Sandwich Maker vs Griller: Difference and Comparison

Various home appliances are accessible on the market, particularly in the modern-day. Sometimes people are perplexed about what to buy and what not to buy in the planned budget.

It is because each appliance has a particular function. Sandwich maker and griller are two separate home appliances that sometimes confuse people’s minds while shopping.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sandwich makers are designed for making sandwiches, sealing the edges and dividing the sandwich into sections.
  2. Grillers can cook various foods, including sandwiches, and leave grill marks on the food.
  3. Grillers offer more versatility in cooking, while sandwich makers provide a more uniform and convenient sandwich-making process.

Sandwich Maker vs Griller

Sandwich maker does not have lines on its plate. The griller does have vertical or horizontal lines on its plate. Moreover, the sandwich maker is for preparing the bread toast. However, the griller is for grilling multiple meals, including loaves of bread.

Sandwich Maker vs Griller

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A sandwich maker flooded the market in the earlier twentieth century in the United States of America. The American behind its invention is Charles Champion.

It is for making a delicious bread toast. One can prepare different types of sandwiches in the sandwich maker. It works on the power that converts electric energy into heat energy.

In the 1970s, Thomas Edison designed the sandwich griller, which is a kitchen device. It is not for only grilling loaves of bread but also for grilling other meals such as non-vegetarian meals, buns, and vegetables.

One needs to grease the plates of the griller before grilling for a better taste of the meal.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSandwich MakerSandwich Griller
Invented BySandwich maker is a discovery of the well-known American named Charles Champion.Sandwich griller has been brought into the market by Thomas Edison (an American).
Invented InA sandwich maker has appeared in the market before the 1920s.A sandwich griller was discovered in 1974.
PurposeA sandwich maker makes the sandwiches by using loaves of bread.A sandwich griller is for grilling different types of food.
AffordabilitySandwich makers are economic and pocket-friendly appliances.A sandwich griller is an expensive home appliance.
Cooking Capacity.A sandwich maker cooks one or two sandwiches at a time.A sandwich griller can grill four to five loaves of bread at a time.

What is Sandwich Maker?

A sandwich maker has many names (sandwich toaster, pie iron, and toastie iron). It has been in the market since the 1910s, and the inventor ( Charles Champion) got it patented in 1924.

It is operated with electricity on the common principle of converting electricity into heat. It resembles a waffle maker. Some sandwich makers consist of aluminum plates, and some modern sandwich makers have ceramic plates (non-stick).

It is for making bread toast, and sandwiches. One can toast bread by just seasoning it with salt and pepper, or they can make a sandwich with their favorite and nutritious vegetables.

The plates of the sandwich maker seal the sandwich so that no veggies fall out.

Traditional sandwich makers cut the bread in a triangle shape. The modern one slightly varies by not cutting the sandwich but, the function is the same to turn the color into golden-brown.

The sandwich makers also have an automatic signal that alerts individuals when their sandwich is ready. Greenlight means the sandwich has been put into the sandwich maker to cook, and the red light signifies that the sandwich has been toasted.

A sandwich maker is an excellent choice for working people and students for making meals in lesser time. Moreover, it promotes healthy eating in fast-paced lives. People can carry sandwiches to their workplace and study place in hand.

sandwich maker

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What is Sandwich Griller?

A sandwich griller came into the market in the late twentieth century. It is one of the discoveries of Thomas Edison (an American who has thousands of patents in his name).

A sandwich griller also works on power on the same principle, as a sandwich maker. It is for multiple purposes. It not only grills sandwiches, but it also grills other foods (vegetarian meals, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and non-vegetarian meals).

It comes in multiple sizes for houses. The smallest one can grill at least two sandwiches, and jumbo one could grill up to four to five bread pieces. The plates of the griller are either made of aluminum or non-stick material.

The plates consist of vertical or horizontal lines. Grilling meals consume less oil than other methods of the cooking meal. So, it is a healthy option for consumers. Moreover, it grills meals in very little time.

Grilling is a simple process. Put the slices of bread into the sandwich griller and close the lid. When the automatic light gives a signal, take the sandwich out for eating. We do not need to close the lid while grilling cheese, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Many well-known brands (Philips, Morphy Richards, Havells) manufacture high-quality sandwich grillers available in different styles and sizes.

sandwich griller

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Main Differences Between Sandwich Maker and Griller

  1. A sandwich maker has been discovered before 1920. On the other hand, a griller has been discovered since 1974.
  2. A sandwich maker is not a multipurpose appliance. On the other side, a griller is a multipurpose appliance used for grilling multiple eatables.
  3. A sandwich maker has an adequate amount of heat to make a toast. On the contrary, a griller requires a great deal of heat to grill food.
  4. A sandwich maker can accommodate a maximum of two sandwiches at a time. On the other hand, the griller can make 4-5 sandwiches at once.
  5. A sandwich maker is cheaper than a griller.
Difference Between Sandwich Maker and Griller

Last Updated : 14 July, 2023

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