Nodule vs Tumor: Difference and Comparison

Swelling occurs in our body due to many reactions and processes. They can occur in different parts of the human body. It mainly happens in the tissues of the cells below the skin layer.

Both nodules and tumours are swollen masses that form in the inner layer of the body. They are of different types and can be present anywhere.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nodules are small, solid, and generally benign growths, while tumors can be benign or malignant and vary in size.
  2. Nodules develop in organs like the thyroid or lungs, whereas tumors can grow anywhere in the body.
  3. Both nodules and tumors require a medical evaluation to determine their nature and appropriate treatment.

Nodule vs Tumor

A nodule is a small, solid, and round mass that can develop in various parts of the body, such as the thyroid gland or lungs, it can be benign or malignant. A tumor is an abnormal growth or mass of tissue that can occur in any part of the body, they can be either benign or malignant and can vary in size, shape, and location.

Nodule vs Tumor

A nodule is a swollen lump growth under the skin layer in an abnormal way. It affects the deeper layers of the skin or within the internal organs.


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Professionals describe any growth under the skin as nodules. It is approximately has a size diameter of 3 cm. Different types of glands help to produce nodules.

A tumour is an uneven mass of tissue that forms more than required when cells perform regeneration and when require to expire it does not perform that.

There are different types of tumour forms in the body. Non-cancerous tumours do not spread more into the tissues and prevent further infection, but it just grows large.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNoduleTumor
MeaningIt is an abnormal swollen lump growth under the skin layer which refers to the initial stage of a lump.It is a large uneven mass of tissue which considered to be an advanced stage of nodules.
SizeIt has a size diameter of 3 cm or less than it. It does not grow larger.It grows larger and has a diameter of more than 3 cm that can be termed a tumor.
CausesIt causes deficiency of iodine, various hormonal reactions, different infections, and other causes.It has many causes such as excessive fat, genes problem, direct radiance to sun rays, and certain kinds of toxins. 
OccurrenceIt occurs due to the inflammation happens and infection that occurs due to the chemical reactions in the body.It generally occurs due to the cell regeneration, growth, and division that happens in the body by different processes. 
SymptomsIt can be felt as swelling, a certain loss of weight, panic attacks, and nervousness which often leads to tremors.It has various symptoms of nausea, vomiting that leads to fatigue, drowsiness, and certain other problems in the body.

What is Nodule?

A nodule is a swollen growth in the skin tissues. Nodules can form on the thyroid gland. When nodules get enlarged in size, it is also termed lymph nodes.

These can occur anywhere in the body, and tissue growth is abnormal. They can be both cancerous and non-cancerous depending on the growth and type of nodule.

Different types of nodules can form in our bodies. Every type has its causes and symptoms. It can happen in the lungs, lymph, vocal cords, and thyroid.

In the lymphatic system, lymph nodes play an important role. It aids in the body’s filtering of numerous chemicals found in the fluids present in the body.

Vocal chord nodules are generally caused due to excessive overuse of it and not taking proper prevention. As a result, vocal cords can become enlarged, leading to the production of nodules.

The thyroid gland generates certain hormones that help in the metabolism regulation of the body. Lung nodules occur due to an inflammation or infection in the lungs and various pulmonary disorders.

The main priority while examining a lump or nodule in the neck is to rule out the risk of cancer.

The diagnosis includes various tests such as a physical examination of the nodules and blood tests that can measure thyroid hormones using different techniques such as ultrasound and scans.

What is Tumor?

A tumour is a pathological swelling enlargement in the body caused by excessive cell processes such as growth and division of more than is required. It does not follow any orderly manner to develop cell growth.

A cancerous growth is referred to as a malignant tumour. These tumours have aberrant cells that rise without any order, and their growth cannot be controlled. Non-cancerous tumours do not grow so fast and can be controlled.

A tumour forms when the balance of cell processes gets disturbed. Problems with the immune system can cause it. Tobacco kills more people than any other substance in the environment.

It can cause various gene problems, excess fat in the body, consuming alcohol, exposure to sunlight and radiance, and different viruses and toxins.

Different types of tumours can be present in the body. Tumours vary in shape and size and depend on the tissues they develop frequently. The type and location of the tumour are used to get a diagnosis.

There are modern techniques such as tumour marker testing, and imaging examinations are used to accomplish this. Certain tumours, such as those on the skin’s surface, can be felt externally through our hands.


Main Differences Between Nodule and Tumor

  1. Nodule is smaller in size, while the tumour is larger in comparison to the nodule.
  2. Nodule causes due to deficiency of nutrients and hormonal reactions, whereas tumour causes due to genes problem, direct radiance to sun rays and certain kinds of toxins.
  3. Nodules have a diameter of 3 centimetres or less than it, but the tumour has a diameter greater than 3 centimetres.
  4. Nodules occur due to infection that grows in the body due to various chemical reactions. And tumour occurs due to excess cell processes, such as the growth and division of cells in the body.
  5. Nodule symptoms are weight loss, nervousness, tremor, and many more, whereas tumour symptoms are nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, etc.
Difference Between Nodule and Tumor

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