Difference Between Patriarchy and Matriarchy

Mother and Father are the main elements of every family and are the backbone of the family.


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In the patriarchal system, the father is head of the household, and in the matriarchy system, the mother is the head of the home.

The Patriarchy and Matriarchy have been seen in different parts of the world from ancient times. Matriarchy and Patriarchy are styles of social organization with many differences.

Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy

The difference between Patriarchy and Matriarchy is that Patriarchy consists of the father as the head of the household also this philosophy defines male dominance in all the society; on the other hand, Matriarchy has the mother as the head of the family to signify distinction of females in all the community.

Formal Fallacy vs Informal Fallacy 1

In the Patriarchy lifestyle, even thinkers like Aristotle customary that girls had been mediocre in comparison with guys in all viewpoints, this accentuated the opportunity that the inadequacy of girls become now no longer restrained to herbal contrasts but went as similarly as scholarly contrasts nonetheless, women’s activist speculations on Patriarchy society function that is the simple more excellent pleasant framework made to abuse girls.

In a matriarchal society, the management of public property is also the responsibility of women.

Various aspects of power in society and in the family are described in the idea of Matriarchy conceded to ladies.

While searching on the history of mankind, there has been no evidence of matriarchal social orders because many confound a libertarian lifestyle or matrilineal society to a matriarchal society.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPatriarchyMatriarchy
Meanings  A Patriarchy framework is a social framework wherein the father is the pinnacle of the own circle of relatives. A matriarchal framework is a social framework in which the mother is the pinnacle of the own circle of relatives. 
Top of the HouseholdFather is the head of the own circle of relatives.Mother is the head of the family circle. 
PowersIn a Patriarchy framework, the father has the most power and command over others.In a matriarchal framework, the mother has the most power and command over others.
Property OwnershipMen are entrusted with the task.The duty lies with the ladies. 
AdministrationA well-known public service is run with the assistance of men.Women control well-known public figures. 

What is Patriarchy?

A Patriarchy is a scientific idea alluding to an arrangement of political, social, and financial relations and organizations organized around the orientation imbalance of socially characterized people.

Inside man-centric relations, ladies are on the whole barred from full cooperation in political and monetary life.

Those credits seen as ‘ladylike’ or as relating to ladies have underestimated its structure, including both the private and open areas, with men ruling both homegrown and public life.

A Patriarchy framework is a social framework in which the dad is the pinnacle of the own circle of relatives. Nonetheless, it isn’t always restrained to its process of relatives alone.

As a whole, it can be stretched out to the whole society wherein men crush in all pleasant, political, affordable, valid, and social jobs; historically, girls were restricted to the homegrown circle in most patriarchal social orders, isolated from the general population.

 In the Victorian time, wherein girls had been taken into consideration as sensitive, delicate, and uninformed creatures Jane Austen in her books, for example, Pride and Prejudice, appears that portray the social surroundings at some point of a Patriarchy rule.

From this, we can fathom that the existences of girls in a Patriarchy lifestyle are that of complete reliance.

What is Matriarchy?

The idea of Matriarchy describes various aspects of power and control conceded to ladies.

Matriarchy has friendly relations organized particularly as far as the appropriation of assets according to how parenthood (and along these lines parenthood and other kinfolk connections) is perceived.

Matriarchy is generally characterized as a political framework where ladies are the predominant political entertainers, instead of a man-centric society, in which men are the elite or essential heads of families, gatherings, or political states,

Matriarchy has forever been a dubious term since, at whatever point is referenced, there are banters regarding whether matriarchies envisioned utopias or genuine social orders, regardless of whether they existed eventually in the far off past or could be re-made in a potential future, and how the meanings of gendered power themselves could have moved corresponding to differing social and authentic settings,

The possibility of Matriarchy has motivated an entire series of legends and fantasies, tests in elective ways of life, women’s activist otherworldliness, and lady-focused aggregates. In the mid-twenty-first century, new field research in Indonesia, Melanesia, and China has brought up new issues about the meaning of the actual term and revitalized banters concerning when-if at any point, it very well may be utilized dependably.

Main Differences Between Patriarchy and Matriarchy

  1. A patriarchy framework is a social framework wherein the man is the pinnacle of the own circle of relatives; on the contrary, A matriarchal framework is a social framework in which the woman is the pinnacle of the own process of relatives.
  2. In a patriarchal society, the father is the central pillar of the household. On the other hand, in a matriarchy, the mother is the central pillar of the home.
  3. In a patriarchal system, the father has more power and dominates the family. While, in a matriarchy society, the mother has more power and overlooks the family.
  4. The ownership of property under men in the Patriarchy system, But In Matriarchy society, the ownership of property is going to the female candidate.
  5. The males are the managers and the governors of the society in the Patriarchy system; furthermore, In Matriarchy, the females manage and govern the community.


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