Difference Between MH and HPS

At the very beginning of human civilization, people used to utilize fire as a mechanism to light their surroundings. But with the growth in time and advancement in technology, we have electricity in our homes now. This electricity helps human civilization to light its complete infrastructure. But the system of electricity is of no use without accompanying it with certain equipment such as light bulbs and rods.  


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MH and HPS are two types of electric bulbs that are widely popular all across the world, but due to the similarity in the pronunciation of their names, some people tend to use them interchangeably. However, in reality, these two are completely different from one another and serve different purposes. 

MH vs HPS 

The difference between MH and HPS is that the previous one, upon lightning, produces a light similar to a mixture of blue and white, but on the other hand, the latter one produces a light similar to amber colors. Apart from this very basic difference, these two differ from one another in terms of their other attributes, such as the capacity of producing lumen, etc. 


MH is an acronym for Metal Halide. It represents a widely popular variety of bulbs used for almost all purposes all across the world. Inside the bulb replies mockery and metal can be found as the contents, and therefore it happens to be very useful in many applications. It is not just limited to providing light in many places because it helps in the growth of certain plants as well by providing sufficient light for their growth. 

But on the other hand, HPS stands for High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. Similar to the previous category of bulbs, this one also falls under the umbrella term of high-intensity bulbs. As far as the use of this particular bulb is concerned, it is most likely to be used for either photography or growing certain plants because of the amount and quality of light produced by this particular bulb. It has many significant qualities and can be helpful in many scenarios. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison MH HPS 
Meaning  Refers to a variety of high-intensity bulbs known as Metal halide bulbs. Refers to a variety of high-intensity bulbs known as High-pressure sodium bulbs.  
Color produced  It produces a color similar to the mixture of blue and white. It produces somewhat amber shades. 
Lumen produced  Comparatively, it produces lumens of low quality High-quality lumens produced 
Efficiency  More efficient Less efficient as compared to MH bulbs. 
Used for  these bulbs are used for almost all purposes these bulbs are mostly used for either photography or growing certain plants. 
Life cycle  These bulbs run a little longer as compared to other similar bulbs. These bulbs have a shorter life span if compared to other bulbs. 
Cost  Comparatively more expensive comparatively less expensive 

What is MH? 

The term MH stands for Metal Halide and represents a variety of high-intensity bulbs that are widely popular all across the world nowadays. Developed in the year 1960, this bulb is said to be o0ne of the most revolutionary bulbs of its own kind.  

In the inside part of the bulb, vaporized mercury and metal halides can be found that provide the bulb a base for further providing bright light and lumens. When lighted, the bulb produces a very unique light that resembles the mixture of blue and white light. However, even after providing such a bright light, the lumens of the bulb are relative of low quality.  

A very significant feature of this bulb is that its utilization is not limited to just one sphere. Rather, it can be used in almost all the possible industries. From lighting places like houses and other industries, this bulb is also used as a helping hand in photography, etc. Due to this particular utility, the cost of this particular bulb rises a little bit, and it can be an expensive deal for certain people. 

What is HPS? 

HPS is an abbreviation for high-pressure sodium bulbs and happens to be a member of the high-intensity family of bulbs and is widely preferred by many people residing in different areas of the world. Although this particular bulb resembles the other variety of high-intensity bulbs to some extent, it can still be widely differentiated from those bulbs in terms of its features and uses.  

Talking about the manufacturing of this particular bulb, it contains a mixture of metal and glasses in the very core of the bulb. Due to this particular attribute, it produces a very bright and shiny light. There are places where this bulb has been used to light streets or houses, but in most cases, it is used for either photographing certain items or growing certain indoor plants as it produces the exact right amount of light.  

Another major reason behind the popularity of this bulb is that it comes relatively less expensive and therefore reduces the cost of the person who is employing the bulb. However, a shortcoming is also attached to this bulb that the life span of this bulb happens to be a little shorter. 

Main Differences Between MH and HPS 

  1. MH refers to a variety of bulbs, also known by the name halide metal, but on the other hand, HPS refers to a variety of bulbs also known by the name high-pressure sodium bulbs. 
  2. Produces a color that looks like a mixture of blue and white but, on the other hand, produces certain amber shades of colors. 
  3. MH ones happen to be more expensive as compared to HPS ones. 
  4. In terms of efficiency, MH bulbs happen to be more efficient than HPS bulbs due to many in-built features. 
  5. Metal halide bulbs can last so much longer even after their extensive use, but on the other hand, high-Pressure Sodium bulbs run out of their life after a short span of time, and this counts as a major disadvantage. 
Difference Between MH and HPS
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