Reddit vs Tumblr: Difference and Comparison

When it comes to social networking websites, there are plenty of them which can be seen on the Internet. Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube are some of the instances of social networking websites.

Reddit and Tumblr are two of the large part of social networking websites led by Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  

The chief lookout of the people is always for the social networking website features the possibility of connecting. The connection can be with anyone like relatives, friends, and others by using new ways.

In this article, the chief aim is on differentiating Reddit and Tumblr

Key Takeaways

  1. Reddit is a community-driven platform with user-generated content organized into topic-based forums called subreddits.
  2. Tumblr is a microblogging platform where users create and share multimedia content on customizable personal blogs.
  3. Reddit emphasizes discussion and information sharing, while Tumblr focuses on creative expression and visual content.

Reddit vs Tumblr 

The difference between Reddit and Tumblr is their interaction. For interacting with subjects, Reddit gives more content of the communities you are in. On the other hand, for interacting with people, Tumblr allows you to follow anyone and get the content of the page you are following. 

Reddit vs Tumblr

Reddit allows users to post blogs, photos, articles, and art. However, it fails to offer a great social experience like Facebook or Tumblr.

In this, all you have to make your account, post material on Reddit, then you have downvotes and upvotes, which move your rank down or up the page.  

Tumblr also allows its user to post videos, photos, and a lot of other social media. Tumblr is a sort of platform completely based on blogging.

Tumblr’s users are a bit slow to adopt it because you got to understand files uploading and managing the account. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRedditTumblr
FoundedIn 2005In 2007
FounderSteve Huffman, Aaron Swartz, and Alexis OhanianDavid Karp
Type of businessPrivateSubsidiary
IndustryAdvertising and social mediaMicroblogging and social networking service

What is Reddit? 

Reddit is mainly a community-determined content aggregator. It is a social platform that allows users to submit posts that further downvote and upvote by other users based on if they like it.

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In case, lots of upvotes get to a post, then it moves up the Reddit, and more people see it.  

On the other hand, it quickly falls if the post gets downvotes and from most people’s view it disappears. This platform is split out into subreddits or sub-communities.

By any user, they can be created around any subject where the specific as a single joke or broad like technology.  

Each subreddit feeds directly into the full submission’s Reddit list, which a post in any subreddit could reach the website front page. It is notoriously strict to stop spammers and keep subreddits on topic.

Different sets of rules are on each subreddit and are sure to read before posting.  

Although on Reddit someone can stay anonymous, while it still keeps a tract of activity on site. This consists of a list of comments, a tally of your karma, and submissions.

It also shows subreddits you moderate, the amount of Reddit gold you have bought, and your trophy case of achievements. 


What is Tumblr? 

Tumblr is social networking website as well as microblogging and is currently owned by Automattic. Its service allows posting multimedia as well as other content to a blog of the short form.

From the interface of the dashboard, many of the features of the website are accessed by bloggers.  

In 2006, the development of Tumblr began during a two-week gap between contracts at the software consulting company of David Karp. For some time he had been interested in tumblelogs and was waiting for an established blogging platform to release their platform of tumble logging.  

Karp and Marco Arment started working on their platform as none had done after waiting a year. Within two weeks of its launching, it had gained popularity of approx 75,000 users.

More than 529 million blogs were hosted by Tumblr as of July 2021.  

When it comes to criticism, it received criticism for violations of copyright by participating bloggers. It has also been forced to manage security problems and spam.

For changes to Tumblr reblog mechanisms in 2015, it also faced criticism from users. It banned blogs that advocate or promote suicide, eating disorders, and self-harm. 


Main Differences Between Reddit and Tumblr  

  1. Reddit is a place where subreddits (communities based on liked interests) are subscribed by users and you vote comments, discuss your interests, and post down and up. Meanwhile, in Tumblr, you follow people directly and, on your dashboard, all the saying of that person will show up.  
  2. When it comes to key people, Christopher Slowe (CTO), Jen Wong (COO), Drew Volletro (CFO), and Steve Huffman as co-founder and CEO. On the other hand, Jeff D’ Onofrio as CEO is the only key person in Tumblr.  
  3. Both platforms are great in case you are not a person who is serious, and does not like to simply dwell in social and political justice on the Internet. Especially being a fan of some actor or show or anything then on Tumblr you will find a space. As Tumblr is a hub of all fandoms.   
  4. For the users of Reddit, everything is handed to them. From filtering to voting, whom they want to see is decided by the user. On the flip side, Tumblr allows the users to content filtering but also user fails to choose what not to see from the curator and what to see.  
  5. Reddit is for interacting with subjects as it gives more content of the communities you are in. On contrary, Tumblr is mainly for interacting with people as it allows you to follow anyone and get the content of the page you are following. 
Difference Between Reddit and Tumblr


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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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