Difference Between Valentine’s and White Day

Every year most of the countries celebrate an occasion in which people give gifts to each other. And it is very common in most countries. A man and women give gifts to each other with love and respect.


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They celebrate this day for being together till the date and pray for togetherness. Valentine’s Day as well as the white day come under these occasions. Both days are acknowledged in many places.

Valentine’s Day has been a very common event and it is celebrated by every couple in the world. People give gifts to those who give them on Valentine’s Day on White Day.

It is reciprocal to the event that occurred on 14th February, one month before the white day.

Key Takeaways

  1. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, when people express love and affection through gifts like chocolates and flowers, while White Day, celebrated on March 14th, originated in Japan as a day for men to reciprocate Valentine’s Day gifts.
  2. Valentine’s Day is more widely recognized globally, whereas White Day is mainly celebrated in East Asian countries, including Japan, South Korea, and China.
  3. The gift-giving tradition on White Day focuses on returning the favor with two or three times more valuable gifts than those received on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day vs White Day

The difference between Valentine’s and white day is that the exchange of gifts marks Valentine’s Day. The couple gifts each other and shares their love with each other. On this day the lovers express their love and gratitude towards their loved ones.

Valentines Day vs White Day

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However, this day is also known as San Valentine’s Day or San Valentine’s Feast. In some places, it is considered a cultural norm or practice. Whereas normally it is an intimate occasion for couples.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently compared in many countries.

But, when we look for the white day, it is not the same as valentines Day, a white day which is one month after valentines day that is on March 14th. People give gifts to those who gifted them on 14th February.

The people did a reciprocal activity or occasion. It is normally called answer day to Valentine’s Day. Mostly flowers and other beautiful gifts are given to the people.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonValentines dayWhite day
DefinitionA day on which couples or loved ones celebrate each other’s relationship with expressing love.A day on which the person gifts the person who gifted him on valentines day. A reciprocal event of valentines day is called white day.
Features/ActivitiesExpressing love and sharing gifts with each other. Mostly this occasion is celebrated by couples.Giving gifts to the people who gave gifts to you on 14th February. Giving flowers, gifts, and chocolates.
Date14 February14 March
CelebrationGoing out for dinner, giving giftsHanding over gifts, sharing chocolates and sweets

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day. On this day, couples express their love for one another. To express their love towards each other, they share gifts o each other.

According to the debates and knowledge, the celebration is derived from the Roman festival, the Lupercalia festival. This event in Rome takes place in the middle of February.

And then, slowly, this became a cultural event for the whole world. February 14 was decided and announced as Valentine’s Day.

The event, which marked the arrival of spring, comprised fertility rites and the random coupling of women and men. Till 1700 printed, cards, ceremonial cards, and official Valentine cards were printed.

The emotional gesture was the Roman god showing loving hearts, and it was very much cupid for everyone. Birds also were considered as a symbol because in mid-February avian birds mated.

The most given gifts were flowers, candies, chocolates, and especially red roses. These gifts were considered as the definition of love and care for each other.

What is the White Day?

The 14th of March, one month following Valentine’s Day, is known as White Day. It is the day whilst humans supply affords to all of the folks that exceeded them affords a token of appreciation on Valentine’s Day.

In 1978, it was first introduced in Japan, and in view of that then, it‚Äôs been spreading to all of the different Asian international locations. It was designed as a ‚Äúsolution day‚ÄĚ to Valentine‚Äôs Day by the National Confectionery Industry Body.

Arguing that guys have to pay off the ladies who sold them goodies and different affords that day.

One month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14, White Day is determined.

Valentine’s Day is historically determined in international locations in White Day is determined via way of means ladies and women giving chocolate presents to different positive guys and as a display of affection, decency, or social duty. On a white day, the reciprocal occurs because men are expected to give gifts to women.

On each valentines Day, ladies purchase something for their associate and proportion their love. On this day, this is the white day ladies get their funding from their associate. They get returned a few presents in a reciprocal way.

This occasion is likewise called solution day to Valentine’s Day.

Main Differences Between Valentine’s Day and The White Day

  1. Valentine’s Day is an occasion where couples express their love towards each other. They share gifts, and women especially give presents to men to show love. While on White Day, which is a month after Valentine’s Day, men are expected to give gifts to women as a gesture of love.
  2. Both occasions have one-month gap differences. Valentine’s Day comes first, the whole world celebrates this occasion and expresses love to their loved ones. The white day comes after one month of valentines Day, and men bring gifts for their women. It is basically a reciprocal event.
  3. Sharing or giving gifts is very common in every culture. On Valentines Day, people spend money or take time to go out with their partners. Every single person on this planet follows this pattern, but as we see on White Day, it is usually different. The men/women give gifts to the person who gave them in the first place on 14 February.
  4. On Valentine’s Day, you can give any gifts you want to, but on White Day, in some places, there are particular chocolates or sweets for the occasion.
  5. Valentine’s Day was basically introduced by the Roman love pattern known as Geoffrey Chaucer and the tradition was flourished in many regions then. But, the white day was introduced by japans confectionary industry. Generating chocolates, and marshmallows for men so that they can gift them to women for a gesture of love they are expected to give to them.
Difference Between Valentine and White Day


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