4K vs 1080p vs 1440p: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. 4K resolution offers the highest image quality, with 3840×2160 pixels, providing more detail and clarity than 1080p and 1440p.
  2. 1080p, also known as Full HD, has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, delivering crisp and clear images suitable for various multimedia applications.
  3. 1440p, or Quad HD, sits between 4K and 1080p, with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, balancing image quality and performance demands.
4K vs 1080p vs 1440p

What is 4K?

4K is a term related to TV tech. It is a screen resolution, and it has ultra high-definition. Currently, it is the most prevalent TV resolution. It has surpassed both HD and full HD.

Along with TV, PC monitors are also inbuilt with this HD quality. Here the imagers carry around 4000 pixels wide. It is the reason we refer to this as 4K.

Before this, the resolutions used to get named after image height. But in the case of 4K, the name has been given to image width.

A photographer can see their work on an HD TV to get a better view. It reveals several details. One can get a close look without the grid-like structure appearing on the screen.

What is 1080p?

A 1080p is another widely used resolution. It is also called Full HD. It implies that the image bearing this resolution has 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically (1920×1080).

So if we multiply and count, we can track the total pixels. An image with this resolution has more than 2 million pixels.

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If a screen device comes with the tag of 1080p, it can catch 1080p signals as it is. It is the most common resolution in high-definition televisions, computer monitors, and other devices. It offers more clarity than resolutions such as 720p or 480p.

What is 1440p?

If we consider video display resolution as a family, then 1440p is one of its members. In this resolution, the vertical resolution carries 1440 pixels. It is also called QHD, which stands for Quad HD or WQHD, whose complete form is Wide Quad HD.

It is used chiefly for console gaming, and smartphones also carry this resolution. The resolution is getting famous due to the availability of hardware at affordable prices. This resolution also supports VR.

To mention its resolution in the simplest terms, one can say 1440p comes between 4K and 1080p. For a PC gamer, 1440p is a more promising choice. People mention that 1440p is better than 4K in gaming.

Difference Between 4K and 1080p and 1440p

  1. 4K is the best quality among the three, and 1440p has a little less quality, while 1080p is the lowest.
  2. The resolution of 4K is 3840×2160, while the resolution of 1080p is 1920×1080, and the resolution of 1440p is 2560×1440.
  3. The price of 4K is the highest, and in the case of 1440p, the price is a little less. Lastly, the cost of 1080p is the lowest.
  4. 4K is Ultra HD, 1080p is an older version of mere HD, while 1440p is Quad HD.
  5. 4K is made for large screens, and at the same time, 1440p is for any medium-sized screen, and 1080p is best if the screen is small.
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Comparison Between 4K and 1080p and 1440p

Parameter of Comparison4K1080p1440p
ResolutionThe resolution of 4K is 3840×2160.The resolution of 1080p is 1920×1080.2560×1440 is its resolution.
Quality of high-definition (HD)It is UHD which stands for Ultra HD.It is FHD or full HD.It is QHD or WQHD, which stands for Quad HD.
Quality comparison4K is the best quality among the three.Comparatively, 1080p is the lowest quality.It is better than 1080p.
Suitable screen sizeBest fit for large screens.This one is adequate for smaller screens.It is a good option for medium-sized screens.
PriceComparatively, this costs the most.This one is the least costly when compared to the other two.It costs more than 1080p but less than 4K.
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Last Updated : 30 July, 2023

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