Skipping vs Jumping: Difference and Comparison

Exercise is a bodily activity that is done to maintain the physical fitness of the body. By doing exercise, we can become mentally and physically fit.

Various reasons are there to perform exercises such as for weight loss, to develop the cardiovascular system, develop muscles, for strength, maintenance, athletic skills, enjoyment etc.

Exercise can be done both outdoors as well as indoors. Many people choose to exercise outdoors so that they can socialize with people, get fresh air, improve wellness and health.

There are different types of exercises. Aerobic exercises include skipping and jumping.

Key Takeaways

  1. Skipping involves hopping or bouncing lightly on one foot and then the other, while jumping entails pushing off the ground with both feet and landing back on both feet.
  2. Skipping is a lower-impact exercise that can be performed at a moderate pace while jumping requires more explosive power and can be more intense.
  3. Skipping and jumping offer cardiovascular benefits, improve coordination, and strengthen leg muscles, but choosing between them depends on individual fitness levels and goals.

Skipping vs Jumping

Skipping involves a series of small hops on one foot followed by a hop on the other, while jumping involves propelling oneself off the ground using both feet simultaneously. Skipping is used for exercise or playtime, while jumping can be done for exercise or as a competitive sport.

Skipping vs Jumping

Skipping is a human activity that involves various types of techniques. Like either skipping can be done individually or can be combined in a group.

Skipping forms a type of routine where the participants both jump and swing to get the rope under their feet. The timing of swinging and jumping should match.

So that it creates a rhythm every time a participant skips successfully. Skipping becomes quite difficult to master because of the coordination required. Basic or Easy jump in the form with which rookies start skipping.

Jumping is a movement that is performed by both animals and humans. Jumping is also called hopping or leaping. When someone jumps, its entire body is in the air for a few moments.

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It can be prolonged as well by using a high angle during launching at the initial stage. Many animals perform jumping like kangaroos, frogs, leopards etc.

Jumping is also used in varieties of activities and sports such as high jump, long jump, show jump, acrobats etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSkippingJumping
Origin1600 BC16th century
KindsCrisscross, Double under, side swing, boxer jump, leg over etc.Acrobats, High jump, long jump, triple jump, and pole vault.
Performed byHumansBoth animals and humans
TechniquesBouncing with one jump at a time and establishing a rhythm.Arms should be above the head and upper arms should be in line with the ears
Calories 15 to 20 calories per minute.1 jump per second burns 100 calories in 10 minutes.

What is Skipping?

Skipping was started in 1600 BC by the Egyptians. Skipping Rope developed in the 16th century. Explorers saw that they used to jump over the vines.

Then in the 17th century, European boys started skipping. Till then, girls were not allowed to perform skipping because it was considered appropriate.

In the 18th century, girls started skipping making it a game by chanting, controlling rope and deciding who would participate. 

Various types of techniques are involved in skipping like Crisscross, Double under, side swing, boxer jump, leg over, elephant, Frog or Donkey kick, TJ, Awesome Annie, Inverse Toad etc.

Skipping also comes in the category of cardiovascular activity, as it helps in burning calories.

Various Competitions are also held for skipping where participants are required to perform certain techniques, and they are selected depending upon the system and tournament held in countries.

On an international level, two organizations are there for Skipping, i.e. International Rope Skipping Federation (FISAC-IRSF) and the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF).

First Interworld Skipping Rope Championship was started in 2015. It took place in Dubai.

skipping 1

What is Jumping?

Jumping can be classified into five different forms according to the foot is used. Like leaping, hopping, assembling, sissonne etc.

Jumping is also used as a technique to increase the height of a person. It is believed that jumping up to a certain height using a trampoline will increase the height.

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Different exercises are involved in increasing the capability of an athlete, like plyometrics, where running along with jumping is done to increase the power, speed and agility of an athlete.

Various researches show that physically active children do a lot of jumping.

Jumping is considered very important for children as it is directly related to the overall development of a child. Jumping is not only performed by humans. It is done by animals as well.

Jumping is very different from running and galloping because the whole body is thrown up into the air for a few seconds.

The capability of jumping for a longer duration can be increased by using a high angle initially while launching, which gives a longer duration in the aerial phases.

This technique is used by professional athletes who participate in various activities of jumping like acrobats, high jump, long jump etc.

Muscles are involved in jumping, and it provides kinetic energy to the whole body.


Main Differences Between Skipping and Jumping

  1. Skipping was developed in 1600 BC by the Egyptians. Jumping developed in the 16th century, and it is a Scandinavian word.
  2. Kinds of skipping include Crisscross, Double under, side swing, boxer jump, leg over etc. Kinds of Jumping include Acrobats, High jump, long jump, triple jump, and pole vault.
  3. Skipping is performed by human beings. Jumping is performed by animals and humans.
  4. The technique involved in Skipping is bouncing with one jump at a time and establishing a rhythm. The technique involved in Jumping is that arms should be above the head, upper arms should be in line with ears, and feet should be straight.
  5. Skipping burns more calories than Jumping.
Skipping vs Jumping – Difference Between Skipping and Jumping

Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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