B.Sc. (General) vs B.Sc. Honours: Difference and Comparison

After completing twelve long years of schooling, students often find themselves confused about what subject they should take up and whether that chosen subject is good for them.


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B.Sc. (general) is often considered a basic or simple bachelor’s degree in science, which necessarily offers the student a platform or foundation required for a science-oriented career, with no special focus on any specific subject learning; the degree gives you a basic foundation for all subjects in general.

Unlike B.Sc. (general), B.Sc. Honors provide you with a specialized subject on which you will have advanced studies. This subject will be your primary focus throughout the degree.

Key Takeaways

  1. B.Sc. General is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with a broad understanding of various scientific disciplines, allowing for greater flexibility in course selection and potential career paths.
  2. B.Sc. Honours is an undergraduate degree program focusing on a specific scientific discipline, offering more in-depth knowledge and requiring students to complete additional coursework, research projects, or a thesis.
  3. The key difference between B.Sc. General and B.Sc. Honours is the level of specialization. B.Sc. General offers a broader education in multiple scientific fields and B.Sc. Honours focus on a specific discipline and provide a more in-depth understanding of the subject matter.

B.Sc. (General) vs. B.Sc. Honors

BSc general is an undergraduate degree in general subjects and fields and provides foundational education in broader areas and opens career paths for specialization. BSc honor’s is an undergraduate degree providing a specialized and in-depth education on a special field or subject.

B.Sc general vs B.Sc honours


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonB.Sc. (general)B.Sc. Honours
DefinitionA degree deals with formulating a stronger grasp of Science without focusing on one specific subject.A degree that focuses primarily on one chosen subject of Science and specializes in that specific paper only.
DemandIt is in lesser demand in the world of academia.It is in greater demand in the world of academia.
Scope in futureHas a lesser scope than B.Sc. Honours.Has a greater scope than B.Sc. (general).
Subjects of focusAll subjects under the degree are of equal importance.One specific subject (mathematics, biology, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, or economics) is of primary focus.
ValueConventionally, the degree holds lesser value than B.Sc. Honours.The degree holds greater value than B.Sc. (general).


What is B.Sc. (General)?

B.Sc. (general), as the name suggests, is a degree that gives you a basic or simple bachelor’s degree in science; it necessarily offers its student a stronger grasp of the foundation of a science-oriented career, with no special/primary focus on any specific subject, the degree gives you a basic understanding for all subjects of science in general.

Even though this course does not offer specialization in one specific science subject, it undoubtedly gives you a stronger grasp of your prior knowledge of various science subjects like chemistry, botany, mathematics, physics, zoology, economics, and other related science subjects.

Honours simply because of the lack of concentration on one specific subject. People seem to favor the Honours degree over a general one.

b sc general

What is B.Sc. Honours?

Unlike B.Sc. (general), B.Sc. Honours will provide you with a specialized subject of your choice. The subject on which you will have your advanced studies.

Conventionally speaking, the Honours hold more value than B.Sc. general simply because of the lack of concentration on one specific subject in B.Sc. general.

b sc honours

Main Differences Between B.Sc. (General) and B.Sc. Honours

  1. All subjects under B.Sc. (general) are of equal importance. At the same time, one specific subject is focused upon in B.Sc. Honours.
  2. Conventionally, the degree of B.Sc. Honours hold more value than B.Sc. (general).
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