Difference Between 225 and 235 Tires

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience but people often overlook the little details necessary for various accessories. Getting the right tire for your vehicle can make a noticeable difference in the overall ride quality.

There are many tires available for every model but 225 and 235 tires are two between which many people are often confused. Initially, they might seem similar but they differ a lot if studied in detail.

225 vs 235 Tires

The difference between 225 and 235 tires is that the width of 225 tires is 225mm. On the other hand, 235 tires have a width of 235mm. 225 tires are mostly recommended for smaller cars while 235 tires are recommended for bigger cars.

225 vs 235 Tires

225 tires are 225mm wide tires that are generally used for light vehicles. The diameter, overall form factor, and weight, etc., are usually less in 225 tires as compared to 235 tires.

225 tires are considered a perfect fit for small cars that can handle only a limited amount of load.

235 tires are 235mm wide tires that are generally used for heavy cars. The diameter, form, factor, weight, and other measurements are more than 225 tires.

235 tires are recommended for comparatively heavier cars as they need more stability on roads that 225 tires cannot provide.

Comparison Table Between 225 and 235 Tires

Parameters of Comparison225 Tires235 Tires
Tire Height29.3 inches.29 or 31.7 inches.
Treadwear Warranty70,000 miles.60,000 miles.
Gas mileageUse less gas and offers more mileage.Use more fuel and offers less mileage.
StabilityLess stability on roads while accelerating.Highly stable on roads while accelerating.

What are 225 Tires?

225 tires are the type of tires that are mainly used for subcompact vehicles such as Chevrolet Blazer, Caprice, Toyota Pickup, and ZX Admiral, etc.

They are around 225mm wide and offer a treadwear warranty of about 70,000 miles. 225 tires are strong, durable tires that are the most picked choice for compact cars.

The biggest advantage that 225 tires have bigger tires is that they have less rolling resistance on roads which means that they allow best-in-class mileage. Additionally, 225 tires make little to no sound while running on roads.

As a result, they cause less air and sound pollution as compared to bigger tires. Even though 225 tires are not as stable as 235 tires, they are still stable enough to handle compact cars with ease.

There are many 225 tires available in the market such as 225/60R16, 225/45R17, and 225/65R17, etc. The names of these tires are made considering various factors.

The additional letters in tire names show dimensions of the tire including R for radial, D for diagonal, and B for belted, etc. which helps the consumer pick the perfectly fitting tire for their vehicle.

The brands that offer the best 225 tires are Goodyear, Continental, and BF Goodrich, etc.

What are 235 Tires?

235 tires are the type of tires that are mainly used for sub-heavy vehicles such as Audi A8, Dodge Charger, and Honda Element, etc.

They are around 235mm wide and offer a treadwear warranty of about 60,000 miles. 235 tires are one of the strongest, most durable, and reliable tires available for sub-heavy vehicles.

235 tires are also preferred over 225 tires for professional stunting because they offer much more stability to the vehicle and hence are much safer. One of the biggest advantages that 235 tires have is the reliable handling it offers.

A driver of a 235 tire car can easily feel the smoothness and control there is. For longer highway routes, 235 tires are preferred because it also offers higher speed.

Although 235 tires are best in their domain, they have lesser life because they have high rolling resistance. Hence, 235 tires also consume more fuel.

There are many 235 tires available in the market such as 235/35R19, 235/40R19, and 235/55R19, etc. The tires of all 235 tire sizes are offered by many brands including Continental, Bridgestone, and Cooper, etc.

Although the same size is offered by many companies, the actual fitting of the tire to a particular rim may vary. Therefore, 235 tires of all companies might not be compatible with every rim.

Main Differences Between 225 and 235 Tires

  1. 225 tires offer less rolling resistance as compared to 235 tires. As a result, 225 tires offer better gas mileage.
  2. Cars that can only carry a lighter load use 225 tires whereas 235 tires can carry a much higher load.
  3. Since 225 tires have less width, they offer less stability as compared to 235 tires which are highly stable in all conditions.
  4. 225 tires provide good enough handling for small cars. On the other hand, the big tread blocks on 235 tires provide reliable and better handling for even bigger vehicles.
  5. 225 tires offer less top speed as compared to 235 tires which will make a difference on highways.


Although there is not much difference between 225 and 235 tires visible to the naked eye but when their dimensions are noticed, one can prove to be better than the other.

In terms of the overall quality of the two tires, 235 tires offer a much better experience but still fall short on some occasions. 225 reasons are made specifically for sub-compact cars because 235 tires are not needed.

But when the carload increases, the base of the car also needs to be stronger and more durable. Flagship brand models, sub-heavy cars, and heavy cars are equipped with better engines and they need the better out of everything including power, stability, base strength, etc.

In such conditions, 235 tires fit perfectly. Even though 235 tires are near perfect, they also have a few drawbacks. Because they have less life, the tires of the vehicle need to be regularly maintained and replaced.

When we practically consider these two tires, both are durable enough to handle their respective types of vehicles. In some cases, both 225 and 235 tires are compatible with the same car.

So according to the requirements of the owner, it is necessary to weigh the advantages and disadvantages these two tires have over each other and pick the right one.


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