Inkjet vs Deskjet vs Officejet: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Inkjet printers: They use inkjet technology to spray ink droplets onto paper, suitable for home and small office use, offering versatility and high-quality color printing.
  2. Deskjet printers: A brand of inkjet printers by HP, designed for personal use, providing affordability, compact size, and meeting everyday printing needs.
  3. Officejet printers: Also a brand of printers by HP, specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses, offering features like higher paper capacity, network connectivity, and advanced management options.

What is Inkjet?

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges to print images or text on paper. The process happens when Inkjet sprays tiny droplets of ink on paper. Once the ink dries, the picture gets printed.


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People often choose Inkjet printers to use at home occasionally. These printers will produce high-quality photos and graphics. You can expect high-resolution color prints. The ink cartridges are expensive, and therefore the printed color is vibrant.

Inkjet printers are not very expensive. It has several models of different sizes and even budgets. The price is a lot less than other types of printers. Regardless, later on, you need to change the ink cartridges, and they will cost a fortune.

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What is Deskjet?

Deskjet printers are designed for personal use, but they can take the load of the needs of small businesses. Even though the price is higher than Inkjet printers, Deskjet printers cost much less when changing ink cartridges. 

Deskjet printers use thermal inkjet technology. Therefore, the print is high in quality. One can print on various mediums, such as plain paper, photo paper, and cardstock.

These printers have features such as wireless connectivity, mobile printing, automatic duplexing, and high-yield ink cartridges.

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What is Officejet?

Officejet printers are versatile and efficient. These can print, scan, copy, and even fax documents. It comes with advanced features like wireless connectivity and mobile printing.

Officejet printers have automatic duplexing, large paper trays, and high-yield ink cartridges. It also has a touchscreen display facility.

These printers are the best fit for a wide range of document printing. They are more expensive than the other two types of printers, and the ink cartridge replacement cost is also high.

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Difference Between Inkjet and Deskjet and Officejet

  1. Inkjet uses ink cartridges to spray droplets onto paper, while Deskjet uses inkjet technology to print documents. At last, Officejet also proceeds with inkjet technology.
  2. Inkjet prints high-quality photos, while Deskjet print quality is moderate. On the other hand, Officejet offers high-quality prints for documents and images.
  3. Inkjet is the best option for home use, while a small business owner will find Deskjet more suitable. For a high rate of use, Officejet is best.
  4. Inkjet works slowly while processing high-quality photos, but Deskjet works faster than Inkjet. Officejet also prints fast but less fast than laser printers.
  5. The buying price of Inkjet is the lowest, but the cost of replacement ink cartridges is high. Deskjet is more expensive to buy, but ink cartridge expense is low. On the other hand, both buying and ink cartridge prices are high for Officejet printers.

Comparison Between Inkjet and Deskjet and Officejet

Parameter of ComparisonInkjetDeskjetOfficejet
Used technology to printIt uses ink cartridges that spray droplets of ink onto paper and print.It uses inkjet technology to print documents.It uses inkjet technology to print, copy, scan, and fax documents.
QualityIt will print photos of high quality with high resolution and vibrant colors.Even though the print quality is not as sharp as a laser printer, it is pretty good.It produces high-quality prints for documents as well as images.
Suitable forIt is best fitted for minimal use.It is ideal for small businesses and offices.If your printing need is higher than usual, then you can use Officejet.
SpeedIt works a little slowly.It works faster than inkjet printers.Comparatively, it prints fastest. 
ExpenseIts price is the lowest.It is expensive to buy.Officejet is the most expensive compared to the other two.
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