Cisco Modeling Laboratories vs Virl: Difference and Comparison

Modelling is an essential process of design. It allows designers to create models representing the natural world and help them understand the complex interactions between users and equipment.

Modelling is also used to construct products, systems, and devices. In the manufacturing industry, modellers use this process to create prototypes and test products before making them into actual products.

Key Takeaways

  1. CML is a subscription-based service, while VIRL is a one-time purchase with annual maintenance.
  2. CML supports more concurrent nodes than VIRL, making it more suitable for complex network simulations.
  3. CML offers a web-based interface, whereas VIRL requires the local installation and uses a desktop client.

Cisco Modeling Laboratories vs Virl

Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) is a network simulation and visualization tool network engineers use to design, test, and troubleshoot complex network environments. Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is a network simulation platform that allows users to build and test network topologies.

Cisco Modeling Laboratories vs Virl

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Cisco Modeling Laboratories is the world’s largest and most profitable maker of engineering models. Their model-making services include motorized test stands, compound V-belts, and more.

Cisco Modeling Laboratories (CML) was founded in 1976. Currently, over 60,000 people in the engineering and IT industry work at CML facilities around the world.

At one point, Cisco was the most significant model maker in the world.

Virl specializes in developing and manufacturing 3D-printed computer models of industrial products, medical devices, and systems. Virl was founded in 2009. Currently, there is a global workforce of up to 400 engineers.

Despite their small size and relatively young ages, both companies have an impressive track record and a wide variety of industries they serve.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCisco Modeling LaboratoriesVirl
Meaning Permits network executives to design networks utilizing a reproduced climate.Allows for configuring labs as well as using an actual router
Focuses onEnterprise customersIndividuals and training institutions
TAC SupportCisco TAC supportNot given Cisco TAC support
ScalingMore Scale Less Scale

What is Cisco Modeling Laboratories?

Cisco Modeling Laboratories is a leading provider of engineering services for computer systems, plants, and vehicles.

It provides model-making services to many industries, including aerospace, nuclear power, medical devices, and general electronics.

In addition to providing engineering solutions for these markets, Cisco Modeling Laboratories directly offers product design and manufacturing services to customers in these industries.

Cisco Modeling Laboratories is a world-renowned provider of model-making services for industrial, scientific, and medical devices.

With over 25 years of experience in modelling and simulation, CML is one of the most respected modelling laboratories in the world.

And their software is top-notch, too – perfect for creating high-quality models for various industries.

What is VirL?

Virl is a modelling technology company that helps implement engineering solutions for PC hardware, electronic devices, electronic systems, and other electronic products.

It has been around since 2006 and is considered one of the world’s leading simulation software providers.

With over 350 customers, Virl offers a wide range of simulation products and services that can be used for various industries.

Building on their experience in the automotive industry, Virl has developed innovative CAD applications that allow users to design automobiles from scratch.

These advanced CAD programs can model any vehicle without needing a body kit or chassis.

Virl offers computational power and software tools to help you create models of real-world systems and devices.

The company’s applications include mechanical models like car engines, aircraft engines, power transmission systems, cooling systems, and robotics.

Virl works with your business, so you can use it to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Main Differences Between Cisco Modeling Laboratories and Virl

  1. The first difference is that Virl is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cisco, while Cisco Modeling Laboratories offers consultancy services to customers.
  2. Cisco Modeling Laboratories is a great precursor course for what is to come when creating web and mobile applications. For example, Virl is an open-source framework for creating responsive web and mobile applications.
  3. Cisco Modeling Labs works in partnership with engineering firms and universities around the globe to help them design, analyze, and implement engineering solutions. Conversely, Virl focuses on creating digital models for complex systems such as electronic and mechanical devices. They are also experts in advanced modelling techniques such as hardware modelling, robotics modelling, artificial intelligence (AI), and user-centred design (UCD).
  4. Virl is an artificial intelligence (AI) modelling tool that helps you solve complex problems, whereas Cisco Modeling Laboratories offers a variety of products and services.
  5. Cisco Modeling Laboratories offer Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) systems that provide reliable computer programs for engineering design support jobs like quality assurance (QA) testing, defect analysis, and test validation programs, whereas Virl’s core technology allows you to quickly and easily model real-world processes with minimal effort

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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