Difference Between Pex and Pb Piping

We all want our houses to look perfect and clean. When it comes to the draining system of the house, we need to be very careful while choosing the pipes to be installed in the houses.

A bad piping system in the house may lead to future problems with drainage.  

Pex vs Pb Piping  

The main difference between Pex and Pb piping is that the formation of both the pipes is different from each other. The polymer chains are bonded together for the formation of Pex piping, whereas this cross bonding of polymer chains is not a part of the formation of Pb piping. They both differ in terms of physical characteristics.  

Pex vs Pb Piping

Pex piping is also known as ‘Cross Liked Polyethylene’ because its formation is done by the cross bonding of the polymer chains. It is a kind of plastic pipe that is usually installed in homes or industries for a good drainage system.

It can control a greater level of pressure than other pipes existing in the market.  

Pb piping is also known as ‘Polybutylene’. The formation of Pb piping is not done by cross bonding of polymers.

It is formed by the process of polymerization of the element 1-Butane. These pipes have a higher molecular weight.

It is considered a flexible piping system and is considered by consumers for the flexibility it offers.  

Comparison Table Between Pex and Pb Piping

Parameters of Comparison Pex Piping Pb Piping 
Full Name Cross Linked Polyethylene Polybutylene 
Formation By cross-linking process By polymerization of Butane 
Tolerance to Pressure Higher tolerance to pressure Lower tolerance to pressure 
Chlorine Resistance More resistant Less resistant 
Temperature Tolerance Higher tolerance to temperature Lower tolerance to Temperature 

What is Pex Piping?  

Pex piping can be defined as the pipes which are formed by the cross bonding of the polymer. They are installed at many places to provide the best piping system.

They are usually installed at big buildings, domestic places, heating and cooling systems.  

Pex piping holds various features which are beneficial in today’s era. It fits in according to today’s needs in the piping systems.

They can be bent easily without the application of any tools, due to which they are considered flexible and are used at a maximum of the places.  

Pex piping systems have a high tolerance to the high level of temperature and are used in places where a great amount of heat is exposed.

It is also installed in heating systems. It is also considered as the best option to be installed in water heaters.  

Pex Piping is also very tolerant to high pressure. They can bear a high level of pressure without being damaged or broken.

In the places which have a high level of water pumping out, Pex piping is considered over the other piping system.  

The corrosion of chlorine which is used to purify water, leads to the breaking of bonds of a piping system. Pex has a greater resistance to chlorine and is used to be installed for the chlorine resistance in houses and industries as well.  

Pex pipes are also considered for newly built houses because of the durability they offer, and they do not require short-term services. It is considered a better choice over other pipes because they are cost-effective as well.  

What is Pb Piping?  

PB Piping can be defined as the pipes which are formed by the process of polymerization of the element Butane. It is also known as ‘Polybutylene’.

They have a high molecular weight and are flexible.  

They have been used for a long time for the proper supply of water in the homes and industries too. It is very economical and is considered by people to be used in their homes.

It is a good quality pipe at a nominal price.  

It is resistant to chemicals like alcohols, oils, fats, etc. It does not get damaged by chemical reactions.

It is considered an excellent alternative to the traditional piping system which was used in the houses. It was considered the best choice for low-budgeted houses.  

PB pipes can be easily moulded. They do not usually break or crack due to the minimum level of stress.

Due to the high level of molecular weight, they have been considered good resistors to hydrostatic pressure.  

PB pipes are not considered for usage in US and Canada. It is considered that Pb pipes take a longer time to deteriorate.

It gets deteriorated from the inside out, it becomes difficult to assess the damage. They tend to leak after a while and are considered to be replaced after a while.  

Main Differences Between Pex and Pb Piping 

  1. The formation of Pex piping is done by the cross-linking of the polymers, and the procedure is called ‘Cross Bonding’, whereas Pb piping is formed by polymerization of Butane.  
  2. The full name of PEX piping stands as ‘Cross-linked Polyethylene’, whereas the Pb piping stands for ‘Polybutylene’.  
  3. Pex pipes are more tolerant to a higher level of pressure, whereas Pb piping is less tolerant to pressure.  
  4. Pex pipes are more resistant to chlorine and do not react with it, whereas Pb piping is less resistant to chlorine.  
  5. Pex pipes have higher resistance towards temperature and are considered to be used in places of extreme cold and hot, whereas Pb piping has a lower resistance towards temperature.  
Difference Between Pex and Pb Piping


Every house or industry requires a good piping system for a place to look lively.

Installation of pipes at any place requires a good amount of knowledge because one needs to consider many factors before deciding on these internal drainage systems for a place.  

Both the pipes have many features which should be considered before moving towards a particular piping system. Both the pipes have resistance to temperature and pressure but at different levels.

So, one should consider the place at which the pipe is to be installed.  

Pex piping can handle a higher level of pressure and temperature, whereas Pb piping can handle a lower level of pressure.

One should consider the requirements such as the place, budget, etc., before buying a particular set of piping systems; otherwise, it may lead to problems like damage of pipes, excessive drainage, etc. 


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