Waymo vs Tesla: Difference and Comparison

Many companies continuously work hard to make the dream of self-driving automobiles a reality.

In reality, today’s vehicles are already semiautonomous technologies. Thus the day of driverless cars is likely not far off.

There’s a great race going on right now, and it’s difficult to determine who can create a fully autonomous vehicle that drives like a person.

Key Takeaways

  1. Waymo focuses on creating self-driving technology for various vehicle types, while Tesla manufactures electric cars with integrated self-driving capabilities.
  2. Waymo’s autonomous vehicles rely on detailed pre-mapped data, while Tesla’s system learns from real-time data.
  3. Tesla’s Autopilot requires driver supervision, whereas Waymo aims for fully autonomous driving without human intervention.

Waymo vs Tesla

The difference between both ways and TTesla is based on both of the organization and their specialities. The Waymo is run by Google, which is known by every citizen who uses the internet, whereas Tesla is run by the brand Tesla which is well known for its research on electric cars, solar, and space energy.

Waymo vs Tesla

In 2009, Google’s private X lab, led by co-founder Sergey Brin, began working on self-driving automobiles. Google announced its Autonomous Car effort in October 2010.

Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project, graduated from X to become its firm. Waymo began “Drive Me” experiments with Chrysler Pacifica minivans in Phoenix, Arizona.

Waymo stated in 2018 that it would launch a driverless taxi service in Phoenix.

Tesla, the world’s leading electric car manufacturer, is yet another technological rival to commercialize automated vehicles (AVs).

This company was started in 2003 by a team of engineers who thought that driving electric cars didn’t have to be a compromise and that they might be better.

Tesla says it will have Level 5 autonomy in its automobiles by 2020, but whether or not this is merely a rumour remains to be seen.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWaymoTesla
ExpertiseSelf-driven carelectric cars and solar and space technology
Experiencepowerful computer simulations and data out of its collection of automobiles undergoing real-world assessment.producing an all-electric luxury car from scratch
AV systemin-house 64-beam LiDARrelies heavily on computer vision
DataReal-world data collected from the hundreds of thousands of Teslas
real-world data collected from the hundreds of thousands of Teslas
Associated brandGoogleTesla

What is Waymo?

Waymo LLC is a firm that develops autonomous driving technologies in the United States. It is a division of Alphabet Inc, Google’s parent firm.

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Waymo provides a commercial self-driving taxi company dubbed “Waymo One” in the greater Phoenix, Arizona region, including Chandler, fully mapped.

The firm opened the service to people in Oct 2020, and it is now the only self-driving commercial service that does not have a safety backup operator in the car.

Waymo also explores driving technologies for other vehicles, including delivery vehicles & Class 8 tractor-trailers used in logistics and distribution.

Waymo announced new sensors and circuits that are less expensive to produce and cameras that boost visibility and wipers to clean the lidar system in 2017.

Waymo develops and manufactures its self-driving hardware. Waymo’s reliance on suppliers is reduced thanks to these sensors, a hardware-enhanced vision system, and upgraded radar and laser-based lidar.

Waymo can rapidly combine its technologies with the hardware thanks to its in-house production system. The business paid $75,000 for each Velodyne lidar system at the start of the self-driving car program.

With Waymo building its own version of lidar, the cost dropped by about 90% in 2017.

Waymo runs at level 4 autonomy in sure test markets, including Chandler, Arizona, without someone behind the wheel, sharing roads with other drivers & pedestrians.

More testing, however, is required. Waymo’s initial testing was limited to places with mild weather, low population density, and simple road infrastructure, but it has now expanded to include new scenarios.

As more than just a result, Waymo has begun testing in more challenging environments, such as Michigan’s winter testing.


What is Tesla?

Tesla, Inc. is a California-based electric vehicle and clean energy firm. Tesla creates electric vehicles, storage batteries from the home to the grid, solar cells and roof tiles, and other associated products & services.

With a market capitalization of almost $1 trillion, Tesla is among the world’s most valuable corporations and automakers.

The firm sold the most battery-electric and plug-in electric vehicles, accounting for 16 per cent of the plug-in market (including plug-in hybrids) and 23 per cent of the battery-electric (pure electric) market.

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Tesla has been involved in several lawsuits & disputes stemming from CEO Elon Musk’s remarks and actions, as well as charges of creative accounting, whistleblower retribution, employee rights abuses, and unsolved and dangerous technical flaws with their cars.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required Tesla to submit statistics on all marketed Autopilot vehicles in the United States in Sept 2021.

When new software and firmware versions are published, Tesla vehicles’ software is updated over the air. This allows the cars to stay current and improve after they are purchased.

Tesla also allows unlocking features in the car after purchase via over-the-air software upgrades. Basic Autopilot, Full Self Driving, acceleration boost, and rear-heated seats are all available options.

tesla 1

Main Differences Between Waymo and Tesla

  1. Waymo is run by Google, which is familiar to everyone who uses the internet, whereas the Tesla brand runs Tesla.
  2. Waymo is a specialized car developed with the insight of a self-driven car, whereas Tesla’s insights are for an electric car.
  3. The expertise of waymo is filled with knowledge related to deep learning AI and specializes in designing an operating system for the use of Automated vehicles. In contrast, Tesla is all about knowledge and experience in making and producing Tesla electric cars.
  4. Google or waymo uses powerful computers and their assessments of the real world, whereas Tesla uses the data collected by Tesla car drivers.
  5. Waymo is specialized in the in-house 64-beam LiDAR for their technology, whereas Tesla relies on high-magnitude computer vision.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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