Difference Between TalentLMS and Lessonly

There are a plethora of training options accessible. Both TalentLMS and Lessonly are solutions designed to help users accomplish a better job by prioritizing learners to improve their lives.


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They’re both made to help front-line customer service teams do their finest work. There are, nevertheless, certain points of distinction between them.

TalentLMS vs Lessonly

The difference between TalentLMS and Lessonly is that TalentLMS manages classes and registers students, whilst Lessonly does not. Lessonly, on the other hand, is a better option for collecting aggregate metrics and offering individual feedback. Lessonly is accessible in fewer languages than TalentLMS. Lessonly is not supported by mobile platforms, although TalentLMS is.

TalentLMS vs Lessonly

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TalentLMS is a learning management system that is designed to help you succeed in your training. Teams appreciate training while feeling at ease thanks to a fully adjustable and manageable experience.

TalentLMS makes it simple to give the appropriate training to any team and for any purpose while also providing professional assistance and support along the process.

Lessonly is a powerfully easy learning management system that assists teams in learning, practicing, and producing better work. Not to mention increased productivity and a 50% reduction in onboarding time.

Quiz questions help in test comprehension and retention. Other capabilities include simple lesson authoring, metrics tracking insights, and coaching functionality for large-scale feedback.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTalentLMSLessonly
Class managementTalentLMS allows for class management.It is not feasible to handle classes.
Student registrationStudents can register with TalentLMS thus making this an advantage.It is not possible to register students.
Mobile platform supportTalentLMS is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.It is not available on any mobile platform, including Android and iOS.
Customized learning pathsTalentLMS lacks a well-defined learning path, which is a disadvantage, due to the quizzes and evaluations that should be improved.Lessonly offers a more personalized learning route, with improved quizzes and assessments.
Desktop platform supportTalentLMS is a web-based application.Lessonly is a web application that is also available for Windows and Macintosh.

What is TalentLMS?

TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system that allows customers to streamline the delivery of online seminars, courses, and other training programs.

This platform, which is designed for businesses of all sizes, is ideal for firms that wish to give continuing education to their staff to support their professional development.

This software, like most of the LMS solutions, includes sophisticated course-building tools that can adapt to the various needs of your eLearning program.

What sets this system unique from the competition is that it also includes conferencing facilities and gamification capabilities to help your employees, clients, or students learn more interestingly.

To top it off, this software is fully mobile-responsive, allowing you and your eLearning program participants to access your seminars and courses whenever and wherever they want.

It allows you to sell and distribute courses over the internet.

TalentLMS is made to work with iPods, iPhones, and Android phones, and tablets. TalentLMS is also available as a fully native iOS and Android app.

It is entirely web-based. In other words, you can quickly design and distribute eLearning courses or portals. You can also upgrade or decrease your plan at any point in time. A free life plan is also available.


What is Lessonly?

Lessonly is a cloud-based learning management system that lets users create, distribute, and track training materials and activities all from one place. Customer service, sales, and human resources departments are the most common users.

Lessonly is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, allowing users to access the system while on the go.

By including a company’s logo, colors, and a customizable URL, Lessonly may be tailored to match its design. Users can make as many courses and lessons as they want, using text, graphics, music, video, and other media.

Individual learners and groups can be added to specific tasks with a few mouse clicks, and due date notifications are delivered through email to ensure courses are finished on time, offering a more personalized learning route.

During regular business hours (EST), a support crew is available to answer problems via live chat, email, and phone calls; they also provide implementation services for new clients.

Lessonly is straightforward and intuitive to use for both learners and administrators. The Trigger feature is one of the most important features.

Lessonly doesn’t have a lot of flaws. However, one feature that could be improved includes the ability to avoid copying or duplicating Paths or a Lesson portion.


Main Differences Between TalentLMS and Lessonly

  1. TalentLMS allows for class management while Lessonly is not feasible to handle classes.
  2. Students can register with TalentLMS, thus making this an advantage, whereas It is not possible to register students in Lessonly.
  3. TalentLMS is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. On the other hand, Lessonly is not available on any mobile platform, including Android and iOS.
  4. TalentLMS lacks a well-defined learning path, which is a disadvantage due to the quizzes and evaluations that should be improved. Lessonly offers a more personalized learning route, with improved quizzes and assessments.
  5. TalentLMS is a web-based application, while Lessonly is a web application that is also available for Windows and Macintosh.
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