Ubergo vs Uberx: Difference and Comparison

Uber is a ridesharing service that links drivers and passengers through a smartphone app with GPS technology. This service is now available in several countries throughout the world.

Uber offers a variety of vehicle options at various price points. These choices will vary depending on where you are. These services include Ubergo and Uberx.

Key Takeaways

  1. UberGO offers rides in smaller, low-cost cars, while UberX rides in standard sedans.
  2. UberGO is a more affordable option compared to UberX, targeting budget-conscious riders.
  3. UberGO cars have a seating capacity of up to four passengers, while UberX can accommodate up to four or more passengers, depending on the vehicle.

Ubergo vs Uberx

UberGo is cheaper than UberX and is designed for customers who want to travel shorter distances or have a tight budget. UberX offers a more premium service and is suitable for those who wish to travel comfortably and in style and can accommodate up to four passengers.

Ubergo vs

The reason for the lower price of Ubergo is that it offers mid-range cars without additional services like Wi-Fi and AC.

Ubergo is four-seater hatchback car. They are small vehicles without enough storage space to put your luggage in.

Therefore the passengers using Ubergo should be aware that they should not carry huge luggage with them, which will further arise problems related to the shortage of storage space.

Uber offers luxurious car options with additional services, so it has higher prices than Ubergo. Uberx is a more costly Uber service.

It can be made comprised of a standard car that can easily accommodate up to six passengers. Uberx is popular since it is one of Uber’s most affordable car alternatives.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUbergoUberx
CostUbergo is affordable compared to UberxUberx is relatively expensive
ModelTata Indica, Maruti RitzToyota Prius, Indigo, Swift Dzire, Honda Accord and similar sedans
AvailabilityIt provides good seating surface, music system, comfortable ride Available in almost every country
FacilitiesProvides Wi-Fi services, air conditioning, music surface, comfortable ride and much moreProvides Wi-Fi services, air conditioning, music surface, a comfortable ride and much more
Luggage spaceAs the cars are smaller in size, the luggage space is smaller. As the cars are comparatively larger, sufficient luggage space is available.

What is Ubergo?

Ubergo is one of Uber’s cheapest modes of transport to reach your destination. It can carry four passengers. It features cars like Tata Indica Vista, Toyota Etios, Maruti Suzuki Splash, Maruti Ritz, and Maruti Swift.

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It is available in the countries like India, Lahore, Colombo, Port Elizabeth, and Doha.

Ubergo is smaller and mid-range cars providing additional services like Wi-Fi, Air conditioner (AC), etc. The luggage space of Ubergo is also smaller,, which cannot carry large volume luggage.

The tagline of Ubergo goes “Smaller, Smarter, Cheaper”. Ubergo is said to be cheaper than autorickshaws and also Uberx in India.

Ubergo is a more innovative, more affordable, and quicker way to travel. It can be used for any ride but is perfect and most preferable for short trips.

Excess baggage cannot be carried since the space is insufficient. As a result, users of the Ubergo service should be advised that they should not bring too large luggage because they may have issues due to a lack of space.

Another difficulty with Ubergo is that the driver must have a clean driving record, free of criminal activity. Drivers are required to have a professional driver’s license, and they can also work part-time.

The services provided by Ubergo are cheaper because the cars offered are non-fuel consuming and compact. It also provides an additional feature as ‘Uber hourly rentals’,, which the riders use to rent a car for several hours.

What is Uberx?

Uberx is an economically friendly Uber service. It can comprise a regular car that can comfortably accommodate up to six passengers.

Uberx is popular as it is one of the most costly car options available at Uber. The reason for the high fares is that it offers additional services like Wi-Fi, and AC and has a vast storage space to carry your luggage.

Despite being a costly option, the experience will be great for the passenger. Uberx is also available in many countries and cities, unlike Ubergo.

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It offers sedans like Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, Indigo, and Swift Dzire. Almost six passengers can travel at a time in the cars provided by Uberx.

Uberx is one of the company’s fastest transportation choices. Because it’s one of the most popular options, you’ll have no trouble finding it in most locations where Uber driving services are accessible.

Uberx services are high-priced, but usually, a local driver is available for pickup within a few minutes.

Uberx provides relatively pricey services. Compared to Ubergo, the base charge for the first kilometres is quite high-priced. In comparison to Ubergo, the waiting fee is also higher. The drivers of Uberx should be above 21 years old with driving licenses.

Uberx can be cheaper only when you split the ride fare with your group travelling together.

Main Differences Between Ubergo and Uberx

  1. Ubergo is a cheaper option for rides as compared to Uberx.
  2. Ubergo can work in India, whereas Uberx works in many countries.
  3. Ubergo is a compact car with air conditioning that seats four people comfortably while Uberx, on the other hand, offers a six-seater sedan that easily accommodates up to six passengers.
  4. As the vehicle in Ubergo has limited spacing, it carries a limited number of bags whereas Uberx cars can carry more.
  5. Ubergo does not provide additional services such as Wi-Fi, etc, this is one of the reasons its services are less expensive, whereas Uberx has additional features like Wi-Fi and much more.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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    • I’m willing to sacrifice the additional services for the lower price. The value of Ubergo cannot be understated, especially for frequent travelers.

  1. Ubergo may have some limitations, but it’s a great alternative to public transit and traditional taxis, especially for solo travelers.

  2. Ubergo is cheaper than Uberx, so I think it’s a better choice for budget-conscious people. However they need to carry less luggage, but it’s a fair tradeoff for the lower price.

    • I agree. I travel light, so the lack of storage space isn’t a big issue for me. But I appreciate the price difference.


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