RAM 1500 vs GMC Sierra: Difference and Comparison

Looking back upon the invention of the vehicle, we see how it has become a very important part of our lives. It has evolved to take different forms of transportation, let the transportation be of people or goods or both.

Pick-up trucks are another invention that has made it easier to transport both simultaneously.

The RAM 1500 and the GMC Sierra are two of the best pick-up trucks. Here are some facts about the two.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ram 1500 has a smoother ride, better fuel economy, and more advanced technology features than GMC Sierra.
  2. GMC Sierra has a more powerful engine, higher towing capacity, and better off-road performance than Ram 1500.
  3. Ram 1500 has a more comfortable and luxurious interior, while GMC Sierra has a more rugged and practical design.

RAM 1500 vs GMC Sierra

The difference between Ram 1500 and GMC Sierra is that the Ram 1500 is wider in size than the GMC Sierra. It also has more horsepower and mileage than the Sierra. The Ram has more powerful engines and is more fuel-efficient than the Sierra.

RAM 1500 vs GMC Sierra

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The RAM 1500 is a supreme-level pick-up truck manufactured by Stellantis North America, and this model has seen various modifications since its release. The current model is the fifth-generation model of the same. It is one of the most highly efficient pick-up trucks today.

The GMC Sierra is a family and technology-friendly pick-up truck manufactured by General Motors Company (GMC) and is one of the top competitors in the all-growing market of pick-up trucks. The Sierra offers fuel-efficient diesel, respectable hauling and towing capabilities, comfortable seats, and the latest technology in the infotainment industry.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRAM 1500GMC Sierra
ComfortThe Ram 1500 has more legroom and headroom for passengers.The GMC Sierra has more legroom for the driver.
UtilityIt has more seating options but lesser cargo room than the Sierra.GMC Sierra has more cargo room.
External DimensionsIt is wider in size.It is narrower than the RAM 1500.
PerformanceThe Ram 1500 has better horsepower.The GMC Sierra has lesser horsepower.
Well-suited forThe Ram 1500 is well-suited for being applied as a work-utility truck.The GMC Sierra is well-suited for running small errands around town due to its narrow body.

What is RAM 1500?

The RAM 1500 is one of the most efficient, all-in-one pick-up trucks with a maximum horsepower of 350 @ 6400 RPM and a maximum torque of 269 @ 4800 RPM.

The Ram has a 3.0-litre turbo diesel V6 engine. It is remarkably quiet and offers effortless transmission of power.

It also offers a “Black Appearance” package and a 12.3-inch touchscreen panel.

It also has innovative air suspensions, built-in cargo-bed bins, and a split-folding tailgate. Its towing capacity is 12,750 pounds, and its cargo payload of 2,306 pounds.

It runs up to 20 MPG on city streets and up to 26 MPG on the highway.

It is spacious inside and has various internal storage features, legroom, and headroom for the passengers.

It also offers blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, high-beam headlights, and a traffic alert system. It has a basic 3-year or 36,000 miles warranty.

It allows you to make fewer stops to fill up on gas during long trips, and comfortable seats make for a luxurious car ride.

It is also broader, making it more spacious and due to its high horsepower, it comes in handy during long hauls.

ram 1500 2

What is GMC Sierra?

The all-new GMC Sierra is one of the competitors in the ever-growing pick-up truck market.

Having a standard V6 engine, 285 horsepower, and 305-pound feet of torque, it has respectable power in towing and hauling.

Although one would not recommend using it in extremely heavy lifting, it gets the job done with light lifting and is an easier mode of transport in the city.

The Sierra runs up to 16 MPG in the city and up to 21 MPG on the highway with a standard V6 engine.

The Sierra is a pretty smooth ride, even over rough roads, and it navigates easily through city roads due to its little-bit narrow width, so you can drive it to and fro from work every day.

It has a towing capacity of 12,100 pounds and a cargo capacity of 2,240 pounds. It also has a 6-passenger capacity and a 3-year or 36,000 miles warranty.

It also has adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, and a head-up display. It has the latest technology in the infotainment unit.

It also offers more legroom and elbowroom to the driver and is more suited to running errands around the city.

gmc sierra

Main Differences Between RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra

The main difference is the MPG (Miles per gallon). A Ram 1500 runs 19-20 MPG in the city terrain and 24-26 MPG on the highway, whereas the GMC Sierra runs 15-20 MPG in the city terrain and 20-24 MPG on the highway. Other differences include:

  1. The Ram 1500 and Sierra have a maximum capacity of 6 passengers, but the Ram has a larger fuel tank than the Sierra.
  2. The Sierra is more intended to be a family vehicle, whereas the Ram is more useful in long hauls.
  3. The Ram has superior torque and transmits the power from the engine to its tires more efficiently than the GMC Sierra.
  4. The Ram 1500 offers more legroom and headroom for its passengers, while the other hand, the Sierra offers more legroom and elbow room for its driver.
  5. The Ram has a maximum towing capacity of 12,750 pounds and a maximum cargo payload capacity of 2,302 pounds. The Sierra has a maximum towing capacity of 12,100 pounds and a maximum cargo payload capacity of 2,240 pounds.
Difference Between RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. It would have been useful to see a section devoted to the environmental impact and sustainability of the RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra.

  2. The article offers some valuable insights, but the claims made about both vehicles should be backed up with more statistical data.

  3. The wealth of technical specifications and performance details provided highlights the author’s deep knowledge of both pick-up trucks.

  4. The comprehensive comparison makes it clear that both the RAM 1500 and GMC Sierra have distinct advantages and drawbacks, catering to different consumer needs.

  5. I love how the article thoroughly compares the RAM 1500 and the GMC Sierra in different aspects. Very informative!

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  8. The writer seems to have a clear preference for the RAM 1500, which may impact the objectivity of the comparison.

  9. The information about the superior technological features and driving performance of the RAM 1500 is impressive. It definitely seems like a top-tier pick-up truck.

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