CISCO OIP vs TIP: Difference and Comparison

CISCO is a public networking hardware and software industry founded on December 10, 1984. With its headquarters in California, CISCO forms the core reason behind the growth of Silicon Valley.

The target market of CISCO is mainly the Internet of Things, videoconferencing, domain security, along with energy management.

CISCO launches partnership programs with its channel partners for its development and expansion. Two such programs are CISCO OIP and CISCO TIP. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Cisco OIP (Operations and Interface Process) is a troubleshooting methodology for network issues, while TIP (Troubleshooting and Interaction Process) is for voice and video issues.
  2. OIP focuses on identifying and solving network problems, while TIP deals with voice and video communication systems issues.
  3. Both methodologies use similar approaches, including data gathering, analysis, and solution implementation, but apply them to different domains.


CISCO OIP is a program with the aim to increase business opportunities through channel partners, with the validation period set for CISCO OIP as sixty days.  CISCO TIP is the program for all channel partners who team up their efforts, with the validation period set for CISCO TIP being ninety days.


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While CISCO is away from field participation, the Channel partners who carry forward the business by generating fresh and newer opportunities of demand will be rewarded under the umbrella of this program.

As the name suggests, the CISCO OIP program is for boosting business opportunities for CISCO with the help of its channel partners.

The partners get an incremental bonus by supporting CISCO and boosting its profit sources.

The channel partners of CISCO who team up and work with CISCO to create business opportunities while CISCO is away from the scene of generating demands will be rewarded under the program of CISCO TIP.

The main goal of the program TIP is to put forward other members who are not under the program and encourage everyone for the completion of activity involved in pre-sales.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCISCO OIPCISCO TIP
Full-FormCISCO OIP program refers to the CISCO Opportunity Incentive Program.CISCO TIP program refers to the CISCO Teaming Inventive Program.
MeaningTHE CISCO OIP program has the vision to reward those channel partners who work individually to develop fresh business opportunities for CISCO.THE CISCO TIP program has the vision to reward those channel partners who work as a team to develop fresh business opportunities for CISCO.
InitiatedCISCO OIP stands out to be a partner-initiated/hunted program.CISCO TIP turns out to be a CISCO-initiated program. 
Account ManagerThe account manager approved the program only if the partner came up with new opportunities.The account manager approves the program only if the desired teaming becomes successful.
ValidityThe validity of CISCO OIP is for 60 days.The validity of CISCO TIP is for 90 days. 

What is CISCO OIP?

The program CISCO OIP stands for CISCO Opportunity Incentive Program, wherein CISCO promises to all its partners to award them if they succeed in landing at new business opportunities for CISCO.

The reward distribution will be fair and equal on all grounds. The program, launched under Competition Law, comes with a set of rules to help protect these channel partners. 

Under this program, the partners would be benefited along with the benefit of CISCO. CISCO has a standardized registration process, set of rules, and approval framework for this program.

The three most common initiatives under this program are; Success Builder Program, CISCO Commercial Account Program, and CISCO Enterprise Account Program.

Success Builder Program has the objective of fresh onboarding customers, both medium and small. Here, CISCO offers affordable training opportunities and other such benefits.

CISCO Commercial Account Program has the objective of rewarding the partners with a one-time incentive consisting of a promotional discount.

However, the partners must successfully hunt for business opportunities in the commercial customer base of CISCO while it is absent from the business scenario.

CISCO Enterprise Account Program has the objective to reward those partners who successfully hunt for business opportunities in the enterprise customer base of CISCO. 

What is CISCO TIP?

The program CISCO TIP stands for CISCO Teaming Inventive Program, wherein CISCO rewards those channel partners who form a team with CISCO in quest of new business opportunities.

The partner must be a certified partner or CMSP (loud and Managed Services Channel Program) partner for registering under this program. Moreover, the partner should have the ownership of a resale agreement.

The desiring partner must have all his legal and government authorizations and contracts ready with the capacity to fulfil orders.

The partner’s financial condition is also taken into count for deciding if the partner is eligible for the partnership. If a partner has all these eligibility criteria, he/she can register for the program.

CISCO will then assess some key areas of the partner, such as its pre-sales activity. On successful approval, the partners of Canada gain membership for 6 months.

In case a partner is not approved for the program, he can still act as a non-TIP CISCO team member. 

In any case of missing information during registration, the partner should come up with the required information within a span of 90 days.

Beyond this, the registration would stand null. This membership period can also be extended for six months. However, the extension of the program further demands more documentation.

Main Differences Between CISCO OIP and TIP

  1. All the CISCO Premier, Silver & Gold members are eligible for applying for CISCO OIP. However, in the CISCO TIP program, all the Premier, Silver, Gold, Select & Registered members of CISCO are eligible.
  2. The eligible products for the CISCO OIP program must have a minimum deal size of $10,000. On the other hand, the eligible products for the CISCO TIP program must have a minimum deal size of $50,000 according to the global price list of CISCO.
  3. CISCO OIP program offers protection to the presales investment made by the partners, thereby delivering value to the customers. On the contrary, the CISCO TIP program helps in boosting engagement and sales, thereby adding value to new opportunities. 
  4. While CISCO OIP is a program initiated and hunted for and by partners, CISCO TIP is a program initiated and hunted for and by CISCO.
  5. CISCO OIP is only a partner oriented program with no interference from CISCO. But in the case of CISCO TIP, CISCO indulges in the proceedings of this program. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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