Radisson vs Radisson Blu: Difference and Comparison

Radisson is a group of hotels and chains present in various parts of different countries which provide an exclusive standard of living in their hotels brand.

The chain of hotels comprises various brands in different names under the Radisson name. These hotel groups and brands offer esteemed luxurious services to their customers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Radisson and Radisson Blu are two hotel brands owned by the same parent company, Radisson Hotel Group.
  2. Radisson hotels are more affordable than Radisson Blu hotels.
  3. Radisson Blu hotels are located in more upscale areas and offer more luxury amenities than Radisson hotels.

Radisson vs Radisson Blu

Radisson is a division of a multinational broad group of hotel chains that are present in various places to give an advantage to its customers. Radisson blu is a brand among various brands of the whole group of Radisson hotels which is a part of the complete system.

Radisson vs Radisson Blu

Radisson is a division of chain hotels belonging to the group of Radisson hotels. The Radisson Hotel is an international division in the hotel and luxury industry that expands in the different parts of the United States.

It includes various brands it which follow under the Radisson group of hotels. Radisson blu is a type of brand under the name of Radisson and a hotel franchise run by a group of Radisson hotels that has locations all over the world.

The branding process got changed and the Radisson blu was created after it got rebranded from Radisson SAS in the year 2009.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRadissonRadisson Blu
LocationThe Radisson hotels are mainly located in the United States and its surrounding location where the company’s headquarters are present.The Radisson blu hotels are located in various parts of the country mainly in the major cities in high demand.
TypeIt is a division of a group chain of Radisson hotels.It is a brand that follows the international chain of Radisson hotels.
Global valuesThis type includes fourteen hotels and two hotels are pending due to certain legal engagements.This type includes 400 hotels which comprise approximately more than 90,000 rooms.
DiscoveredThe Radisson got invented by Federico J. González Tejera in the United States.The Radisson blu was discovered by Anne Jacobsen for the SAS group which got reconstructed later.
Star ratingThe Radisson holds a 5-star rating among the hotels.The Radisson blu comprises both 5 and 7-star ratings depending on the place where the hotel is situated.

What is Radisson?

The Radisson hotels were founded in the year 1938 under the Radisson hotel groups. The company has its headquarters situated in Minneapolis, the place which has a history of building the first Radisson hotel over there.

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It provides an essence of luxurious life with a touch of ancient culture in the way of living that makes the concept a mixture of both modern and ancient times.

Radisson Hotels are touted as hotels that provide service with a focus on the requirements and comfort of their guests.

These principles, on the other hand, need to be examined, developed, and improved in light of current trends and changes in the field of hotel management.

It offers a sophisticated way of living which includes the facilities of top-class swimming pools, spa, children play types, and various other amenities that an individual can need.

The model business of Radisson helps to cater the appropriate services towards its customers and provides a totally different modern experience which leads them to increase in the target market.

This type of industry holds an important position in making the guarantee of the services provided by the company.

As the target market indirectly depends on the services which are measured by the customers combining their preferences and accordingly willing to pay.

radisson 2

What is Radisson Blu?

Radisson blu is a type of brand of Radisson group of hotels which has been expanded globally across various countries.

It is mainly present in major cities and key locations such as gateways to the airport and different luxurious destinations of the countries. They focus on the flow of their customers and the place where their demand is high.

As Radisson SAS restructured and changed its name to Radisson blu in 2009, the Radisson blu brand was born. With the inauguration of its first hotel in Chicago, Illinois in 2011, Radisson blu joined the US market.

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Studio Gang Architects designed the Aqua tower, which houses the hotel. It opened a second site in 2013 which has the route that is connected to Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America.

The Radisson Blu hotel chain was voted Europe’s largest higher premium hotel chain in 2010. This focuses on various segmentations of the business which includes certain parameters in it.

It focuses on the target market which is associated with the changes in lifestyle and having an essence of luxury in it.

It differentiates the market on the basis of different age groups, professional status, and many more, and looking onto the statistical data they get an overview of the target customers.

radisson 1

Main Differences Between Radisson and Radisson Blu

  1. Radisson is a division of a group of Radisson hotels but Radisson blu is a brand name under the Radisson hotels.
  2. The Radisson hotels are located in the United States while Radisson blu are present in different key locations of major cities.
  3. The Radisson holds a 5-star rating whereas Radisson blu includes both 5 stars and 7-star ratings depending on the location it is situated.
  4. Radisson comprises fourteen hotels while Radisson blu comprises around 400 hotels.
  5. Radisson was discovered by Federico J. González Tejera in the United States and Radisson blu was rebranded from the SAS group so it was discovered by Anne Jacobsen for the SAS group.
Difference Between Radisson and Radisson Blu
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Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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