Difference Between Information System and Information Technology

Businesses and organizations these days have grown to a very vast extent having their operations not just in one but multiple countries. This vast extent has made it necessary for these organizations to keep track of their data and information. 


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This information not only helps these organizations to grow regularly but also to keep a record of their shortcomings.

Information System and Information Technology are the two most popular tools used by these organizations to keep track of their valuable data. While they both are related to information, they differ from each other too.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Information System refers to a system designed to manage and process information, while Information Technology refers to using technology to manage and process information.
  2. Information System includes people, processes, and technology, while Information Technology includes only technology.
  3. Information System is concerned with the overall management and control of information, while Information Technology is concerned with using technology to automate and support information management.

Information System vs Information Technology 

The difference between Information System and Information Technology is that the former is a tool used in the analysis of first-hand data in order to convert that data into a required form of information. In contrast, the latter is a technology tool used to effectively use the processed data to make it usable by as many people as possible.  

Information System vs Information Technology

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At first glance, the term ‚Äúinformation system‚ÄĚ is self-explanatory. It is a system, software, or technological tool that aids us in the processing of new data and the conversion of that data into useable and compatible information.

It is a system that includes all other technology-related tools, as well as a subject area with a variety of job opportunities. 

Information Technology, on the other hand, is sometimes confused with Information System, although it is not the same thing.

Information Technology is a subset of the previous term that serves as a means of transforming processed data into useful information for others. It is basically a study involving the use, application, storage, and implementation of daily information.  

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonInformation System Information Technology 
Meaning  It is a wide network of all other network and information-related tools, including us humans too.  It is the network of multiple information-oriented devices and communication channels that help in the storage and utilization of data.  
Types¬†¬†It has the following five types-¬†Transaction Processing System¬†Office Automation System ‚Äď Word Processing, Email, Voice Mail.¬†Knowledge Work Systems¬†Management Information System¬†Decision Support Systems¬†It does not¬†comprise¬†definite types. Rather it is introduced by its examples.¬†Some of these examples are- hardware, software, and clouding, etc.¬†¬†
Uses  Its major utilization is to turn unprocessed data into processed one and make it comprehensive for people to use. It aids businesses and organizations to utilize the available data in a more efficient manner so as to extract the best of its use.  
Components  Task, infrastructure, technology, and people. Hardware, software, networks, and data. 
Scope and Position  It is a complete network in itself.  It is a sub-section of the Information System.  
Origin  Information System always existed even before the era of technology in the form of written data and information. IT is being seen around after the internet and computers came into practice.  

What is Information System? 

Information System, as the name itself suggests, is literally a system but not just of Information but every other thing related to it essentially. Kit counts humans, data, infrastructure, and information under its umbrella as its making elements.  

In other words, Information System is nothing but a network of everything which assists humans to process, analyze, evaluate and then implement data or facts or ideas.

The four main components of this system are- Task, infrastructure, Technology, and People, and all of these when coming together to create this system. 

The main purpose of this network happens to be processing and storing facts of value to any person, organization, or business, etc.

However, it can certainly be used as a subject to pursue a career in. A few of the career options related to this subject matter are- 

  1. Information Systems Manager 
  2. Computer Network Architect 
  3. Librarian 
  4. Web Developer 
  5. Software Developer 
  6. Computer Systems Analyst/Administrator 
  7. Database Administrator 
information system

What is Information Technology? 

Information Technology, on the other hand, finds its meaning with these two words, i.e., Information and Technology. Both words come together and create a network of certain things, which as a result, become Information Technology.

It came into existence along with computers and network tools. 

In other words, it refers to a technology that allows us to efficiently track information and make better use of it. There are two main elements that make up this technology, and those are- Hardware and Software.

Hardware refers to any device or physical tool which aids in data processing or communication while the software is the medium of doing all of it.  

This field is now popularly used as a career field, and a number of people are becoming more and more interested in it. Certain popular jobs in this area are- 

  1. Web developer 
  2. Technical support 
  3. Analytical engineer 
  4. Data engineer 
  5. Information Technology engineer, etc. 
  6. Programmers  
  7. Network engineer  
information technology

Main Differences Between Information System and Information Technology 

  1. Information System comprises of a complete network of other subsystems which work simultaneously in a cordial manner to process raw information and ideas into processed one. While Information Technology is the network of multiple information-oriented devices and communication channels that help in the storage and utilization of data. 
  2. Information System always existed even before the era of technology in the form of written data and information. On the other hand, Information Technology came into existence after computers. 
  3. Information System consists of four major elements, which are- It has four main components- Task, infrastructure, technology and people. While Information Technology has Hardware, Software, Networks and data as its components. 
  4. Information System is the parent network while Information Technology is a branch of it.  
  5. While Information System works as a device turning raw ideas into processed data, Information technology aids businesses and organizations to utilize the available data in a more efficient manner so as to extract the best of its use. 
Difference Between Information System and Information Technology
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