Difference Between Brandy and Rum

It goes without saying that alcoholic drinks are enjoyed by most people today, at least once in a while. A large number of alcoholic drinks are available in the world.


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A few of them include brandy, rum, vodka, wine, beer, tequila, gin, scotch, cognac, and so on. The main product in all these drinks is alcohol. However, the method of preparation, the place of origin, and the ingredients in all the drinks differ.

When talking about brandy and rum, the color and the production method may be similar, because of which people often get confused between them, but they are different.

Brandy vs Rum

The difference between Brandy and Rum is its main ingredient. Rum is composed of sugarcane juices, whereas the main ingredients in brandy are wine, fruit juices, or grapes. The alcohol content in both differ. Brandy has an alcohol content of 35%-60%, while the alcohol content in rum is 37.5%-80%.

Brandy vs Rum


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonBrandyRum
DefinitionIt is an alcoholic drink that is fermented, the primary ingredient in which is fruit mash or wine. A sequence of processes to distill and ferment it is carried out.It is an alcoholic drink, the primary ingredient in which is sugarcane juice. It is made by fermenting and distilling the sugarcane juice.
Alcohol content35%-60% of alcohol content is present in brandy.37.5%-80% of alcohol content is present in rum.
OriginIt is ancient Greece and Rome from where brandy originated.Caribbean is the place of origin of rum.
Main ingredientThe main ingredient in brandy is wine or fruit mash.The main ingredient in rum is sugarcane juice.
First distillationBrandy was first distilled in the 16th century.Rum was first distilled in the 17th century.


What is Brandy?

Brandy is one of the most famous drinks that was served in the first bars and hence it is considered as the best classic cocktails. The production of brandy started in ancient Greece and Rome in the 16th century.

Today it is available throughout the world.

It is an alcoholic drink that is prepared from fruit juices or grapes. The fruits that can be used to make brandy are apple, peach, apricot, and so on.

There are different brandy styles such as Cognac, Pisco, Spanish brandy, Armagnac, American brandy, flavored brandy, and so on. Cognac is expensive and is high-end style brandy.

Armagnac is a French brandy, while Spanish brandy is a brandy of the Spain region that was produced for medicinal purposes. The American brandy is simply known as brandy.

There are infinite brands of this drink. Some popular ones include Korbel, Courvoisier, Martell, Christian Brothers, Hennessy, Torres, Paul Masson, and so on.

Brandy is also used in food, like a cooking wine. It can also be added to sweet sauces or savory and can be included in desserts.


What is Rum?

Rum is considered as one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, the production of which started in the Caribbean in the mid-1700s, and today it is being made throughout the world.

Rum is prepared all over the world and all the countries have different traditions and laws for its production, because of which the independent rum have different characteristics.

It is an alcoholic drink that is processed from sugar and this sugar can be a syrup, sugarcane, or molasses. Most of the rum has a sweet flavor.

There are many styles of rum manufactured. The most popular ones include dark, gold, light, spiced and flavored rums.

The most common one among them is Light rum, which is also referred to as silver or white rum. It is a very fine rum. Gold rum is a medium-bodied rum that is smooth and quite rich.

Dark rum is the heavy-bodied rum that is the richest rum and is mostly found mixed with the might rum

A few popular brands of rum include Bacardi, Appleton, Captain Morgan, and Mount Gay.

Rum is a very popular drink that is used in creating different types of cocktails, such as mojito and daiquiri. It is also versatile for any good-stocked bar. Rum serves different purposes, from warm drinks in the cold to different tropical drinks.


Main Differences Between Brandy and Rum

  1. When talking about origination, Brandy found its origin in ancient Greece and Rome, while Rum found its origin in the Caribbean.
  2. Rum is an alcoholic drink that is preferred on occasions. On the other hand, people prefer having brandy after dinner.
  3. Brandy is mainly made of fruit juices, grapes, or wine, whereas Rum is made of sugarcane juice.
  4. Brandy’s first distillation occurred in the 16th century, while that of rum happened in the 17th century.
  5. The alcohol content in brandy is be said to be 35%-60%. The alcohol content in rum is said to be 37.5%-80%.
Difference Between Brandy and Rum


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