no relief, immediate medical help should be taken.


Main Differences Between Miralax and Metamucil

  1. Metamucil is helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels in the body as it is high in fibre content, whereas Miralax is helpful in the preparation of the bowel prior to the colonoscopy.
  2. The disadvantage of consuming Miralax is that it can cause diseases like diarrhoea, dehydration of the body, and loss of electrolytes, whereas Metamucil can cause choking if not consumed with enough water and can be harmful to a person with intestinal obstruction.
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Last Updated : 14 August, 2023

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