GMC Canyon vs Sierra: Difference and Comparison

A pick-up truck is a vehicle with an open back to carry heavy loads and is also used for transportation. They are known for being sturdy despite their small size.

Key Takeaways

  1. GMC Canyons are midsize trucks, while Sierras are full-size trucks, leading to differences in size, towing capacity, and payload.
  2. GMC Sierras provide more powerful engine options and higher towing capacities than Canyons.
  3. GMC Canyons offer better fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability due to their smaller size.

GMC Canyon vs GMC Sierra

GMC Canyon and GMC Sierra differ in power, seating capacity, model, interior, and safety features. Both these trucks are light-duty trucks and provide superb features concerning safety.

GMC Canyon vs GMC Sierra

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GMC automobile company is known for its long-standing history and wide range of products. The GMC Canyon is one such product.

GMC Sierra was introduced in 1988. It is a light-duty truck with several features relating to the buyer’s needs. Sierra 2021 provides a high level of spacious functions and torque.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGMC CanyonGMC Sierra
Towing CapacityIt provides a towing capacity of 7700 lbs. and a payload capacity of 1605 lbs.It has a capacity higher than Canyon with a capacity of 10000lbs. payload capacity of 2240lbs.
Seating Arrangement 4-5 people with a 4-way adjustable front seat and 6-way adjustable driver seat. It is less comfortable.5-6 people with 10-way adjustable front seats. It is more comfortable.
Safety measuresThe safety measures provided are certainly upgraded but not as enterprising as Sierra.The safety measures provided are slightly more than the Canyon relating to smart technology.
Power and EngineThe engine capacity is 3.6L V6 with a horsepower of 308HP. The engine capacity of Sierra is 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 with a horsepower of 420HP.
Dimensions The box length is 74.00in
× 57.80in.
The box length here is 79.44in× 50.63in.

What is GMC Canyon?

The GMC Canyon was first manufactured in 2004, replacing the s-15/ Sonoma. The GMC Canyon is identical in structure to a Chevrolet Colorado.

The canyon provides comfort with leather seats and a steering wheel. It is heated and ventilated. The seats are adjustable in 4-way front and 6-way adjustable driver seats.

The canyon provides 2 cab and bed options- crew cab& extended cab. The crew cab has a large container under the back seat for greater storage.

The transmission is an 8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode. The towing and payload capacity of the Canyon is 7700 lbs and 1605 lbs., respectively.

gmc canyon

What is GMC Sierra?

The GMC Sierra belongs to the parent company of General Motors. Sierra was introduced in 1988. The vehicle is a light-duty pickup truck.

The towing capacity of a Sierra is 10000 lbs, and a payload capacity of 2240 lbs. The seats of Sierra are made of leather and also heated and ventilated with heated leather-enclosed steering wheels.

The cab options here are also two- crew cab and double cab. The bed is made of carbon fibre, making it lighter than the usual steel material.

The safety features provided are slightly more than GMC Canyon. It provides lane change, blind zone, traffic, safety warnings; firm brake controls; hitch guide, and hill start assistance.

The infotainment and navigation features are upgraded from the various models. Sierra provides a keyless open and start.

gmc sierra

Main Differences Between GMC Canyon and GMC Sierra

  1. Towing capacity – This towing and hauling capacity of the Sierra is better than Canyon.
  2. Seating arrangement – The level of comfort and spaciousness is more in Sierra than in the Canyon.
  3. Safety Features – The safety measures pertain to modern smart technology with features installed in Sierra.
  4. Dimensions – The bed space of the Canyon is shorter but wider, whereas the length is more in the Sierra.
  5. Power and engine – The powerful engine of Sierra makes it more adaptable to adventurous outings.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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