Moped vs Scooter: Difference and Comparison

When we want to save our time while traveling, the first mode of transport that comes to our mind is a two-wheeler Scooty or Bike.

With their small size and high speed they save us a lot of time, also when it comes to traffic Scooty or Bike are more preferable as they do not stick in traffic.

In olden times we had a different version of the two-wheeler one is the Moped and the other is Scooter, we will learn more about these two-wheelers in this article.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mopeds have smaller engines (50cc or less) and lower top speeds than scooters.
  2. Scooters provide more storage space and comfort for longer rides.
  3. Mopeds have pedals, while scooters feature a step-through frame without pedals.

Moped vs Scooter

A moped is a small motorized vehicle with a low-powered engine, less than 50cc, designed to travel short distances at low speeds. A scooter is a two-wheeled motorised vehicle that has a more powerful engine than a moped and is designed for longer-distance travel at higher speeds.

Moped vs Scooter

A Moped is a bicycle-type vehicle equipped with pedals and a low-powered motor which makes it a budget-friendly vehicle for transportation.

The term Moped is derived from the word motorized pedal, the bicycle-like pedals in a Moped that is used by the rider to propel the vehicle that helps in the start of the motor, it is also considered as a light motorcycle with 50cc engine capacity.

A Scooter is characterized by a step-through frame and footrest platform and has two wheels.

A scooter is more maneuverable than a motorcycle due to its low speed and is easier to ride, it has an engine capacity between 50cc to 250cc.

Motor scooters, also called Scooters and motorbikes, have an underbone or a step-through frame, with platforms under their feet for the rider to stand on.

Scooter emphasize more on rider’s comfort and fuel efficiency.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMopedScooter
EngineA Moped has a small engineA Scooter has a bigger engine as compared to a Moped
Engine CapacityLess than 50ccRanges from 50cc to 250cc
Maximum Speed30-35 miles per hour50-90 miles per hour
PedalsWith or without pedalsWithout pedals
DesignIts design is like a light motorcycleThe framework is designed with a step-through and a platform for the rider’s feet.

What is Moped?

A Moped is a motorcycle that contains the pedals of a bicycle which is used for emergencies.

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The main characteristic of a Moped includes a low-power motorcycle with a power of no more than 50cc, with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

You can ride a Moped legally with an L sign which means Learner and after passing the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) test.

A Moped is lighter in weight, small in size, and are used for simple purposes. Due to their low speed, low power, and small size, they can’t do any heavy work.

Originally, Mopeds were just bicycles with a two-stroke engine mounted over the front wheel.

A Moped was one of the simplest and most affordable ways to purchase a motorcycle, and the easiest to maintain and repair.

Over time there were few modifications made in the Moped in which, the lights were added, the engine was relocated to the back wheel or middle of the frame, and centrifugal clutches were introduced to transmit the power to the rear wheel using a pedal housing.

Since accelerating quicker would naturally connect motor capacity to the back tire and using the brakes or climbing a hill would disengage it, which makes it very easy to handle and ride.


What is Scooter?

A scooter is a two-wheeler with a step-through frame and a platform for resting the feet.

Scooter possess all the useful characteristics of a Moped, it is fuel-efficient, light in weight and easy to ride but they have a large engine as compared to Moped and a power of 50cc which can go up to 850 cc in modern Scooter.

The safety feature of the Scooter is also commendable thanks to its low top speed and lightweight which make it easy to handle.

The manufactures of Scooter favored smooth curves, automated, and modernistic design so they built a Scooter with wings sticking out from either side of the front, the design allows for comfortable seating as well as some protection from the elements, similar to how fairings work on a motorcycle.

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And this design was very much liked by the people, Scooty gain its popularity after World War II with the introduction of Lambrett and Vespa in Italy, these two models were designed to deliver personal and economic transport.

Scooters are mainly used for traveling short distances, if we use Scooter for riding a long distance on a bad road it can affect the cost of its maintenance, which will increase.

But Scooter is the most convenient two-wheeler as it is gearless, which makes it easy to ride and it is the best option for traveling short distances as its design and machinery are best for short distance traveling.


Main Differences Between Moped and Scooter

1. A Moped is like a bicycle that is smaller in size as compared to a Scooter.

2. A Moped does not have a platform to rest the rider’s feet, whereas in Scooter there is a platform where the rider can rest their feets.

3. The size of a motor engine in a Moped is small as compared to Scooter.

4. The permission to ride a Moped on a highway can or can’t be permitted, whereas Scooters have the permission.

5. The size and structure of a Moped are smaller as compared to a Scooter.

Difference Between Moped and Scooter

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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