Difference Between Sonos and Squeezebox

Audio players are electronic devices that play and stores songs, videos, and images so that listeners can listen to them, see them any time they want at their convenience.


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Data are stored in CDs, DVDs and flash drives. In today’s world, flash drives are more preferred because it is portable and easy to carry.

Various types of audio players are present in the market that consist of MP3 players and online streaming audio programs. Two companies manufacture audio products and are famous. They are Sonos and Squeezebox.

Sonos vs Squeezebox

The difference between Sonos and Squeezebox is that Sonos is three times expensive than Squeezebox. Sonos is very easy to set up. It consists of a plugin and play mode. Squeezebox has a high-tech look, but it is not reliable because it freezes occasionally, and there are constant updates on the firmware, making it sometimes difficult to use. The screen touch feature is available in the squeezebox while such a facility is not there in Sonos.

Sonos vs

Sonos is an American company founded in the year 2000. It is known for manufacturing different types of audio products and is famous for its numerous room audio products.

Sonos has partnered with various companies to offer its music services. The companies include Spotify, MOG, QQ Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Amazon Music.

It works with all three assistants, i.e., Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Sonos company has launched eight powerful speakers.

Squeezebox was originally introduced in the year 2001. It is a network of music players. Squeezebox was named originally SliMP3 by Slim Devices. Squeezebox was followed by various models.

It was released after two years by Slim devices.

Then the company acquired Logitech in 2006. Squeezebox was released in various versions like Squeezebox, Squeezebox2, Squeezebox Classic, Squeeze Box, Squeezebox Duet, Squeezebox Radio, Squeezebox Touch etc.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSonosSqueezebox
FeatureDoesn’t have a touchscreen.Have a touchscreen facility.
ReliabilityEasy to set up and works efficiently.Freezes and require a firmware update.
Requirementrequires the first ZonePlayercomputer to be turned on
PowerHigh-quality built-in tweeters and subwooferLow-quality tweeters and subwoofers.

What is Sonos?

Sonos company offers eight powerful speakers, among which two soundbars, ARC and BEAM, a television sound system PLAYBASE, a subwoofer (Sub), and five smart speakers Move, Roam, One, One SL, and Play.

Sonos company was created keeping in mind to create a wireless service.

It was founded by four people in 2002, i.e., John MacFarlane, Craig Shelburne, Tom Cullen, and Trung Mai/ Sonos began to make its prototypes and products and to bring them to various industry-related events.

In 2005, Sonos announced its former product line in the United Kingdom to be on sale.

In 2012, Sonos opened its first-ever studio in Los Angeles, and an art gallery was also there where art and Sonos products were exhibited for free.

It also had various events with famous artists, and a video was also shown about the development of Sonos. In 2004, Sonos launched its first product that is a Digital Music Player having two parts controller and Zone Player.

Then various versions of ZonePlayer was launched. Sonos supported the outside services as well, like Rhapsody from 2006 without the use of PC.

Sonos devices supported Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. But Apple’s Siri is only supported in Sonos apple’s device. The logo of the Sonos is a palindrome word making it a rotational word that can be pronounced from any side.

Sonos had its headquarters in California. Around the world, 12 offices of Sonos is operating independently. Sonos is very easy to set up is reliable.

The engineers of Sonos had made it so convenient that it is the best. It just requires to be plugged and then it can be played.

What is Squeezebox?

The first Squeezebox version was SliMP3 in 2001, which was the first generation f Logitech. It is free and open-source software. This version only supports MP3 format.

The second-generation Squeezebox was named SB1 to avoid confusion with the earlier generation. The display of SB1 was similar to SliMP3.

SB! Included additional features like WiFI support and supported in other audio formats like PCM/WAV/AIFF audio streams, and headphone, coaxial and optical S/PDIF outputs.

Squeezebox had another version which was upgraded with different features and options.

One of the latest versions of Squeezebox is the squeezebox touch that was launched in 2010.

It has features like colour touchscreen, it contains the playlist of 100 songs, can play the songs stored in USB disk or memory card, supports USB digital output, the latest version of the software supports 16 and 24-bit sampling rate etc.

The radio version of Squeezebox i.e. UE Smart Radio, is very much the same as Squeezebox Radio with a simplified interface. But it was discontinued in 2014.

Squeezebox is meant for high-tech users. Because a lot of set up is required. Occasionally freezing and firmware updates can be seen on it. The computer needs to be on the whole time when squeezebox is playing the songs or is functional.

The Squeezebox price is lower than the Sonos. It depends upon the type of Squeezebox you are going to purchase. It offers some good features with tweeters and subwoofers.

Main Differences Between Sonos and Squeezebox

  1. Sonos originally doesn’t have the feature of the touchscreen. But recently, it was added to it. Squeezebox, from its first version, only had a touchscreen feature.
  2. The price of Sonos is 3-4 times higher than the Squeezebox. Squeezebox is cheaper.
  3. Sonos is very easy to set up because it requires plugging and play. While Squeezebox is for high-tech users and it freezes a lot and at times needs to be updated.
  4. Sonos requires the first ZonePlayer to play the song without turning the computer on. To make Squeezebox functional, a computer needs to be turned on.
  5. Sonos comes with High-quality built-in tweeters and a subwoofer. Squeezebox has low-quality tweeters and subwoofers.


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