Difference Between Motocross and Supercross

A motorcycle race is an absorbing game. It has a variety of events, all with something unusual to offer.

From athletes to race routes, everything is different for different happenings. These events also differ in terms of the season they take place.

Motocross and supercross are two contrasting motorcycle racing events. Motocross generally happens in the summer season, whereas supercross occurs in spring.

Motocross vs Supercross

The main difference between Motocross and Supercross is that motocross takes place during the summer and the tracks are broader, on the other hand, supercross takes place during the spring season. Staging in supercross takes place in areas with narrow and tight courses. Supercross takes place inside places like stadiums. Both the games involve racing on a dirt bike.

Motocross vs Supercross

Motocross happens on circuits that are off-road and enclosed. The game originated in England from a competition called Motorcycle trials.

MX has a long straightaway that helps bikers to get high speeds. A multitude of motocross events is held in different parts of the world at individual times.

FIM motocross world championship happens mainly in Europe but is a worldwide Motocross series. 

Supercross is also a dirt bike racing game that involves narrow tracks and short straightaways. It is a premier discipline and hence, helps riders make more money.

The trails for supercross are usually artificial like that for a motocross. Supercross is usually a game that happens inside a stadium and thus, has a tight and short course.

Comparison Table Between Motocross and Supercross

Parameters of ComparisonMotocrossSupercross
TrackIt has wider tracks.It has shorter tracks.
SeasonIt happens mostly in summer.It happens mostly in spring.
straightwaysIt has longer straightaways.It has shorter straightaways.
Type It is an outdoor race.It is an indoor race.
TechnicalityIt is less technical.It is a very technical race.

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a type of dirt bike racing competition that is organized outdoors. Pathways are muddy, and if it is rainy, it adds more to the fun.

Motocross is considered one of the craziest bike races because of all the speedy stunts.

The straightaways are longer when compared to the supercross tracks. Broad straightaways help bikers to achieve fast speeds.

Contrary to what people think, the game is physically demanding. The bikes that are used can weigh up to 215lbs.

Athletes who compete in the race are physically fit, as the tracks are demanding.

It can be up to 20 jumps, whoop sections, etc., in the racecourse, which commands a strong physicality. The game is not as rewarding in terms of money for the athletes as it is not a premier discipline.

The bikes used in the motocross races can be 250cc or 450cc, depending on the motor size. As motocross is an outdoor game, the spectators need to move from place to place to enjoy the entire game.

The suspension of the motocross racing bikes is tuned to be less tight. Many popular motocross events such as AMA Motocross Championship, British Motocross Championship, and much more are there.

MX racing has a British origin, and it first began as a motorcycle trials competition.

The game later came to be known as scrambles racing in the United Kingdom. The first scramble racing happened in 1924 at Camberley, Surrey.

What is Supercross? 

It is another form of dirt bike racing but with a difference. It is a considered premium racing game and helps bikers make a lot of money.

The straightaways are relatively shorter, which adds to the technical difficulty while driving the bike. The bikes used in the game are the same as those used in motocross, but the suspension is tight.

Supercross is also called SX and has a rabid fan following. The tracks are usually artificial, and the races take place inside a stadium.

This game is crazy popular as it has a lot of twists and turns. To have control over the speed and the intuition to help control speed makes this game thrilling.

The supercross racing game is a springtime circuit thing.

The tighter turns and obstacles make the game very exciting for the audience. It becomes more exciting as the spectators can watch the entire game by sitting in just one place.

The narrow, short, and tight tracks are the trademark of the race. The AMA Supercross Championship is an admired American motorcycle racing series.

The athletes need to be physically fit here as well as this is an equally demanding sport. Pathways include multiple features like whoop sections, dragon’s back, and sharp turns.

The sharp turns make the game absorbing and fun for the spectators. For an athlete, the ability to turn on tracks can make all the difference. 

Main Differences Between Motocross and Supercross

  1. Supercross is a premier race and hence, helps bikers make thick money, whereas Motocross is not a premier discipline.
  2. Supercross is an indoor discipline and is organized inside a stadium, whereas MX is an outdoor discipline.
  3. Supercross has short straightaways and sharp turns, whereas Motocross has longer straightaways and turns are less sharp.
  4. Supercross is a technical race as the tracks are very tight, whereas Motocross is not very technical.
  5. One can view a supercross race from the comfort of their seat in the stadium, whereas to watch the entire tournament one must move from place to place.
Difference Between Motocross and Supercross


Motocross and supercross, also called MX and SX, are two popular racing disciplines. Both have a large fan following and are adventurous in their ways.

The games differ from each other in many aspects and are similar in many aspects. Both the game uses the same type of bikes.

Both the games are physically demanding on the part of the athlete.

It is naive to consider that the riders are not physically fit. The games differ on many grounds.

Motocross is an outdoor discipline, whereas supercross is an indoor one. The premier outlook of SX makes it a heaven for bikers as it helps them earn handsome money.

Motocross is famous for its crazy speed, which is a characteristic due to the long pathways. 


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