Nissan Titan vs GMC Sierra: Difference and Comparison

The release of the Titan pickup truck was the first of its kind in 2017 for Nissan. This pickup truck has not seen the limelight since its release due to its competitors.


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Key Takeaways

  1. The Nissan Titan and GMC Sierra are full-size pickup trucks with similar towing capacity, but the GMC Sierra is generally more expensive.
  2. The GMC Sierra has a premium feel, while the Nissan Titan is more rugged and durable.
  3. The Nissan Titan has a better warranty and a lower starting price, while the GMC Sierra has a more luxurious interior and higher towing capacity.

Nissan Titan vs GMC Sierra

The difference between the two trucks is the Payload and towing weight. The GMC Sierra can tow a weight of approximately 5500 kgs or 12200 pounds.

Nissan Titan vs GMC Sierra

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNissan Titan GMC Sierra
Engine CapacityThe Titan contains a V-8 engine of 5.6-litre capacity. The GMC Sierra possesses a 6.2-litre V-8 engine. This happens to be one of the largest capacities.
Payload WeightThe Payload of the Nissan Titan is approximately 725 kg, depending on the model.The GMC Sierra supports a payload of 1020 kgs. This number is on par with other contenders.
Off-roading capabilityThe Titan cannot handle extreme road conditions very well. The GMC Sierra is inferior to Ford F-150 but better than Titan.
InteriorsThe interiors of the Titan vary based on the model but are still very basicThe interior of this truck is much better. There are some advanced features even in the standard model.
Fuel EconomyThe fuel economy of this truck is average in the most expensive model only. The fuel economy of the Sierra is also the same but in the standard lower-end models.

What is Nissan Titan? 

Nissan’s release of the Titan was a landmark event in the company’s history. Although this truck may not be a contender to the Ford or RAM trucks, it is a good option.

The interior of this truck is standard and not very special. There is a fair amount of storage space present in the car. 

The length of the bed varies depending on the model. The length can extend from 5.6 feet to 8 feet.  

The different models of this truck are: 

  1. Titan S
  2. Titan SV
  3. Titan SL
  4. Titan Pro 4-X
  5. Titan Platinum Reserve.

The Titan does bear a higher price tag than some pickup trucks, but it is affordable. The payload weight is relatively light compared to the other trucks like the RAM 1500 or FORD F-150.

It does possess features like the Apple Carplay on an 8-inch screen. There is also an Android Auto Integration. 

nissan titan

What is GMC Sierra 1500?

The GMC Sierra is known to be one of the more good-looking pickup trucks in the market. The price range for the standard Sierra is the same as competitors like Ford. 

The 6.2-litre V-8 turbocharged engine is one of the largest among the half-ton variants. The machine can also attain 420 hp and is quite fuel-efficient.

The Denali and At-4 models are the most expensive as well as the most famous. The AT-4 is an offroad variant and a perfect one at that.

The capacities of the engines vary depending on the model. The range goes from a V-6 engine with 325 hp to the Denali 6.2 engine.

The interiors make it belong to some of the most stylish groups of pick-up trucks. In addition to this, it also contains an LCD, heated seats, and other features.

The trailer bed is made from carbon fibre and is lighter than a metal bed. The tailgate also possesses several configurations. 

With a large payload and towing weight, this truck can be in the same league as the higher-end trucks. 

gmc sierra 1500

Main Differences Between GMC Sierra and Nissan Titan

  1. The GMC Sierra is cheaper in comparison to the Nissan Titan. This price comparison is between the standard models only. 
  2. The GMC Sierra can tow over three thousand pounds more than the Titan. 
  3. GMC provides a better driving experience than Titan. This is because of the better shock absorbers and suspension in the Sierra.
  4. The fuel efficiency in the Sierra is much better.
  5. The engine in the higher-end models of the Sierra has a larger capacity and can attain 420 hp. This is not the case with the Nissan Titan. 
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