Difference Between Rum and Whiskey

Alcohol is the man’s worst enemy and the bible says love your enemy. Like everything else, alcohol also comes with its pros and cons.

The consumption of alcohol can be both beneficial and harmful depending upon the amount consumed.

The minimum legal drinking age around the world ranges from 10 to 21 years. Alcoholic beverages contain zero calories.

Other than food energy they provide no other essential nutrients. Alcohols are considered to be a depressant. It slows down brain activity.

Alcohol consumption releases dopamine which is associated with satisfaction and pleasure. It also releases a neurotransmitter called GABA which reduces stress.

For all alcohol lovers, understanding the difference between their favorite drinks can be a hard test. This is equally true for rum and whiskey.

Rum vs Whiskey

The main difference between rum and whiskey is in their ingredients. The rum is made from sugarcane while the whiskey is made from grains.

Rum vs Whiskey

Comparison Table Between Rum and Whiskey (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonRumWhiskey
ProductionRum is produced by fermentation of sugarcane or sugar molassesWhiskey is produced by fermentation of different grains
Alcohol contentRum has an alcohol concentration of 40%Whiskey has an alcohol concentration between 40% – 50%
TasteIt is grassy and sweet in tasteIt is spicy and smokey in taste
ColorRum is golden in colorThe color of whiskey is brown
Health benefitsRum is considered to be good for heart and reduces muscle painWhiskey helps in weight loss, digestion and preventing cancer
SmellThe smell of rum is fruity, medicinal and glue-likeWhiskey has a coconut and wood aroma


What is Rum?

Rum is made by fermentation of sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice followed by the process of distillation. It has derived its name from the Latin word of sugar “Saccharum” as it is made from sugarcane.

It is the oldest spirit in the world and was first originated in the West Indies.

There are different types of rums. They are White Rum, Gold Rum, Dark Rum, Black Rum, Navy Rum, Premium Rum, Vintage Rum, Overproof Rum, Flavoured, and Spiced Rum.

Different types of Rum contain a different amount of alcohol.

Rum is widely produced everywhere but the majority of the world’s rum is produced in Latin America and The Caribbean. The oldest surviving brand of rum is Mount Gay.

August is celebrated as National Rum Month and 16th August is celebrated as National Rum Day. The color of rum depends upon the aging process.

They become darker and richer with time. Some of the most popular cocktails of the world are based around rum including the Pina Colada, the Mojito, and the Daiquiri.

Rum has got many other names including Nelson’s blood, Kill-devil, Demon water, Pirates drink, Navy neaters, Barbados water, Grog, and Rumbullion.

The most expensive rum in the world is owned by Jamaica’s Wray & Nephew.

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What is Whiskey?

Whiskey is made from the fermentation of grain mash. Different types of grains are used for

Whiskey has derived its name from a Gaelic word ‘uisge beatha’ which means water of life. The origin of whiskey is both Scotland and Ireland.

There a different type of Whiskey namely, Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Canadian Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Blended Whiskey, and Single malt Whiskey.

The biggest producer of whiskey in this world is Scotland. The oldest running brand of whiskey is Bushmills whiskey.

The third Saturday of May is celebrated as World’s Whiskey Day.

The color of the whiskey is brown and it depends upon the time it has spent in the barrel. The oldest whiskey is more than 150 years old.

The most expensive whiskey in the world is Macallan ‘M’ whiskey.

Whiskey is loved by many great personalities namely, Hillary Clinton, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, Johnny Depp.

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Main Differences Between Rum and Whiskey

  1. Rum and whiskey differ in their production method. Rum is produced by the fermentation of sugarcane or sugar molasses whereas whiskey is produced by the fermentation of different grains. After fermentation, they both go through the distillation process.
  2. The amount of alcohol is different in both of them. Rum has an alcohol concentration of around 40% while whiskey has an alcohol concentration between 40% – 50%.
  3. The taste of rum is grassy and sweet. On the other hand, whiskey is spicy and smokey in taste.
  4. Rum is golden in color whereas the color of the whiskey is brown.
  5. Both have their health benefits. Rum is considered to be good for the heart and it also reduces muscle pain while whiskey helps in weight loss, digestion, and preventing cancer.
  6. The smell of rum is fruity, medicinal, and glue-like while whiskey has a coconut and wood aroma.
  7. Rum is aged for a short period while whiskey is aged for a much longer period.
  8. Rum is stored in stainless steel whereas whiskey is stored in wooden barrels.
  9. Rum is pocket friendly in terms of price while whiskey is generally very expensive.
Difference Between Rum and Whiskey



Everybody has got a different choice of drink depending upon their tastes and preferences.

Well, after knowing the difference between two of the most popular drinks, you can choose your favorite one according to your mood and health requirement.

Alcohol is a very good solvent. If taken in an appropriate amount, it can dissolve your stress and other health problems and if taken in an inappropriate amount, it can dissolve your family, marriage, job, bank account, and probably every other thing that you possess.

Consuming more than the appropriate amount of both of these drinks is temporary fun with some permanent consequences. Any form of addiction is bad for your health.

Never make alcoholic beverages your best friend, that devil lives in a bottle. Also, whenever you drink, drink because you are happy and not because you are miserable.


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