Reddit vs Facebook: Difference and Comparison

With the introduction of social media platforms, communication and access to information have become simple and easy. Any user from any part of the world can access data and utilize it in various forms.

Various social media platforms came to connect users across the globe. The two popular social media platforms are Reddit and Facebook.

Key Takeaways

  1. Reddit emphasizes anonymity, allowing users to create and engage in communities without revealing personal information, while Facebook focuses on connecting people through their real-life identities.
  2. Reddit’s content is organized into topic-specific subreddits, enabling users to engage in discussions and share information based on interests; Facebook relies on a personalized news feed that aggregates content from friends and pages.
  3. Reddit utilizes an upvote and downvote system to rank content, promoting visibility for popular posts, whereas Facebook employs likes, comments, and shares to determine the reach of posts.

Reddit vs Facebook

Reddit is an open platform with upvoting/downvoting features for discussion where anyone can start a thread or comment on existing threads. Facebook is more of a closed network that allows users to create profiles and connect with their friends and family members via posts (pictures and videos).

Reddit vs Facebook

Reddit is a private type of company. The current CEO of Reddit is Steve Huffman. The owner of Reddit is Advance Publications.

The users may or may not register on the platform to access it. The users can create and customize boards of their preference topic to know about the latest trends and news on the subject.

While Facebook is a public type of company. The current CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. The social media platform is a part of the Meta platform.

Like Facebook, the other subsidiaries of Meta are Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. The users have to mandatorily register to access the platform.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRedditFacebook
Type PrivatePublic
Active users every month Above 400 million as per 2021 Above 2.85 billion as per 2021
Geography of users Mostly in Canada, USA and UK Worldwide
Founders Alex Ohanian, Steve Huffman, and Aaron SwartzChris Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg, Dorado Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Andrew McCollum
Headquarters San Francisco, CaliforniaUS Menlo Park of California

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a discussion website that is also used for content rating and social news aggregation.

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The registered members of the website can upload their content to the website in form of images links videos text posts which can be further voted up and down by other members of the website.

The organization of the posts on the website is done based on the subject of user-created boards. The user-created boards are also known as “subreddits” or “communities”.

These communities create diverse topics like science, news, cooking, politics, pets, music religion, fitness, movies, books, video games, and various other related subjects.

The submissions which gain the highest upvotes appear at the top of the page. The website has strict rules which prohibit harassment and the administrators even moderate restrict or close communities on such occasions.

The job of moderation of the communities is done through moderators who are community-specific and are not employees of Reddit.

The website is not only available in English but is multilingual. Reddit is a private type of business. Reddit was founded on 23rd June in the year 2005. The headquarters of the company is in San Francisco, California, US.

The online forum platform serves worldwide. The content aggregating platform is completely based on formation of community of different interests.

Advance Publications owns Reddit. Advertising on Reddit is done through banner ads and promotion links. The total revenue generated by Reddit is around 100 million US dollars by 2021.

The entire website is written in Python and Java.


What is Facebook?

Facebook is a Meta platform which is based in Menlo Park California. The American conglomerate of multinational technology does its business as Meta.

The Meta platform of Facebook is also the parent company of WhatsApp Instagram and other such subsidiaries. The platform also forms part of five big IT companies in America.

The public company is traded as NASDAQ: FB. Facebook dominates the social network advertising and social media platforms. The company was founded on 4th January in the year 2004.

The origin had been in Cambridge, Massachusetts of U.S. Facebook was initially launched under the name of FaceMash to cater as a social networking platform. FaceMash was launched in the year 2003.

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Mark Zuckerberg is the controlling shareholder of the company. Facebook serves worldwide except for a few blocked countries.

The total estimated revenue of Facebook is around 117.92 billion US dollars as of 2021. The divisions of the company have been Facebook Reality Labs. The subsidiaries of Facebook are Novi Financial.

The entire platform is written in C++ and PHP. The IPO or Initial Public Offering of Facebook was filed on 1st of February, in the year 2012.

Through the sale of advertisements that are placed to the marketers, the company generates fundamental share of revenue.

According to some reports, Facebook had even intended to alter its original name. The new name would express the focus of the company in building the metaverse.

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Main Differences Between Reddit and Facebook

  1. Registration of users on Reddit is optional while registration of users on Facebook is mandatory.
  2. Reddit does not allow users to engage in personalized messaging while Facebook allows users to engage in personalized messaging.
  3. Reddit has been involved in controversies like Boston Marathon Bombing, Human Revolution, Deus Ex, and others while Facebook has been involved in controversies like Election Influences, Cambridge Analytica, and others.
  4. Reddit is concerned with information delivery among the users while Facebook is concerned with communication among the users.
  5. The market cap or valuation of Reddit is around six billion dollars after the funding round of Series E while the market cap or valuation of Facebook is one trillion dollars as of July 2021.
Difference Between Reddit and Facebook

Last Updated : 16 July, 2023

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