SE vs SEL: Difference and Comparison

People used to check all the features and standard features before they purchased a new car. There are many brands and types available in the market.

Even companies have some Special editions, and companies have Special Editions to be limited. In this, many people consider the option of buying a limited edition because they have more features. 

Key Takeaways

  1. SE and SEL are trim levels in various automobile models.
  2. SE is the base or standard trim, while SEL is a higher, more feature-rich trim.
  3. SEL trims have more advanced technology, luxury features, and safety equipment than SE trims.


Special edition cars (SE) are a tactic used to attract customers but with limited safety features. Some SE cars offer buyers a way to save money or celebrate an occasion. Special edition limited cars are those popular for their safety and standard features. They are not limited in number and have no marginal edge feature.

SE vs SEL 1

SE car models have many special editions with some new features added every time they make any new special editions in that brand. They are very famous for their unique and impeccable features.

However, these features are not the same in all brands, and they differ based on the car company. People who are in the bottom line prefer buying SE. 

SEL cars are mainly famous for their safety features. You cannot find this kind of standard safety feature in a normal special edition. People who prefer having a high-standard limited edition will purchase this type of car.

But the thing here is that even though they are mentioned to be special edition limited, they are not considered to be limited ones. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSESEL
ExpansionSpecial EditionSpecial Edition Limited
Marginal EdgeIt comes with a marginal edge featureIt does not have any marginal edge feature
Safety featuresIt has very limited safety featuresIt has got all the maximum safety features
Bottom linePeople who are in the bottom line can purchase thisPeople who want high standards should not purchase this
Elantra ModelCode Generated by wheels16-inch wheels

What is SE?

SE is a special edition car. The word itself will help you to understand that the cars manufactured will be special and will be available with many features. All car brands will have this special edition.

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It will attract the customers and help them to buy the ones that they consider special. Even though they are considered to be special, they are found out that they are not that special.

This special edition car’s features will differ from brand to brand. The Elantra model has some special features that other brands lack. So, it is not the same case always.

They will differ based on the manufactured year as well. If they have launched a special edition in one year, after some years, some additional features will be added to that special edition. 

Also, the car seats in front play a major role. This even differs in SE and SEL. They have front seats to be customized in such a way that their front set features will highlight the difference by themselves.

In Ford Escape, you can find that the front-headed seats come with an option. In the Elantra model, you can see hands-free trunk release. Also, they have heated front seats. They have some additional features like power tilting and slide sun roofing. 


What is SEL?

SEL is a car that has Special Edition Limited. Every car company will have some special edition, and their special edition will have new features.

Even though this name says, they are special edition limited, but it is not limited in all cases. Once the car company finds out that this model goes well in the market, they will try to enhance it instead of limiting it.

The main reason why people are attracted to and buy special edition limited is because of their safety and standard features. Also, their front seats come with standard options, which many special editions used to lack.

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In the Elantra model, you can find that the special edition limited will have a 16-inch wheel. They also have some other features, such as LED taillights, chrome accents, and a dark chrome grille that comes in the front.

But remember, not all SELs will have the same features. Their features will differ based on the type of car company. For example, the Ford Edge SEL has steering wheels wrapped in leather. It also comes with premium audio speakers.

And another important feature is the heated front seats. In Kona SEL, they have a standard blue link. Also, they have an inbuilt GPS receiver, which is useful for people in emergencies as well as for finding routes. 


Main Differences Between SE and SEL

  1. The word SE is an abbreviation of Special Edition. On the other hand, the word SEL is an abbreviation of Special Edition Limited.
  2. SE has safety features in them, but they are very limited. But SEL has safety features that are maximum.
  3. SE has a marginal edge feature. On the other hand, SEL has no marginal edge feature.
  4. SE is suitable and more comfortable for people in the bottom line. On the other hand, SEL is not comfortable for people in the bottom line.
  5. The Elantra model in SE comes with 15-inch wheels. On the other hand, the Elantra model in SEL comes with 16-inch wheels.
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Last Updated : 24 August, 2023

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