Difference Between GMC and Chevy

GMC and Chevy have been the leading competitors in the motor vehicle industry for over half a century. These companies have been the brand names for vehicles such as SUVs, motor trucks, vans, etc.


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Key Takeaways

  1. GMC and Chevy brands under the General Motors umbrella, producing various vehicles.
  2. GMC primarily focuses on trucks and SUVs, while Chevy offers a more extensive lineup, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  3. Although there is significant overlap in vehicle design and features, GMC is often positioned as a more premium brand than Chevy.

GMC vs. Chevy

The difference between GMC and Chevy is that the former is involved solely in the production and sale of SUVs and pickup trucks, while the latter deals with the manufacturing and selling of all types of vehicles, from SUVs to sedans.

GMC vs Chevy

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GMC (General Motors Truck Company) is the world’s third-largest brand of general motors. They are involved solely in the production of pickup trucks and SUVs and yet can compete with other Motor companies regarding the total number of units sold.

Chevrolet, commonly known as “Chevy,” sells vehicles of all types, such as compact and sub-compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. They were the first company to manufacture an SUV.


Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonGMCChevy
HistoryIn 1910, General Motors Company merged the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Company to create the first GMC truck.In 1911, automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Company in Detroit alongside many other investors.
Vehicles soldGMC sells commercial buses, vans, trucks, SUVs, sport utility, and military vehicles.Chevrolet produces sedans, pickup trucks and SUVs, compact cars, buses, and many more.
AppearanceTheir target market has always been professional consumers, so their vehicles are better equipped and of higher quality.Chevry has also aimed at the regular consumer market, which does not require cosmetic appearances.
Number of units sold (2019)General Motors Company was able to sell 7.7 million units in 2019.Chevy has sold over 2.9 million units as of 2019, including all types of vehicles.
CostDue to their higher quality and maintenance, GMC vehicles are comparatively more expensive than others in the same class.Chevrolet has always tried to make affordable vehicles for every consumer class relatively less costly.


What is GMC?

GMC, or General Motors Company, was founded in 1910 when they acquired Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Company and merged the two companies. They then went on to create the first GMC truck.

GMC sold over 7.7 million units in 2019, and all their sales were primarily concentrated around a small list of vehicles. GMC has been a great competitor for other motor companies, even though they sell SUVs, sport utility vehicles, commercial buses, vans, and pickup trucks.

GMC has also been contracted with the supply of military vehicles, and during the second world war, they built more than 500,000 military vehicles. GMC is also well known for building battery-powered trucks right after they were founded in 1912.

As the years progressed and the industrial revolution passed, they switched to the diesel engine. Even though they cost more than most motor company vehicles, they have had consistent sales due to their target market.

GMC has always targeted the professional market, and hence why they have had to keep their quality higher than quantity.


What is Chevy?

Chevy, or “Chevrolet,” was co-founded by automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet and a few other Detroit investors in 1911. Chevrolet has been manufacturing sedans and compact and subcompact cars since it was founded and has produced the first-ever SUVs.

They also make buses and many variations of pickup trucks. Chevrolet is one of the top leading brands when it concerns motor vehicles, and this is because of its target consumer market.

They have always focused on affordable cars for every consumer. To make a car more affordable for the consumer, they tend to reduce the quality of the vehicles to increase cost-effectiveness.

It has enabled them to sell over 2.9 million units in 2019 alone.


Main Differences Between GMC and Chevy

  1. GMC (General Motors Company) was founded in 1910 after Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and Reliance Motor Company merged. Automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet in Detroit co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Company.
  2. General Motors Company could sell 7.7 million units in 2019, while Chevy sold 2.9 million units in the same year.
  3. GMC has always focused on the professional consumer market and kept its vehicle quality above par. In contrast, Chevy has tried to make most of their units at a lower rate for the regular consumer market.
  4. GMC is involved in selling commercial buses, vans, trucks, SUVs, and sport utility vehicles. At the same time, Chevy manufactures and sells all variations of sedans, pickup trucks, SUVs, compact cars, buses, etc.
  5. GMC vehicles always have cost more than other companies’ cars due to their higher quality standards, while a Chevy vehicle is much more affordable and less expensive.
Difference Between GMC and Chevy

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