Difference Between ADSL and SDSL

ADSL and SDSL are types of connections. They differ in the speed of downloading and uploading and belong to broadband internet connections. They have different bandwidth. ADSL gives connection for telephone also, but SDSL has no such advantage. ASDL is used in every house by millions.


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The difference between ADSL and SDSL is ADSL offers a DSL connection and a telephone connection for two wires, but SDSL does not offer a telephone connection. ADSL has a faster download speed, and the uploading speed is higher in SDSL. This does not mean that ADSL does not provide an upload speed. Rather it gives a sufficient speed.


ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is a type of broadband internet connection. ADSL does not use full bandwidth. It also gives a telephone connection. ADSL is always preferred in today’s world as high-speed internet is used all across the world. It is an asymmetric connection.

SDSL stands for Symmetric Subscriber Digital Subscriber Line. It uses the whole bandwidth, due to which it does not offer any telephone connection. It has a high uploading speed. It is not used now in modern devices and technology. It is one type of symmetric connection.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonADSLSDSL
Download /Upload SpeedEqualNot equal
Type of ConnectionAsymmetricSymmetric
Telephone ConnectionYesNo
Type of TechnologyStandardizedNon-Standardized
Usage probabilityHighLow

What is ADSL?

It is a common type of DSL connection. It gives a higher speed of downloading and a sufficient speed of uploading. It points out practical use. It is used in modern technology due to its higher speed of downloading.

It does not use the whole bandwidth. It provides a telephone connection. It uses a modem with special benefits. It has a microfilter in the telephone connection.

It also gives a benefit that the telephone and connection can be used at a particular time. It is known as asymmetric because it has a higher speed of downloading as compared to uploading speed. PC always is connected to the internet connection when using ADSL.

It provides a benefit that the connection can be used by many people at the same time. It has less attenuation. It is very useful at home. This is not good at uploading data, but it is very useful at home for any search on the internet.

ADSL is used when uploading speed is not required or less speed. This lowers its prices for its connections. It is very useful as a person generally needs a download speed because a person major search stuffs and download a piece of information. This is used widely as a default option.


What is SDSL?

SDSL is not a standardized technology. It uses the whole bandwidth. It does not provide a telephone connection. It is a type of broadband internet connection. It has a high speed of uploading data.

It has a high bandwidth for uploading. It is expensive as the uploading data speed is high. It is mainly used in the server application. This is needed for business applications because they need a high speed of uploading.

It is a type of symmetric connection because they have an equal speed of uploading and downloading data. SDSL is very helpful to run data-intensive services. They need high-speed uploading data.

People working with the SDSL help them work effectively and efficiently. It has two directions of the connection. This also has VoIP for much better audio and video conferencing.

Many organizations that work on cloud operations need an SDSL connection. It uses way traditional copper broadband. The maximum speed it offers is three Mbps for both uploading and downloading.

It provided the same speed in uploading and downloading, due to which it was very much used by the economic industry.

This was a huge technology at that time. Technology keeps on growing which made usage of SDSL less as compared to other connections with so many benefits.


Main Differences Between ADSL and SDSL

  1. ADSL has equal upload and download speed, but SDSL does not have equal upload and download speed.
  2. ADSL is an asymmetric connection, but SDSL is a type of symmetric connection.
  3. ADSL provides a telephone connection, but SDSL does not provide a telephone connection.
  4. ADSL acts as a standardized technology, but SDSL does not.
  5. ADSL is used as the latest technology, but SDSL is no longer in use.
  6. ADSL is cheaper than SDSL.


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