Pig vs Boar: Difference and Comparison

Some animals of the same family but different species have many similar features. This creates a little confusion and problems in differentiating between them. Boars and pigs are both an example of such animals.

Both of them are similar due to their same family and similar physical characteristics. For example, black pigs and black boars look the same. 

Despite their similar features, both animals have several differences. Below are differences and other information about them, which make it easy to differentiate.

Differentiation is important for people studying biology, and in general, knowledge of animals is useful.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pigs are domesticated animals bred for food and agriculture, while boars are wild animals found in various habitats.
  2. Boars have more robust bodies, longer fur, and prominent tusks than pigs.
  3. Boars are more aggressive and can be dangerous to humans, whereas pigs are more docile.

Pig vs Boar

Pigs are domesticated mammals of the subspecies sus scrofa. They are highly intelligent, short-legged and thick-skinned omnivores. Boars are wild pigs with thick fur to protect them from extreme weather conditions. They are omnivores with large heads and sharp canines.

Pig vs Boar

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A pig is an animal called a swine. They are also domesticated for several reasons. Eating them is one of them.

They can be of different colors, such as yellow, pink, black, brown, etc. They can eat plants as well as other animals, which means they are omnivores.

They have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 years. Piglets or baby pigs have pointed teeth known as canines that are removed during childhood to avoid aggression.

Boar is wild swine, sometimes referred to as wild pigs, that are not domesticated. They always have a black or brown body with short, thin legs. They have the scientific name Sus scrofa, and they have a gestation period of about 115 days.

They are among the widest-ranging mammals in the world. They have thick fur on their body to protect them from extreme cold or hard weather. Like pigs, they also have canines.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPigBoar
DomesticatedThey can beThey cannot be
ColorDark and lightDark color
SizeBiggerComparatively less big
Removal of caninesAre removedNo such process
FurLess thickThicker

What is Pig?

Pigs can be seen easily rolling down in the mud, but otherwise, they are said to be one of the cleanest animals as they take body waste out in a far place than their living area.

They only like mud as it makes their body cool and for having fun. A baby pig is called a piglet. Wild pigs can survive in harsh conditions, while domesticated ones cannot. They do eat meat but not by hunting.

Along with this, they also like to experiment with their food and like to eat a lot. They have good taste sense but very weak eyesight.

They are said to be smarter than dogs. There are over 2 billion pigs in the world, and they can be found everywhere except Antarctica.

In China, they are represented as honesty, fortune, happiness, and virility. To keep their body warm, they like to cuddle and hug each other.

They have a good memory, as they remember things for years, things including people, places, food, etc. Piglets can walk and run immediately after being born, and they are born with open eyes.


What is Boar?

There are subspecies of them with similar features, and are close relatives of pigs. Their body color differentiates that is based on their environment; they are medium size animals with oval-shaped bodies.

Boars have harsh and bristly hair on their body; they have a thicker coats of different colors to protect them from harsh climatic conditions. During mating season, male boar use their tusks.

They are omnivores and mainly eat reptiles and fruits-vegetables. They are active at night and hide during the day by sleeping for around 12 hours.

Large boars have several enemies that hunt them, mainly lions, tigers, bears, and humans. They like solitary life, apart from the mating period. A female pig can give birth to 4-6 pigs at a time.

During the first couple of months, baby boar depends completely on their mother. They have a life span of around 10 to 20 years. They have stripes on their body during the initial months, which start disappearing after a couple of months.


Main Differences Between Pig and Boar

  1. Both of them differ in terms of domestication. Some species of Pigs are domesticated, while some of them are not due to their wild nature, whereas Boar is never domesticated due to their wild nature. This also means pigs can be used for some domesticated purpose by humans while boar does not serve such purposes.
  2. In terms of color, pigs can be of dark and light color. For example, pigs that are domesticated are pink, wild pigs are dark black, while some of them can be yellow, whereas boar are always dark in color, they can be brown and black, and they cannot be of any light color such as pink.
  3. Although both of them have short legs if compared, pigs have longer legs with a wider body, which makes them look taller than a boar, whereas a boar has short, thin legs, which makes them look shorter. Boar has a relatively short bodies with a large head, while pigs have a broader and massive body along with a big head.
  4. Both of them have canines; these are types of teeth that are pointed. In pigs, these teeth are removed as they can be dangerous due to their aggressive nature when pigs are domesticated, whereas board, due to not-domestication nature, does not need these canines to be removed.
  5. Lastly, the tail in pigs that are domesticated is removed when they are babies. This makes the tail of the short, whereas boar also has a tail, but they need to be cut to make them short as they are wild and not kept as a pet.
Difference Between Pig and Boar
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Last Updated : 08 September, 2023

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