Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Information

Information can be described as a piece of data or knowledge shared or received based on a particular fact or situation. A piece of information must always be accurate, although its importance varies, i.e., from highly important to unnecessary.


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A company’s management is solely built on its information system. It involves communication, planning, control, decision-making and execution.

In order to make this more prominent, the information system is divided into three levels: Strategic, Tactical and Operational. These three levels are related to each other.

Every piece of information being shared goes through these three levels in general. Talking about the first two levels, i.e., Strategic information and Tactical information, both play an equally important role in an information system.

Key Takeaways

  1. Strategic information is long-term, broad-based, and focused on achieving organizational goals and objectives.
  2. Tactical information is short-term, specific, and focused on implementing strategic decisions.
  3. Strategic information is used by top-level managers, while middle-level managers use tactical information.

Strategic vs Tactical Information

The difference between Strategic and Tactical information is that strategic information deals with the “what” and “why” part of an information system related to a company’s to-do plans for the future. At the same time, tactical information relates to “how” those plans are implemented.

Strategic vs Tactical Information

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonStrategicTactical
FunctionIt is needed for long-term planning and decision-making. Whereas it helps in achieving short-term goals and profit.
Data typeAll types of inputs, external or internal, are considered. While it deals with the actions taken to implement the strategic information.
SignificanceHelpful in the formation of new policies and schemes Helpful in providing the information needed to work on the existing policies and schemes
FocusThe prime focus is on the future to achieve new trends Focuses on already available opportunities and provides effective resources for those
UserUsers are mainly generalists.Users are specialists.
Data granularityHigh levels of detail about the data are generally not needed. Higher levels of data granularity are required.
GoalMoving forward, using new initiatives is the goal. Improving current operations is the goal.

What is Strategic Information?

A strategy is defined as a plan or decision to accomplish a long-term aim. So strategic information deals with the set-ups and plans made in an organization to achieve success or growth in future.

The Strategic Information System (SIS) concept was originally introduced by Dr Charles Wiseman, President of a Consultancy named “Competitive Applications” in 1982-83.

A strategy requires a lot of time and effort for its making and execution. These might deal with everything from getting promoted to establishing a strong relationship with the audience.

But to mention, strategies could not function without effective tactics. There are mainly five components of a strategy, i.e., Plan, Ploy, Pattern, Position and Perspective.

These components must work at par to achieve the required goal. Challenges faced in strategic information systems sometimes reveal the internal issues in an organization.

The tasks may become more complex and may require extremely good leadership and management to make the strategies successful.

strategic information

What is Tactical Information?

A tactic is a concept-based approach to achieving a short-term goal. This includes planning one or more specific tasks and working on them to improve the available opportunities or schemes.

The TIS, or the Tactical Information System, is called the support system. It not only supports the decision-making process but also helps in developing the existing policies.

Tactical information helps to accomplish the desired result if planned and executed at the right time. Even the most effective, well-made strategy is useless if no thoughtful tactics are built to achieve it.

The flexibility and result-winning nature of tactics make a strategy successful and, in turn, helps to attain the ultimate goal. However, tactical information management ensures a more efficient way of achieving success at the right time.

Still, it has many challenges to face, and it makes its way out of it by supporting huge numbers of data readers and writers and gaining the required amount of information from them at the required time.

tactical information

Main Differences Between Strategic and Tactical Information

  1. Strategic information is known as the “why” and “what” part of an organization, but tactical information deals with “how” the implementation takes place.
  2. Strategic information deals with goals or plans to achieve long-term success, whereas tactical information helps in the steps undertaken to work on the strategic information.
  3. Both external as well as internal inputs are considered in strategic information. But tactical information generally deals with actions taken.
  4. Strategic information helps form new policies, whereas tactical information improves existing policies.
  5. In strategic, the prime focus is on the future, while in tactical, the focus is on the present needs.
  6. Mainly the generalists use strategic information. But tactical information is mostly made by specialists.
  7. The data granularity of high level is not needed in a strategic system, while in tactical, there is a need for higher levels of data granularity.
  8. Strategic information aims at moving forward using new initiatives. But tactical information works on improving the available opportunities to accomplish the required goal.
Difference Between Strategic and Tactical Information
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