Difference Between XD and XDM

Every military requires arms and ammunition to defend themselves and attack on their opponents. It is important to keep in mind when they should be used.


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Guns play an important role in any defense and attack mechanism, they are part of modern arms which can make the military stronger than others.

There are a huge variety of guns present in the market like ; rifles, carbines, machine guns, personal defence weapons, automatic rifles, snipers, etc..

Every gun has its own peculiar features, there are several companies which provide supply of guns like ; Smith and Wesson, SIG Sauer, Mossberg, etc..


The difference between XD and XDM is their features of safety, grip, body etc.. both of them are produced by Springfield guns,and XDM is a sub model of XD guns, made in the city of Karlovac, Croatia.

XD vs XDM 1

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXDXDM
ModelMain modelSub model
Barrel3.3 barrel3.8 to 4.5 barrel
GripStandard gripInterchangeable grip
Recoil springDual captive recoil springNon captive recoil spring
Magazine capacityShorter magazineLonger magazine


What is XD?

XD (Xtreme duty) or XD guns belong to the Springfield gun family. Springfield XD is a gun, is a unique polymer framed handgun licensed to the Springfield armory in the USA.

These were invented in 1999.

These guns have been doing exceptionally well in the armory sector, XD guns have peculiar features which make them admirable among all the guns.

XD guns are mostly known for their grip, these guns have the most comfortable yet very appropriate angle for shooting.Generally good grip is not found in guns.

XD guns have a short recoil basis with a barrel of 3.3 inches. The recoil spring guide acts as a standoff device. It has dual captive recoil springs.

One of the interesting and peculiar features of XD guns is that they have illuminated night sights, which helps the shooter to shoot in dark places.

These are semi automatic pistols which quite  resemble glock pistols. HS2000 are used mainly by the Croatian military and iranian secret service, and XD is its civilian version.thus relatively high in price.

It fits and points a natural angle for firing shoots which makes it more admirable for shooting. It does not have an external hammer.


What is XDM?

XDM is the latest version of XD guns, this is a sub model of XD gun family. This model has several latest and peculiar features making it ideal and admirable for all shooters.

XDM guns have 3.8 to 4.5  inches barrel which is a significant upgrade in this model. These pistols come with match grade barrels, and are perfectly machined, air- gauged and custom fitted for perfect accuracy and competition ready.

XDM pistols have interchangeable grip, this means it has different grip sizes as per the needs. This model is also easy to assemble.

Trigger safety is a crucial part of any gun, XDM pistols have a blocked integral firing pin which is a mechanical block which restrains the firing pin from traveling forward, but is linked to the trigger mechanism. 

XDM pistols have non- captive springs. Loaded chamber indicator just behind the barrel and match grade barrel.

It does not require pulling the trigger to disable the pistol. Its body is steel but has undergone the process of melonite treatment, a salt bath nitriding process making it’s body corrosion resistant.   

XDM guns have larger magazine capacity with firing capacity of 16 to 19 rounds in one go. Which is itself one of the most spectacular features.

Main Differences Between XD and XDM

  1. XD guns are basic Springfield armory guns whereas XDM guns updated and version or sub model of XD guns.
  2. XD guns have standard grip on contrary XDM guns have interchangeable grip.
  3. XD guns have 3.3 inches barrels while XDM guns have 3.8 to 4.5 inches barrels.
  4. XDM guns are easier to assemble as compared to XD guns.
  5. XD guns have a shorter magazine release than that of XDM guns.
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