Difference Between Achalasia and Gastroparesis

The difference between Achalasia and Gastroparesis is that Achalasia is an esophageal motility disorder (an infection that affects the esophagus) and it is primarily caused by loss of the nerve cells while on the other hand, Gastroparesis is a medium paralysis of the stomach(it affects the stomach) caused by gastric and intestinal surgeries.


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Achalasia is a primary type of esophageal motility disorder. It results in difficulty swallowing foods and drinks dying in wounds on the esophagus. It also leads to reflux of food which is a condition where a patient tends to vomit all the food eaten. It is primarily caused by the loss of nerve cells which hurts the body’s impulses.

Gastroparesis is a medium infection of the stomach that partially paralyzes the stomach. This leads to the inability of the stomach to empty its bowels in a normal manner. Its main cause is where a patient may have been involved in any form of intestinal or gastric surgery. It leads to loss of appetite, chronic pains, and weight loss.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAchalasiaGastroparesis
Affected body partLower esophagusStomach
CausesDamaged nerve cellsSurgery or diabetes
SymptomsReflux of foodWeight loss
TreatmentSurgery radiationsLifestyle
Pain in jointsNo pain due to damaged nerve cellsChronic pain  

What is Achalasia?

It is a medium esophageal infection. It is primarily caused by the loss of f nerve cells. It leads to the inability to food and weight loss.

It has several signs and symptoms :

  1. Difficulty in food swallowing- This is because the main affected area is the esophagus. It leads to the occurrence of bloody wounds in the esophagus which will make it hard to swallow food. This is due to a lack of muscle contractions in the esophagus.
  2. Reflux of food- This is because there is improper relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter which will push the food swallowed upwards leading to vomiting.
  3. Weight loss- Since it is an esophageal infection, it will lead to loss of appetite due to frequent reflux of food. Therefore, when a patient goes without food, there will be a negative impact on their weight and health in general.
  4. Heartburn sensation- This is because the acids acting on the food will be too much compared to the food due to frequent vomiting.

Achalasia is treated by relaxing and focusing the lower esophagus through medications.

What is Gastroparesis?

It is a medium infection that partially paralyzes the stomach. It is caused by intestinal or gastric surgeries and it is diagnosed by the gastric emptying scan.

Just like any other infection, Gastroparesis has several signs and symptoms:

  1. Weight loss- This is because, when a patient is undergoing Gastroparesis, they tend to lose appetite, and therefore, the intake of food is so limited leading to a severe loss of weight.
  2. Nausea- This is after a patient has had any type of food, which results in a burning sensation in the stomach thereby leading to reflux of food that leads to constant vomiting and nausea. This will thereby lead to loss of weight and appetite simultaneously.
  3. Chronic pains- Due to constant vomiting, will lead to a bloated abdomen and pains in the joints. This is because the body has not have enough hot energy to perform its bodily functions due to a lower intake of energy-giving foods. Chronic pains are also a result of a low intake of food constantly brought up by the loss of appetite.

In general, Gastroparesis is brought about by intestinal surgeries and other forms of intestinal and stomach infections.

Main Differences Between Achalasia and Gastroparesis

  1. Achalasia is an esophageal motility disorder (an infection that affects the esophagus) and causes the inability to swallow food whereas Gastroparesis is a stomach illness.
  2. Damaged nerve cells are the primary cause of Achalasia while the other hand, while Gastroparesis is caused by intestinal and stomach surgeries and diabetes.
  3. Difficulty in food swallowing, reflux of food, nausea, and heartburn sensations, and nausea are the primary signs and symptoms of Achalasia while loss of appetite, bloated abdomen, and chronic pains are the signs and symptoms of Gastroparesis.
  4. Achalasia is treated by focusing surgery radiation on the affected area while Gastroparesis is treated by observing a positive livelihood involving a balanced diet and a high intake of vitamins and fruits.
  5. Achalasia does not cause pains in the joints due to damaged nerve cells while Gastroparesis causes chronic pains in the joints.
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