Private Cloud vs Data Center: Difference and Comparison

An organization has a big structure and several people work for it. It becomes quite impossible to tackle all the data individually. In modern times, people tend to use computerized systems for this purpose.

Private Cloud and Datacenters are two such facilities utilized by almost every big company and organization to perform several activities with their data.

Key Takeaways

  1. A private cloud is a computing environment dedicated to a single organization, providing exclusive access to resources and data storage with greater control and customization options.
  2. A data center is a physical facility housing an organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, and networking equipment, responsible for managing, processing, and storing data.
  3. Private clouds offer the benefits of cloud computing within a secure, dedicated environment, while data centers provide a centralized location for managing an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Private Cloud vs Data Center

The difference between private cloud and data center is that the facility of private cloud is provided by other companies for a person or organization. The data center, on the other hand, was developed by the team by keeping in mind the specific needs of the organization. Both private cloud and data centers are set up to handle and manage the data of the organization.

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Private Cloud is considered to be an infrastructure of cloud computing that is solely intended to work for a single person or organization.

Unlike public cloud computing, a private cloud provides better options of security but also needs IT expertise or solutions of a higher level. An organization is always suggested to have a private cloud.

The data center is known to be a place or facility where the computer servers of a particular organization are kept. These servers are used for the processing, distribution, and storage of data.

The data center is a large infrastructure that is used to organize and maintain a big amount of data.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonPrivate CloudData Center
Source of dataPrivate cloud computing is known to collect data from the internet since it is a more virtual facility. Data centers collect or contain the data related to a particular organization that owns the data center.
CostData centers are very expensive because they are set up only for a single organization to maintain its data. Data cloud doesn’t cost so much when an organization chooses to keep the data.
MaintenanceThe provider who provides the facility of private cloud is completely responsible for its maintenance. The data center of an organization is maintained by the IT staff recruited by the organization itself.
AvailabilityPrivate Cloud can be purchased and utilized by anyone since all the problems are solved by the provider. The data center is developed by a team of skilled people for the organization and is not user-friendly.
StructureTalking about structure, a private cloud is completely virtual, it doesn’t occupy extra space to be set up. The infrastructure of the data center is physical, it occupies specific space in the building of organizations.

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is known to provide a higher level of security where it offers private hosting and firewalls. It is nearly impossible for third parties to breach the firewall of the private Cloud.

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The sensible data of a particular organization remains the same within the private Cloud.

Other terms used in the place of private cloud are corporate cloud and internal cloud. An internal network that is private and limited to the selected users is the main feature of a private cloud.

The best example of private cloud includes Ubuntu, HP data center, Elastra private Cloud, Microsoft, etc.

The reason private clouds are accessible only by authentic users of the organization, it ensures an unbreakable system of security.

It might be a bit more expensive than the public cloud since it is focused on the setup that can not be breached, but the security and privacy it provides are incomparable. So paying an extra amount to afford private cloud is never going to waste.

The private cloud has specific areas to perform multiple operations because most of the time it restricts several actions outside of the infrastructure.

Private Cloud is hard to maintain and understand, hence a tame of skilled people are required to make changes and oversee the maintenance of private cloud computing.

private cloud

What is Data Center?

Data centers are the developed form of the 1940s Extremely large computer rooms. In computer rooms, it was very difficult to maintain the data daily.

Many large cables were required to connect all the components of different computers. All of this made the procedure of operation within necessary data complex.

Now almost every big organization has a specific place that is completely dedicated to keeping various components of a computer system such as storage system, telecommunication, etc.

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Data centers are used to perform several types of IT operations which are laid by the IT staff of the organization.

These IT operations are very necessary and beneficial for the continuity of business. Such IT operations include security devices, power supply, connection for Communication, control over the working environment of the organization, and fire suppression or air conditioning.

It has been observed that a Data Center can be so large that it can consume electricity which equals the amount consumed by a small town.

But the modern infrastructure of the data center has been upgraded to not consume so much electricity. The standards of Data Center are evaluated by two institutes of the United States that are Uptime institute and TIA (Telecommunication Industry Association).

Uptime institute divides data center standards into 5 tiers while TIA classifies these standards into multiple levels.


Main Differences Between Private Cloud and Data Center

  1. Private Cloud has a large capacity and it can store huge amounts of data while Data Center have limitations when it comes to data storage capacity.
  2. Private Cloud is capable to upgrade itself since it is based on the internet while the upgrade procedure in the data center takes time and is not automatic.
  3. Talking about location, a private cloud does not require any space within the building, it is more virtual. But a data center does need a room big enough to keep all the hardware.
  4. It is very easy to install a private cloud since it is purchased from other companies while the installation process of the data center takes time.
  5. A private cloud is a virtual facility and its security might be breached without physical contact. On the other hand, Data Centers provide tight security and are always recommended for vital projects.
Difference Between Private Cloud and Data Center



Last Updated : 02 July, 2023

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