Difference Between National Guards and Military

Being able to concentrate on our own professional demands is possible right now because there are individuals who are able to provide us with this sense of security from death.

There are different sectors that perform these rough and tough jobs for the love of their country and for their beloved brothers and sisters. Two such strong forces at work are the National Guards and the military.  

We cannot imagine living a life 100 years from now with the same pace and with the same ease. The reason behind it is the political upheaval faced during those times, the low level of security in life as laws were not so strongly implemented.

There were even regions and countries that did not have a written constitution. The proper structure of securities in various boundaries of classes, communities, and even national boundaries were installed very later with the passage of time.

National Guards vs Military  

The main difference between the national guard and the military is that the national guard is a body that needs to serve both the state and the federal agencies or government. On the other hand, the military is a single-time enrolled force with several sectors that only need to serve the federal agencies.  

National Guards vs Military

The national guard is a reserve body in the military that is mainly used for the implementation or enforcement of laws in a state. It is usually controlled by the state, but if called for by a federal agency, it needs to serve on the central platform too.

It, therefore, carries the system of double enrollment.  

The military is a wholesome body that accommodates within it several sectors of defence forces, such as air forces, space forces, marine forces, etc. It solely serves the federal agencies and is primarily formed to be used in warfare.

It has the requirements for providing full-time duty and living on military bases.  

Comparison Table Between National Guard and Military  

Parameters of  Comparison    National Guard  Military   
 Active rate on duty   National Guard is not active all the time.  Military personnel is active on full-time military duty.    
Serving   National Guards are more like state military. However, also has a dedicated duty towards both federal and state agencies and their interests.  Military forces work completely and only for the federal interest.    
Part of the National Guard is a reserved part of the military.  All military forces accommodate all other forces with defence mechanisms.  
Duty  National Guards are mainly used by the state government to enforce and implement laws.  Military forces are mainly used by the nation as a war force.  
Enrollment  The National Guard has a dual enrollment policy for both federal and state agencies.  Military personnel are enrolled only once.  
Deployment  National Guards can be deployed if the need arises.  Military forces can be deployed at any time.    

What is National Guards?  

A National Guard is a defence force under several laws and orders that provide protection to the civilians of the country. This defence force is basically under the control of state authorities or agencies.

They can, however, be called out for doing their job at the federal level. The members of this defence force are not active all the time, and they do not have the requirements of staying on military bases.

However, they can be called out for full-time duty, just like military forces.  

Unlike military forces, which are mostly used in wars, national guards are generally used for implementing or employing law and order in a state. Deployment is not a necessity.

Nevertheless, in a national guard career, there is room for the provision of deploying them when the need arises. Since they are available for both the state as well as federal agencies or governments, the system demands double enrollment.  

What is Military?  

The military forces are well-organized defence organizations. They are heavily armed with various strong weapons and are primarily formed to deal with war issues. These forces are under the direct control of the federal power agency.

Depending on country to country, it can have several other forces, such as the navy force, the air force, the marine force, the space force, etc.  

Unlike the national guard, military forces need to serve the country on full-time duty. They have requirements to stay on military bases. The sectors under the military or direct control of the state can be deployed at any time.

Their uniforms hold their identity and provide civilians with the knowledge to specify their origin among the various sectors of the military. Not only that, but it also helps specify their service to a specific country.  

Main Differences Between National Guards and Military  

  1. National Guards do not have to be on duty all the time. Whereas military forces need to provide full-time duty on working days. 
  2. Although National Guards serves mainly the state, they can be called to provide duty in the central agencies too. However, military forces solely work for the central agency. 
  3. Both the central and state agencies have control over the National Guards. On the other hand, only the central agency can exercise power over the military forces. 
  4. National Guards can be deployed. However, such orders are passed only when there is an emergency. 
  5. National Guardsmen enrol twice, once for the centre and the other time for the state. 
Difference Between National Guards and Military


Security in life happens to be among the topmost priorities in one’s life. Imagining a world without proper and strong forces guiding our lives is a very eerie feeling.

At the national borders or at our gates, it is equally necessary for the civilians of this country to be at ease and away from the background of war to provide the country with resourceful work for the nation’s development.

Both the National Guard and military forces provide us with this immense relief from the continuous worry of surviving in this cruel world. The grounds of protection might be different from one another.

However, these are very respectful and sacrificial jobs.


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