Difference Between Wolf and Werewolf

Balance in nature consists of atmosphere, humans, animals, plants, etc., life on Earth is possible only when these elements are aligned or balanced with each other.


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The ecosystem on earth is natural and inevitable, there are several elements part of it.

Animals are important for balancing life, they are as important as human beings for nature.

There are several types of animals life terrestrial, aquatic, and aerial, these animals are categorized in another way as well like, carnivorous, herbivorous, and omnivorous. The categorization is done within species as well. 

Animals can be wild or pets,  they can live in forests or can be as pets in homes.

Wild animals are usually carnivorous animals and dangerous to humans but wild animals are important to maintain the ecological balance in nature.

Key Takeaways

Wolf vs Werewolf

The difference between wolf and werewolf is that wolf is a simple four-legged creature like any other animal whereas werewolf is a mythical entity that can transform itself into a human being. They can be distinguished easily, they might look similar but they are entirely different.

Wolf vs Werewolf

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWolfWerewolf
MeaningA wild animal belongs to the canine family and has similar ancestry to dogs.A mythical creature, mentioned in folklore, whose origin can be traced in Europe. 
AppearanceDogs like appearance but they are more fierce.They look like humans but when they transform they look like monsters.
Special trait Fast running and hearingSupernatural powers, extreme physical strength, etc.
InheritanceCharacteristics are inherited by parents.Characteristics are not inherited by parents. 
Way to killNormal means of killing just like other wild animals. Silver bullets are used. 

What is Wolf?

Wolf is a wild animal, they have similar ancestry as the dogs, they are large canines native to Eurasia and North America.

There are several varieties in species of wolves, and most of the subspecies are non-domestic species.

Wolf is said to be a dangerous animal but they are highly intelligent; they are recognized as caring, playful, and devoted animals. They are as intelligent as dolphins, gorillas, elephants, etc., they even educate their kids in their way.

Wolves generally avoid contact with humans, but they are friendly and protective towards their own family. They are normal animals with somewhat appearance of dogs. It is believed that they have survived the ice age.

Wolves can run and hear, their scientific name is Canis lupus.

Their height is around 66 to 81 cm, they weigh around 30 to 80 kg (male adult) and 23 to 55 kg (female adult), their running speed is 50-60 km/h, and their life span is 6 to 8 years. Their population is normal and stable. 

Their domestication has always been a question, but it is not preferred to domesticate wolves.

They live in packs and hunt around 6 to 10 animals in one time. The most known subspecies of wolves are the grey and timber wolf. 


What is Werewolf?

Werewolf is a mythological creature, represented in folktales, it is believed that they can transform themselves into proper human beings anytime and have spiritual powers too.

They are generally human-like figures and controls form themselves into wolves on full moon night. Their origin is considered to be Europe by Petronius.

They are considered as animals only, which have super strength and several abilities that a normal wolf does not have.

To kill werewolves it is believed that the Hunters used silver bullets ( special bullets used to kill extremely powerful creatures). There is no evidence of their existence in reality. 

They are considered to be Monsters in folklore. When they are in their Human Form they look like normal human beings but when they are in the monster form they tend to have a tale, different shape of Eyes, canine teeth and entirely different body shape.

The holy water does not work on werewolves as it does at vampires.

In European countries like Italy, France or Germany it is believed that if any men or women sleep in the light of the full moon in summer they can turn into werewolves easily if the light of moon directly falls on the face of the human.

They are considered to be carnivorous and eat the flesh of any animal or human that’s why they prove to be a great threat to people.

As shown in Harry Potter it is not inherited in children from their parents, they can turn into werewolves by their own choice or by accident as well.

Another way of getting transformed into a werewolf is when the werewolf scratches the neck of a normal human being.

There are several methods mentioned in the root of Romania and Greek about the werewolf and their existence.

werewolf 1

Main Differences Between Wolf and Werewolf 

  1. Wolf is a wild animal, they have similar ancestry as the dogs, they are large canines native to Eurasia and North America, on the other hand, the werewolf is a mythological creature, represented in folktales, it is believed that they can transform themselves into proper human being anytime and have spiritual powers too.
  2. Wolf is a normal animal, on the other hand, the werewolf is a superhuman or super creature.
  3. Wolf can be killed easily with any means of hunting. On the other hand, werewolves can be killed by silver bullets only and it needs too much courage to kill them.  
  4. Wolf is an intelligent animal with simple characteristics of hearing and running. On the other hand, the werewolf is a witty creature with extreme strength and supernatural powers.
  5. Wolf is a mammal and produces the kids of their kind on the other hand, werewolf is made by choice or accident and their traits cannot be inherited by parents.
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