Difference Between Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose

Corn syrup and Liquid glucose are natural sweeteners that are utilized for food dressing. They both contain sugar in a proportionate amount.


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Corn syrup is made with the help of corn kernels that are converted into corn starch in the later process, while liquid glucose is generally obtained by the starch hydrolysis process.

Corn Syrup vs Liquid Glucose

The difference between corn syrup and liquid glucose is that the corn syrup is made out of the kernels of corn, whereas the liquid glucose is, obtained from the hydrolysis of starch. When comparing the price, the corn syrup is costlier than the liquid glucose, as liquid glucose is easy to make compared to corn syrup.

Corn Syrup vs Liquid Glucose

Corn syrup is a natural sweetener that is obtained by corn kernels which are then converted into corn starch. This process can be achieved either by boiling or by diluting it with the acids.

Depending upon how it is prepared, the syrup can be light as well as dark.

Liquid glucose is the generic name given to the saccharide solution. In this, raw materials such as corn or rice are used. Then it is diluted into the solution to form the starch.

Liquid glucose is yellowish in color and odorless aqueous syrup. Liquid glucose is used in many applications as it has the good properties of crystallization and reducing sweetness.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCorn SyrupLiquid Glucose
Process of FormationIt is formed by the cornstarch process.It is formed by the hydrolysis of starch.
Raw MaterialsCorn KernelsCorn or Rice
Cost It is generally costlier as it takes time to prepare it. It is generally cheaper as it can be easily formed.
FeaturesIt is used in food to give a nice and sweet taste to it.It has excellent properties of crystallization and reducing the sweetness.
Glucose Content Although, it is entirely glucose and the percentage is less than liquid glucose.It is a pure form of glucose.

What is Corn Syrup?

Corn syrup is a characteristic sugar, i.e., manufactured from the corn starch process. In this interaction, the kernels of corns are used to form the starch solution.

It is then diluted, with one or the other corrosive. The solution then gets changed over into starch.

As it is a natural sweetener so, it contains sugar in definite proportion. The syrup is essentially utilized for food dressing or as a baking material. Whenever it is added to the food, it expands the sweetness of the food.

When the corn starch is ready, it is then allowed to boil for a certain period so that the viscosity of the liquid gets increased to form a syrup.

Corn syrup can be light as well as dark depending upon the preparation of how it is being prepared.

If the syrup is prepared normally, it forms a light syrup, while if a small part of caramel is mixed with it, it will form the dark syrup. The sweetness percentage is more in the dark syrup than in the light syrup.

The cost of corn syrup is generally costlier than liquid glucose. As over here it is, prepared in large batches. Thus, the process takes time to manufacture the syrup from kernels.

What is Liquid Glucose?

Liquid glucose is also a natural sweetener. It is an aqueous solution of saccharides, i.e., basically obtained by the hydrolysis of starch.

For producing liquid glucose, raw materials like corn and rice are used to produce the starch. This can be done by diluting it with the acids.

Once the raw materials are diluted, it is concentrated and purified to form the required solids.

Liquid glucose is yellowish in color and odorless syrup. It is generally stored under hygiene conditions so that it does not react with the other compounds.

One of the applications of liquid glucose is in the crystallization process. It is added to the sweets to convert them into crystalline form, and then the sweets are stored in the refrigerator.

Liquid glucose also has the property to reduce the sweetness in candies and sweets.

For example, during the preparation, if the sugar percentage is higher, then this liquid solution is added to decrease the amount of sugar content.

As it has a high viscosity thus, it is basically in the form of syrup. The syrup also has the property to enhance brightness and transparency.

Liquid glucose is used for pharmaceuticals like cough and vitamin-based syrups that are bitter.

Once the liquid glucose is added, it terminates the bitterness and increases the sweetness content.

Main Differences Between Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose

  1. Corn syrup is mainly used in food items as a dressing substitute, whereas liquid glucose has applications ranging from food to medicines. It is used in food to lower the sweetness content. Also, it is used in medicines to decrease the bitterness content.
  2. Corn syrup is manufactured by the corn starch process, while the liquid glucose is prepared from the hydrolysis of starch.
  3. The price buffer for corn syrup is generally high as it is harder to prepare compared with liquid glucose, which is easy to prepare. Thus, liquid glucose is cheaper.
  4. The percentage of glucose content in corn syrup is generally lower compared with liquid glucose, which is a pure form of glucose.
  5. The raw materials in corn syrup are corn kernels from which the corn starch is prepared, whereas the raw materials in liquid glucose are either corn or rice.
Difference Between Corn Syrup and Liquid Glucose


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