Tampax Radiant vs Tampax Pearl: Difference and Comparison

Every woman has to go from the menstrual cycle in their lives. It is a natural and biological process that signifies the fact that a girl is becoming a woman.

The period can be full of pain and discomfort and to solve that many innovative apparatuses have been introduced. Tampons are one of them and the Tampax brand sells such tampons under the series Radiant and Pearl.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tampax Radiant provides greater leak protection than Tampax Pearl due to its FlexFit technology and 360-degree protection.
  2. Tampax Radiant and Tampax Pearl have an Easy-to-Insert BPA-Free Plastic Applicator, but Radiant features a Quiet & Discreet Wrapper for added privacy.
  3. Tampax Radiant tampons are available in various absorbency levels, such as Regular, Super, and Super Plus, while Tampax Pearl offers additional Ultra absorbency for heavy flow days.

Tampax Radiant vs Tampax Pearl

Tampax Radiant tampons feature a CleanSeal Wrapper that keeps them clean and discreet, a LeakGuard Braid that helps prevent leaks, and a resealable pouch for on-the-go convenience. Tampax Pearl tampons feature a unique, contoured plastic applicator that conforms to a woman’s body for easy insertion.

Tampax Radiant vs Tampax Pearl

Tampax Radiant is the name of a leak guard tampon. Tampax Radiant tampons are known to prevent leakage for 8 hours straight. These tampons come in multiple and unique patterns.

These tampons are suggested for those who are new to using tampons. Tampax Radiant tampons provide smooth insertion and they are quite thinner in shape.

Tampax Pearl is also known as Tampax pocket pearl. They are also a type of tampons manufactured by Tampax. Tampax Pearl tampons come with a plastic applicator and these are mostly Unscented.

Tampax Pearl tampons, just like Tampax Radiant, provide 8 hours of leakage protection. These tampons are recommended by many Gynaecologists.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonTampax RadiantTampax Pearl
Released inTampax Radiant Tampons came out on 7 May 2012 with upgrades in previous model pearl tampons.Tampax Pearl Tampons came out in the year 2002 by keeping the needs of modern women.
Range of pricesWhen it comes to buying Tampax Radiant tampons, it can cost some extra bucks to the customer. Tampax Pearl tampons have always been considered to be cheaper than Radiant tampons.
PackagingThe packaging of Tampax Radiant tampon includes less noisy, clean wrappers. The packaging of the Tampax Pearl tampon does not provide a wrapper that is re-sealable and quiet.
SloganThe slogan used in the advertisement of Tampax Radiant tampons is ‘Because Comfort Counts’. The slogan used in the advertisement of Tampax Pearl tampons is ‘Get More’, a lot more.
Applicator tipThe design of applicator that comes in Tampax Radiant tampons is CleanGrip, it also makes insertion easy. The design of applicator that comes in Tampax Pearl tampons is Anti-Slip Grip.

What is Tampax Radiant?

Tampax Radiant is used by many women in the menstrual cycle. They are known to provide 100% protection from leakage and odor-free period.

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There is a re-sealable function given in these tampons by which the disposal of them becomes easier. The CleanSeal wrapper isn’t noisy and can be used multiple times.

There’s a braid is attached to the Radiant tampon that mainly works as the leak guard. It is best for outfits like leggings, skinny jeans, skirts (pencil skirt), etc.

These tampons are designed in a way where they can absorb or soak around 7 to 9 grams of fluid. Another category in Radiant tampon known as Super can absorb almost 10 to 12 grams of fluid.

To provide a better fit, these tampons expand laterally and that leaves a slight possibility of leakage since they do not cover all directions.

A string that is attached to the tampons is given to prevent shedding and is known as LeakGaurd braid. This string is weaved loosely with a frayed end.

Some users recommend wearing pantiliner when using this tampon. It is highly recommended in situations of heavy flow. There is also a nicely structured applicator is given. The design of the applicator is very useful in the push and twist procedure.

What is Tampax Pearl?

Tampax Pearl tampons were introduced to provide all-day comfort in the menstrual period. Tampax Pearl tampons are great when wearing tight bottoms because sanitary pads can be little visible.

These tampons expand in all directions leaving no extra space for leakage. A woman can choose the right tampons from 5 categories of absorbencies depending on the flow because the flow in the menstrual period is not the same every day and it can vary from person to person.

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It is one of the best features provided by pearl tampons.

Another noticeable specification about Tampax Pearl tampons is they are free from perfume and any kind of dyes. The Anti-Slip Grip of the applicator given in pearl tampons makes the process of insertion quite easy.

It is capable of adopting the natural and individual shape. Also, there is no trace of chlorine bleaching is found in Tampax Pearl tampons.

Experts suggest using one tampons maximum for 8 hours, not more than that because it might cause infections. Also, It can increase the risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

The materials which are used to make Tampax Pearl tampons are Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, etc.

Main Differences Between Tampax Radiant and Tampax Pearl

  1. Tampax Radiant tampons might cause little leakage since they spread sideways while Tampax Pearl tampons always expand to all directions leaving no spot for leakage.
  2. Tampax Radiant is the upgraded model of Tampax. On the other hand, Tampax Pearl was the primitive and initial model released by Tampax.
  3. The applicator that comes with Tampax Radiant has a shape called CleanGrip while Tampax Pearl provides an Anti-Slip Grip applicator.
  4. Tampax Radiant series came after ‘pearl’ in 2012. On the other hand, the Tampax Pearl series of tampons were introduced in the year 2002.
  5. Tampax Radiant tampons are a bit expensive due to their new features. On the other hand, Tampax Pearl tampons are less expensive.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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