Difference Between Agile and DevOps

Whether it is software development or some other kind of management, every project needs to be planned to get desired results.

Agile and DevOps are two such methodologies that are often used in the development of certain things and are very beneficial as well. Some people prefer agile while some prefer DevOps but both are useful methodologies.

Agile vs DevOps

The main difference between Agile and DevOps is that Agile is considered to be a method that involves a repetitive approach toward the completion of a particular project, it also includes feedback from the customers. DevOps, on the other hand, is a methodology that focuses on bringing the teams together that are responsible for development and management.

Agile vs DevOps

Agile is known as a methodology associated with Software development. It is a procedure that suggests breaking a project into several segments or phrases.

It is very useful for the constant improvement at each stage and collaboration of the team. Agile methodology is advantageous to provide required solutions and information for the ongoing project.

DevOps is another methodology used for the improvement of the ongoing project. It is also typically associated with Software development. Expert suggests visualizing the process of DevOps methodology as an infinite loop.

The DevOps loop consists of several stages of development that are responsible to create this infinite loop. It facilitates developers to have more control.

Comparison Table Between Agile and DevOps

Parameters Of ComparisonAgileDevOps
MeaningAgile is considered to be a sequential appeal to the customer feedback, collaboration of the team, frequent release, etc. DevOps is considered to be a practice or approach of bringing the teams together by making the task easier.
FocusAgile methodology is applied in the developing stages of a project and focuses on repetitive changes. DevOps methodologies are more focused on testing and solving the problem anytime it detects the issue.
ImportanceAgile methodologies are important to make a constant change in each unit of the project for better outcomes. DevOps methodologies are important to make constant testing in an ongoing project for better outcomes.
DivisionAgile is a methodology that divides the projects into several segments or phrases to make the process easier. DevOps methodologies don’t divide project but it is divided into a various pattern that creates an infinite loop.
Team sizeAgile methodologies require a small team or group of people for the faster movement and development of the project. DevOps methodologies consist of a larger team or group of people since it also includes stack holders.

What is Agile?

Agile methodology in any kind of development and management is considered to be important but a complex term to elaborate on.

It is generally a procedure that includes adaptive drafting and planning, early and quick delivery, dynamic development, constant improvement, a place for different opinions, flexibility in changes.

The main goal of Agile methodology is to understand the structure of the problem being dealt with and draw necessary conclusions and solutions.

It helps the development team to understand each unit or phase of the problem which is very beneficial to get robust results.

The term Agile came into existence and became popularized in 2001 when ‘The Manifesto for Agile Software Development’ was introduced.

This manifesto represented the value that is highly recommended for the software development with seventeen signatories and it was based on the practical experience of the people.

There is much anecdotal evidence that supports the benefits of Agile methodology yet it lacks empirical evidence to prove it as a professional strategy to adopt by the organization.

The original roots of Agile methodology are found way back in 1957 but at this stage, Agile was not that much evolved. Since Agile methodology focuses on every unit, it was claimed by critics to be overly planned.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is divided into such segments that it creates an infinite loop. The proper order of the elements that consist of this loop tests, release, deploy, operate, monitor, plan, code, build, and then again test, that’s how the loop goes on.

Even the name DevOps is made of development and operation. These operations are generally performed by the IT staff or application developer of the company.

When a person or a team develops some kind of application, website, and sets up a coding workflow, it is very obvious that he is going to face technical issues constantly even though he is done with the making of the project.

If a problem occurs on a micro level, the person wouldn’t want to start from scratch but some code snippets can be reused to resolve the issue.

DevOps is generally considered to be a collaborative effort and approach to a problem. In an organization, DevOps helps to maintain better communication between teams.

Through DevOps, it becomes easier to elaborate automation, software development, and programming.

Some might mistook DevOps to be technology but it is a methodology that provides several methods to make the completion of a task easier. IT teams tend to use DevOps methodologies for their projects to meet their needs.

Main Differences Between Agile and DevOps

  1. The feedback that is received by Agile methodology comes from the consumers, while DevOps methodologies get feedback from the core team.
  2. The tools necessary for Agile are known as Kanboard, BugZilla, JIRA, etc. On the other hand, DevOps uses tools such as OpenStack, TeamCity, AWS, etc.
  3. The agile methodology gives importance to developing software. DevOps, on the other hand, focuses on development as well as testing and implementation of the software.
  4. The agile methodology is generally used to support a strong application structure during the period of development, while DevOps makes the application structure strong.
  5. Constant change and improvement are the main targets of Agile methodology. On the other hand, DevOps targets constant testing of the project.
Difference Between Agile and DevOps


Agile and DevOps are both a major part of every IT company. Both are used for better opportunities for collaboration of teams and better consequences of the work.

Since Both provide a structured way of handling the task, the marking speed gets accelerated.

Also, both methodologies contribute to the iterative growth of the product. DevOps methodologies are used constantly to solve problems from time to time. One of the major specifications of Agile and DevOps is that they are easy to adopt.

Both methodologies are very beneficial for reducing the cost to the minimum while constantly improving the performance and quality of the product.


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