Difference Between Shipping Address and Billing Address

In department stores, when consumers directly buy goods and take them home, they usually aren’t required to give any sort of address for the transaction. However, when it comes to online shopping, i.e, purchasing goods or services over the internet, it is important to acknowledge the two terms- shipping address and the billing address.


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In electronic shopping, these two terms are often confused for one another because even though they may generally signify two different places, at times they refer to the same place. The shipping address may be similar to the billing address in cases where both the addresses are similar to where the customer wants the ordered goods to be delivered to or when the customer wants to gift the goods to some other person.

Shipping Address vs Billing Address

The difference between the shipping address and the billing address is that a shipping address refers to a physical location where the customer would want the ordered goods to be delivered to whereas a billing address would be the address connected to a particular payment method like maybe a debit/credit card payment or PayPal and the recorded address where the corporation sends bank statements, invoices or bills to.

Shipping address vs Billing address


Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonShipping addressBilling address
MeaningThe shipping address is the destination point to where the goods are delivered from the buyers to the customers.The billing address is the address that is linked to a particular form of payment.
NatureThe shipping address is the physical address of the customers.The billing address is where the customer’s bill is sent to.
VerificationThe shipping address can be verified with the help of USPS in the United States and India through the National Address Database.The billing address can be verified with the help of the Address Verification System.
PlacementThe shipping address is important to calculate the shipping fee.The billing address is the address which is given in the invoice.


What is Shipping Address?

The shipping address is the place where the buyers would want their merchandise to be delivered to. These goods are often shipped (the procedure of transporting goods or merchandise) to the buyers from online stores.

There are two principle addresses in the shipping process. One is the shipping addresses and the other is the pick-up address.

In this new era, numerous other shipping companies can transport goods to their customers very quickly. The shipping address can either be the customer’s home or his office address.

shipping address

What is Billing Address?

The billing address is the place where the company sends the customers their bills or bank statements. Billing addresses deals with only a specified form of payment and the payment is usually preferred through means of debit or credit cards or even through online payment methods.

When a company usually asks the customers for their billing address, it’s mainly to verify the authorized use of the customer’s card. The billing address must be current and up to date.

The billing address is additionally useful as it helps online merchants to prevent any sort of fraud that might happen with the customer’s card and this can be done by a process called Address verification system. The Address Verification System compares the numbers in the billing address that the customer provides to the merchants, with the billing address on file with your card issuer.

billing address

Main Differences Between Shipping Address and Billing Address

  1. The shipping address is the address that is used by the shipping company to deliver the merchandise to its customers. The billing address is an address that is linked with a particular form of payment either through cards or by online means.
  2. The nature of the shipping address is the physical address of the buyers to where the merchandise has to be delivered to. The nature of the billing address is mainly linked to either a debit or credit card or through online payment methods.
  3. The verification required for the shipping address in the US is done with the help of USPS and in India, it is done with the help of the national address database.
  4. The shipping address is given by the company to the shipping company to calculate the amount of shipping fee the customers ought to pay. The billing address is normally placed by the company in the invoice of the buyer’s order.


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