Difference Between Science and Technology

The earliest origins of science can be traced back to Mesopotamia and Egypt in around 3000 to 1200 BC. Science is a methodical and systematic program that develops and synthesizes information in the form of testable descriptions, explanations, and predictions about the universe.

Technology is the aggregate of methods, abilities, techniques, and processes that are used in the generation of goods or services or the attainment of purposes like scientific investigations.

Comparison Table Between Science and Technology

Parameters of ComparisonScienceTechnology
DefinitionScience is a systematic process of obtaining knowledge on a specific subject through research, observation, and experiments.Technology is the practical implication of scientific knowledge for multiple objectives.
EffectThe effect of science is useful for humankind.The effect of technology can be either useful or harmful.
Alteration or changeIt does not change. It remains the same.It changes with every passing day.
Focuses onDiscoveryInvention
MethodTheory Development, analysis, and deduction.Review and integration of design.

What is Science?

Science is the process of exploring new knowledge methodically through research, investigation, and experiments. It concentrates on the various ethical methods for gathering data from various fields.

Science largely focuses on learning natural phenomena and the reasons behind such occurrences—examination in science events in advanced scientific knowledge and discovery.

Today, modern science has evolved with every passing minute, to be precise, and now can be divided into three separate branches. The first branch is Natural Sciences which can be sub-segmented into Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

These researches are conducted by scientists, who mainly work in research institutions, academic institutions, government agencies, and various applied science-based companies.

What is Technology?

Technology is referred to the method of applying scientific knowledge in practical applications for several causes. It concentrates on the ethical consequence of exercising particular action.

It is a constant process of implementation of knowledge. It can be beneficial or destructive or even both depending on how you are using the knowledge.

If we observe, we will be able to understand that technology always concentrates on understanding the made conditions of the environment.

Technology can be the understanding of systems, methods, which can be can be installed in machines to permit for operation without explicit knowledge of their works and projects.

Starting from Medicine to engineering, then from understanding nature to space instruments, it is all the way humans have applied their learnings of science and used them for their benefit.

Main Differences Between Science and Technology

  1. Science focuses on Discovery. The technology focuses on Invention.
  2. Science is used to make predictions, and technology is used to simply man's work and fulfil man's needs.
Difference Between Science and Technology


Science and technology are two phenomena that go hand in hand together. Where science concentrates on the ethical methods of accumulating data, technology focuses on using the same knowledge while taking action.

But the main goal of the two terms is vastly different. Science aims at gathering new information and data about anything and everything, whereas Technology aims to formulate outcomes executing scientific principles.


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