Difference Between Pharynx and Larynx

The pharynx and Larynx are the two organs that are found in humans. These are situated in the neck portion of the human body. The position of both the organs is different and is part of a different group, but both belong to the neck. Vocal cords are present in the larynx, not in Pharynx.


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Key Takeaways

  1. The pharynx is a muscular tube that connects the mouth and nasal passages to the esophagus, while the larynx is the voice box that houses the vocal cords.
  2. The pharynx has a role in digestion and respiration, while the larynx primarily produces sound and protects the airway.
  3. The pharynx is divided into three sections (nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx), while the larynx has a cartilaginous structure with several components, including the epiglottis.

Pharynx vs Larynx

The difference between Pharynx and Larynx is Pharynx is a cavity present in the digestive and respiratory system, but Larynx is a hollow structure that belongs to the only respiratory system. The pharynx is present in the nasal cavities. The larynx is present in and around the vocal cord. The larynx is a particular organ.

Pharynx vs

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The pharynx is a region which covers the nasal and oral system. It is a membrane-like cavity. It is present in the respiratory system as well as the digestive system.

The pharynx is further divided into three different categories. Those three regions are present in the Pharynx. They are Oropharynx, Laryngopharynx, and Nasopharynx.

The larynx is a hollow structure that is present in the respiratory system. Vocal cords are only present in Larynx, not in Pharynx. The larynx is present inside the C3-6 vertebral disc.

It is made of such walls, which are made of cartilage. The larynx does not belong in the digestive system of the human body.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPharynxLarynx
StructureMembrane lined cavityHollow structure
PositionBehind the noseC3-6 vertebral disc
WallsMuscular wallsWalls made of cartilage
Vocal cordsNot presentPresent
Digestive systemBelongsDoes not belong

What is Pharynx?

It is a membrane-lined cavity that is present in the respiratory system and digestive systems. It is located in the neck portion of the human body. It is a channel through which humans swallow their food and breathe fresh air.

It is divided into three regions which include Laryngopharynx, Oropharynx, and Nasopharynx.

The Nasopharynx is a part of the nasal cavity. It is the posterior part. They contain nasopharyngeal tonsils, which are referred to as adenoids. It can interrupt the respiration in the human if it becomes larger in shape. When the tonsils enlarge, then it can restrict breathing in the human.

The next part it has which is called Oropharynx, which gets merged with epiglottis. This is also a tonsil. It is situated between the two arches. It also helps in swallowing the food. There is no vocal cord in Pharynx. This is the whole region where the respiration and digestion process is made easy.

The pharynx has several layers through which the process is made easy, and the process becomes easy and is done properly. There are layers in the structure which are fibrous coat, mucous membrane, fascial coat, and muscular coat.

It is a membrane-lined cavity, but it does not have a hollow structure.

What is Larynx?

It is a hollow structure that has walls surrounding the vocal cord. It is present below the pharynx. It is an organ. It acts like a valve. It is a passage from where air to breathe travels. It has a vocal cord due to which helps in the vocal process.

It has three parts which are glottis, Subglottis, and Supraglottis. It protects the airways, so it plays a very important part in respiration. Supraglottis stands above the vocal cord, which contains cartilage. The cartilage is epiglottis cartilage. The larynx has walls that are made of many cartilages.

The larynx has several folds. These folds are not the vocal cord. Their duty is not in the vocal cords, or it does not help in sound in the human body. It helps in the phonatory functions. It keeps the airways at a lower position and keeps on protecting them from any other problem.

It stands around the vocal cords, but the vocal cords are situated at the lower fold in the larynx. These folds are stronger than the men. The folds are the main reason behind the voice of men. The men have heaviness in their voices. The changes happen after puberty.

Main Differences Between Pharynx and Larynx

  1. The pharynx is a membrane-lined cavity, but the Larynx is a hollow structure.
  2. The pharynx is behind the nose, but Larynx is in the C3-6 vertebral disc.
  3. The pharynx has muscular walls, but Larynx has walls that are made of cartilage.
  4. The pharynx is the whole region, but Larynx is an organ.
  5. Vocal cords are present in the larynx, not in Pharynx.
  6. The pharynx belongs to the digestive system, but the Larynx does not belong to the digestive system.
Difference Between Pharynx and
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