Difference Between Rabbit and Hare

Humans are said to be nothing but smart animals, ever wonder what animals think when they look at us like we all are the same with the same senses and features.


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Rabbit vs Hare

The difference between Rabbit and Hare is that they have different sizes. Hare is relatively larger. They are also different in terms of habitat, gestation period (Rabbit have longer gestation period than the Hare), Chromosomes number, their body types at birth, etc. They also prefer different food to eat. Last but not least, they have different natures. Rabbit is very socially active than Hare, who lives alone their whole life.

Rabbit vs Hare

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Rabbits are a type of mammal. They are cute and innocent in physical appearance. They can also eat their poop. This can sometimes be disgusting.

Hare is an animal that looks like a rabbit. They have long ears and legs. They are herbivores and solitary in nature. They can be found in most parts of the world.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRabbitHare
SizeSmaller in sizeLarger in size
Gestation period42 days30 to 31 days
At birthNo furHave fur
Number of chromosomes44 chromosomes48 chromosomes
EatSoft thingsComparatively harder things

What is Rabbit?

Rabbits are among the cutest and most adorable animals. Due to their appearance, they are also kept as a pet. They like to eat carrots mostly.

Although most of the rabbits are tiny and adorable, some of them are giant like a toddler. Most of the rabbits are called bunnies, but in reality, they are called kits.

They are among those animals who keep themselves clean. This also means when domesticated, they don’t need to be bathed regularly.

Domesticated rabbits need special care in high temperature, which is easily resisted by the wild rabbits. They can live in most of the places.

They are smart as when they have to run in a dangerous situation, they follow different strategies rather than running straight in the same direction.


What is Hare?

Brow hare is the fastest mammal that lives on land. They have a leaping motion, hind legs, long ears and gives birth to their babies on land.

A group of them is known as a warren or down. They tend to run with their long run if they sense any kind of danger.

They can spend their whole night awake and sleep all day. Their front teeth grow throughout their life. They have a very high sense of hearing, smelling, and vision.

Hare males fight among each other to win over the female who tests them based on their speed and stamina. And it is always the choice of female to mate or not.


Main Differences Between Rabbit and Hare

  1. Rabbits prefer to eat softer parts of the plant that includes leaves or fruits, whereas hare prefers the hard part such as twigs.
  2. The fur of the rabbit remains of a single color. Weather does not have any influence over them, while in the case of hare, the color of the fur changes with the weather/season.
Difference Between Rabbit and Hare
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