Difference Between Sword and Dagger

If we look back to reading about the wars that happened, we will see that there were not many mechanised weapons as we have today. Now, we have rifles, LMGs, Cannons, etc.


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But in the past, wars or fights were possible with swords and dagger. Well, it’s quite confusing when we study them both. However, they are different from each other.

Sword vs Dagger

The difference between a sword and dagger is that a sword is a specially made weapon that is used to cut something and consist of a long straight weapon, while a dagger is a weapon that is used to cut objects when they’re near. Because they are comparatively smaller than swords.

Sword vs Dagger

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A sword is a fine blade that is used by people to fight in ground wars. It’s a sharp blade that is long, along with a handle to grab it. It’s used as a weapon to eliminate the enemies who are some feet away from us. It can have a single edge or a double edge.

A dagger is simply like a knife that is used to fight wars and kill enemies who are inches away from us. It’s handier and has a sharp edge to cut something into two.

Well, a dagger doesn’t take much space because of its smaller size. It’s used to safeguard oneself. These are traditional, old-fashioned yet important weapons to defend.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSwordDagger
DefinitionA sword is a long narrow straight sharp blade that is used in wars.A dagger is a short narrow, sharp object like a knife used to safeguard oneself most of the time.
ExistenceSince the concept of swords is comparatively new, it came into existence before.A dagger has a great history and an older weapon.
WeightA sword is heavier since it’s narrow with fine steel.A dagger is lighter and can be attached to the body easily.
Attacking powerWell, a sword is a more powerful weapon to eliminate enemies on a large scale.A dagger is small hence it’s not that powerful weapon.
ClassificationA sword is a primary weapon used in battles.A dagger is a secondary weapon used in battles.

What is Sword?

From Maharana Pratap to Akbar, ancient rulers defeated their enemies by a sword. A sword has a deep and traditional value. Before the 20th century, wars, battles, or even conflicts were fought using a sword.

In technical terms, a sword is a bladed melee that is intended to cut objects and thrusting things.

It’s a long blade that has sharp edges to cut things. Well, the definition of sword differs from places to places. Some believe that swords are curved, and some believe swords are meant to be straight.

But the long sharp blade is common in all of them. Talking about the tip, it has a sheep tip to penetrate objects without much force.

Earlier, people used small swords, and with time and needs, a bigger sword was made to make sure you’re mobile enough to use them to either kill or to defend.

The use of a sword is called swordsmanship. In modern times, it’s known as fencing. The armies who are on foot, ready for a battle, used these swords to fight wars.

If we go long back, we will realise that the first swords were invented in 3300 BC. Found in Turkey, it has a royal and a traditional history indeed. From cutting surfaces to uses in wars, swords have been a pride for warriors and have a historical value and ethics.


What is Dagger?

Warriors keep themselves equipped with small weapons with swords and shields. Well, a dagger is a small weapon that looks the same as a sword. But the difference is that a sword is longer while a dagger is a smaller structure used to spear objects that are inches away from the person.

A dagger is a melee or looks like a knife but way sharper and dangerous than a knife that is used in wars on a smaller level. It’s a secondary weapon since swords are mainly used in wars. It has a sharp point and two sharp-edged opposite to each other.

They’re designed in such a way that with a dagger, it’s possible to stab or thrust objects with details.

Yes, the dagger has a historical record with a great history in itself—invented way before we imagine. Also, the uses are wide. Since its attacking power is low, it can be used on a smaller level to defend and attack.

The mobility is quite high because of its lightweight structure and small. Designed to be used for close combat or proximity.

It’s more iconic and can be found by women too. Many women don’t know how to use a sword.

So to keep themselves safe and defend themselves, they carry a dagger in case they need to safeguard themselves. But dagger isn’t confined to gender. It’s used by men most of the times to fight close battles.


Main Differences Between Sword and Dagger

  1. A sword has a bigger structure used to thrust and kill, while a dagger has a small structure used to defend and kill.
  2. A sword is used in a larger battle, while a dagger is used in close combat.
  3. A sword kills the enemies by hitting their bodies on a larger scale, while a dagger is used to stab or thrust.
  4. A sword is a primary weapon, while a dagger is a secondary weapon.
  5. The concept of swords is comparatively new, while and dagger is much older than the sword.
Difference Between Sword and Dagger
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